Monday, December 8, 2008


Two nights before Tim's parents went home, they took us all out to dinner to Fridays, it was very yummy, or at least some of it was. It was kind of late when we went so that means that Riley was tired and not very thrilled to be out. We sat in a high backed booth so Tim and I, at one point, let Riley stand between us. I know, bad parenting right? Well, this is where it gets good, Riley decided she wanted to stand on me facing me. This all happened so fast. She bent down towards me and I thought to myself, how cute, she's giving me a kiss. So, of course, I puckered my lips in anticipation of a kiss that I didn't even have to ask for, and Riley then spit her milk into my mouth. Let me repeat, she then spit her milk INTO my mouth. Yum. It sprayed all over me and Riley just thought it was hilarious. I guess it serves me right, taking her out so late!!!

The little stinker herself

Nana and Grandad

The Roommates


As if it's not bad enough that I leak milk all over myself on a daily basis, here I am, but no use crying over spit milk right? Did I mention that Tim couldn't stop laughing? He was thinking we missed out on America's Funniest Home Videos.


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