Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

Yesterday we took the girls to the pumpkin patch here in town. What a zoo that place is! I had big plans for us to take a picnic lunch down to the Irvine Park Railroad and visit their pumpkin patch but it just didn't happen. The girls woke up too late from their naps and were kind of cranky. I did not want to make that drive with 2 cranky kids so we figured we'd just stay in town. Next year though I plan on going early with that picnic lunch. I think it will be a nice change, I really wanted open fields that the kids could run around in and a corn or hay maze, fun stuff like that. Next year...

Can I tell you how sick I am of only having a zoom lens to take pictures with? It's driving me absolutely crazy. I really need to get serious about some of these lenses for sale on ebay. Anyway...here are a few pictures of the day...

We took turns being ghosts...

Spent too much money on tickets...

We Played around and waited for Daddy to get back with all the over priced tickets that we would later have a hard time using because everything is "scary".

I just think this is a pretty one of Riley's curls...

We danced...

We thought our tractors were sexy...

Until we broke down....

And we couldn't have been happier to be with Daddy...

You should see all the pictures I got leading up to this one...tantrums...crying...you know how I got them quiet and actually smiling?  I bribed them.  I bribed them with good old fashioned icecream.  Works every time.

Next on our list of to do's before trick-or-treating....the 2nd Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest...being held at the Rush's this Friday....

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tim's Birthday

Before I get into the details there is something that I need to correct about something I said a few weeks ago about Tim's age.  So ever since I've met Tim, he has been telling me that he is a year older than what he really is.  I don't think he meant to do this but he did.  When we got married, I thought he was 32.  In reality, he was 31.  So when I said he turned 37, he actually only turned 36,  Really?  And I'm just finding this out now?  We figured it out at Madi's birthday party last Sunday.  I couldn't believe it.  So I'm not married to as old of a man as I thought!

Tim's party was on his birthday Monday, October 11th.  I had everyone over to the house to celebrate his day with dinner and pie.  And a great big thank you to my brother who took all the pictures with my gay zoom lens from the kitchen.  Right on bro...

I decorated in Oregon Duck colors.  His favorite color is green anyway so I figured I'd throw the yellow in too.  After all....all of his presents had something to do with the Ducks so I thought it was appropriate.  By the way...Sean did not take this picture I did and they were all completely dark so I tried to lighten it.  Bad pic, but you get the idea.

Tim had no idea but my present to him was tickets to go see the Ducks play USC this coming weekend.  He is soooo nervous.  I have one more surprise for him but he's going to have to wait and see what that one is.  I had everyone give me money for his birthday gifts before we went up to Oregon so that I could get him apparel from the Ducks store on campus.   He opened up from everyone else and my present was last.  Pretty cool!  He's super excited, and I am too.  Thanks Mom for agreeing to watch the girls for us on Saturday!

Happy birthday to my best friend, I love you babe...you're the best thing that ever happened to me!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just Thinking...

Here is the question...

At what age throughout our lives are we able to grow up?

Through life, religion, friends, and family, our daily lessons teach us something new everyday until the day that we die.  And if they don't, then that that is where we need to grow as mature human beings.  We have friends and family that we get along with for a multitude of reasons, these reasons are all great and all though we may have disagreements we need to look inside ourselves and realize that these associates of ours have different views then us and us them.  If we take these views and look at them as we would a sporting event we would see by watching the event, there may be cheap shots and strong play but they are both fighting for the same reason, they both want to win.  But at the end of the game you would see that no matter how hard the battle was fought and however many cheap shots had been taken from either side, that at the end, we all shake hands, hug and congratulate each other on a valid performance.  If we apply this to our disagreements as friends and family we can see that we can move forward to play on another day.

In this lesson is where we should look deep within ourselves and realize that a difference of opinion should not be a reason to cast aside the strong feelings that we have for friends and family.  If we all have God in our heart, or choose to have God in our heart than God will point us in a direction of learning everyday in our life, and He will teach us lessons.  And through these lessons, if we all keep God close to our heart, He will show us where we were right or wrong so that we can continue to learn everyday.

If we all are taking a trip in separate cars but to the same destination it is okay that someone might want to drive a Honda to get there and someone else a Ford, we are all headed in the same direction and will get there just the same.  The compassion that we have for those we love should allow us to speak freely about why we choose the Honda over the Ford even though we might not agree. 

Sometimes in our modern day forums where we write our opinions in black and white we must all take into consideration that this is not a face to face conversation.  In a face to face conversation, we allow the other person to interject throughout our points.  When we write something down on a forum that everyone can read, it's our own opinion from start to finish without any interjections.  In some cases, both parties might take our views out of context and form an opinion about that person that might not always be true. 

Having an opinion about an issue does not always mean that you are judging the other person for choosing to view something differently.  I think we all debate with our emotions at some point and the reason we are arguing in the first place is because of these strong feelings that we have.  Just because I might feel one way about an issue because of my religious views, or life experiences does not make me a bad person.  I still have compassion in certain situations even if I don't agree with it.  I don't think we should ever strike someone's heart.  We are all debating because of what we feel in our hearts.  Bottom line, we all care, and we all want the best for mankind.  You feel one way, I feel the other, through our disagreements, I can see why you feel that way, and why I feel the way I do.  But it will never change the way I feel about you.

I myself am going to choose to brush aside our differences but keep them in mind and know that we might not always agree but continue on caring deeply about my friends and family, which is the most important thing in life if we want to keep God close to our hearts.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Madi is 2 Today

Okay so seeing as how blogger is having issues with posting pictures, there will be none to accompany this post until it's working again.  I'm so bummed, I was going to walk you through from newborn to now.
Madison Reagan Rush is today 2 years old. 

It all started with a pregnant lady.  Well you know how it really started but I'll spare you the details...

We thought we had lost her in the very beginning, I was just about 3 months pregnant when I thought I miscarried, we went to the emergency room and I remember asking the nurse, what are the chances that I could still be pregnant and it was maybe you know, just something else that happened.  "Not likely, I'm so sorry."  Is it weird that even after that crazy amount of blood that I lost I still felt like there could be a little baby in there?

Well, she was still there, and I had never been so happy.  But the little booger fought with me until she came out of the womb.  Not a fun pregnancy but so, so worth my baby.

She was a little Eskimo angel when she arrived.  Bright red with black hair and dark eyes.  It was love at first sight and I felt like I had known her forever.  When we came home from the hospital someone asked me if she was a good baby and I said, "I sometimes forget that she is even here she is so quiet."

That's when she turned into a screaming monster for 10.5 months, never ever sleeping, and screaming bloody murder like I was continually pinching her or something.  But, she did a lot of cute things too in those 10 and a half months...

As soon as she started walking, she's been everywhere.  She's mischievous, loving, an instigator, cuddly, talkative, eager to learn, stubborn, and wants to be just like her big sis.

She made us a family of four, I never thought I'd be so blessed to have such a wonderful family with two beautiful girls.

I know for a fact that these are definitely going to be her terrible two's but that's okay. 

She talks a ton but doesn't really hold a great conversation.  Recently for some reason I'll ask her a question about what she wants to eat and she responds with, "pink."  Really Madi?  It used to be cereal or pancakes, or sambich.  Now it's pink.  Okay.

She loves birthday parties and thinks that if she sees a balloon, there is a party close behind.

She loves Minnie Mouse.

And babies.

And puppies.

She likes to crawl around on the ground and meow like she is a kitty.

She's turning into a little girl and is growing out of the baby.

She's a Mama's girl.

Happy birthday to my sweet baby Madi.  I love you more than words can say.  My favorite part of the day with you is when I get you out of your crib in the morning.  You are always happy to see me and always give me the biggest hug and say, "lub you Mommy."  I'm so proud to be your Mom and am so enjoying watching you grow up into a little girl, even though secretly I want to bottle you up and keep you this age forever.  I love you Madi, happy birthday.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Oregon or Bust a Diaper, or Both

We made it home safely from Oregon a week ago, yes, I'm posting it now.  We had a really good time.  In Oregon that is, not on the way there or the way back. 

Maybe I should start at the beginning...

We only checked one bag, the girls got matching suitcases that I packed all their clothes in that we carried on.  I really wish I had gotten a picture of Riley walking through the airport with her rolling bag. We also carried on my purse, Tim's backpack, and a stroller.  Oh yeah and 2 kids.  It would have been much easier to check our children than our bag, but security wouldn't let us...

In Tim's backpack...I had many things to keep the kids busy, plus snacks gallore....
  1. mini muffins
  2. fruit snacks
  3. breakfast bars
  4. ring pops
  5. m&m's
  6. etc. 
Tim hated me for bringing so much stuff on the plane.  I didn't think it was too much.  Plus we get to our gate and our kids just took up enough space for 5 people a piece and he didn't like that either.  Of course there was NOBODY there so I didn't see what the big deal was.  I was thinking, let them have their space now because in 15 minutes they are going to have no space at all for a long period of time.  Tim was a bit on edge and he kept blaming it on all the bags.  Whatever, it didn't bother me.  I was not going to pay another $50.00 to check another bag.  Sorry.  I have a hard time spending $100.00 on luggage when it used to be free.  Sorry Timmy, you married a cheapskate.

Anywho....the plane ride was fantastic.  And I say that sarcastically.  Riley was really good, she was so excited, but Madi, WOW.  There are no words to descirbe her screaming, flailing, hitting (yeah, she resorted to hitting), crazy, psychotic, self.  On my lap.  My.  Lap. 

Just writing about this is bringing back unwanted memories.  Not to mention the dukey incident.  And by dukey I mean poop.

We had a layover in San Fran.  I won't get into that, just imagine 2 kids overly tired and crazy, and there was screaming.  And someone, me, popped Madi in the mouth in front of a lot of people, not hard just to let her know I was serious.  I got a lot of stares, but those people had not been dealing with an almost 2 year old screaming bloody murder for 4 hours.  They can keep to their own business.

Back to the poop story.  We get on the plane to head to Eugene.  Madi is once again, you guessed it, screaming.  If you know my daughter, you've heard her scream.  It's not normal.  The plane starts moving,
Madi starts getting very uncomfortable and she starts making her poop face and screaming, dukey, dukey!!!  Yay, good times, she fills her diaper good, and it's a stinky one, like big time stinky.  We ask if there is some place to change a baby.  There isn't.  Can I just change her right here?  Please?  One flight attendant is on my side and the other, a male, is not.  "We don't want to delay the flight now do we?"  He says.  I'm like delay what?  It's still another 15 minutes before we take off.  Trust me, I can do this in 30 seconds.  Well the answer is no.  The flight attendants head to the front of the plane, I change my child in 30 seconds, yes people, I break the rules...  The lady flight attendant comes back, gives us a bag and a wink and continues to disinfect everything around us.  Talk about embarassing, for anyone who gets embarassed easily that is.  We say a quick apology to everyone around us and we hear back, "Don't worry, I have 2 kids...No worries, I've flown with kids and it's not fun, I understand."  Good times, we didn't have a bunch of crazy kid haters near by.

So after another painful flight, we arrive in Eugene to Nana, Grandad, and Uncle Jared.  They were so excited to see us and us them.

Remember in my last post how I was hoping that my Mom would let me borrow her lens?  Well she didnt.  She said she needed to take pictures in Arizona.  She didn't.  She just didn't trust me with her lens.  I understand Mom.  I understand that I can't be trusted.

Anyway, so with no lens, I took barely any pics.  You can't do much with a zoom lens inside the house.  A few of what I did get...

Boys, boys!!  Hands to yourself please. 

Thank you.

We had a great time, didn't do much other than visit, and some of us got baby fever pretty bad. Little Macy is so precious and so good and my girls were so sweet to her. Madison really surprised me, the last day we were there she kept coming up to the baby with her arms open and would say, "Hold baby pease." Ah, I miss newborns. We won't be having another one anytime soon though, not until Riley is in school. But that little Macy sure made me want one, and then I realized that baby Macy is a good baby. She falls to sleep easily, eats good, etc. Tim and I don't have babies like that. We have screamers, and nonsleepers, baby fever gone.

We had a little birthday celebration with icecream cake for Timmy and Madi.  Tim picked the cake.  My Little Pony is his favorite.

The end of our visit came and we headed back to the airport with 2 kids on dramamine. Yes, we drugged our children, I was against it but I didn't want another travel day like we had. Madi fell asleep in the car, and then again on the first flight.

Awesome way to land in Ontario....

Go Ducks!

Well, that is about it for the trip.  Stay tuned for Tim's birthday post later tonight and Madi's birthday post tomorrow.  I'm feeling a bit behind on the blogging thing again but I'm going to catch up.   I've really enjoyed getting back into it.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Points by Bullet

  • I completely broke my lens the other day.  The one that was kind of broken is now completely broken.  I dropped it.  I thought it was attached to my camera (I was in a rush trying to take pics of the cake I had to deliver) and it wasn't and crashed to the ground.  I will be shopping on ebay, thinking maybe I can find a used camera as well to have as a "trash" camera. 
  • Getting ready for our Oregon trip by way of plane and by way of mother who has a big problem paying for checked baggage.  Meaning we will look like a circus with all of our carry ons.  I'm going to look at flying with 2 kids as an adventure.  Maybe there will be another short story in the works.
  • I can't find cute clothes for the kids anywhere.  I've been to Old Navy, Target, Kohls, Ross, Gymboree, and Children's Place.  Yuck is all I can say.  The girls have no clothes.  They look like homeless children and the weather has turned.  Any clothing store suggestions?  I'll take them.
  • I'm loving my coffee in the morning in this cool weather.
  • I decorated a bit for Halloween.  Just the porch, with Riley.  She's really into it this year!  I love Halloween, it's one of my favorites and if I can get Riley to go with it, I have great costume ideas for the girls!
  • My Mom's DWTS party was awesome.  I had so much fun.  Yes, I still like the Situation.
  • I'm debating on having Soozi (my hairdresser) put some reddish highlights/lowlights???  I have no idea about this kind of stuff....in my hair tomorrow.  What do you think?  Think it would be a good change?  I might stick with my darkness for another six weeks before I make a decision. 
  • This past weekend, Sean watched the kids for us while we watched the Ducks play in their biggest game yet this season.  Ducks (#4) played Stanford (#9) and won!  Which means that they've moved up to #3 in the polls.  Tim is beside himself.  I have become a huge Duck fan.  It was a pretty easy switch though, Kentucky's football team has never been very good.  Sorry Dad but I think UCLA has gone down to #2 in my fav's.  The hubby has my full support.
  • Tim's birthday is coming up on October 11th.  He will be 37.  Yes, I married an old man.  When we started dating I thought for sure he was no older than 27 at the time.  He looks like a baby.  Anyway, I have a great big surprise for him on his birthday.  I can hardly wait to give it to him.  I could probably tell you all what it is because he NEVER looks at the blog.  Ever.  He's not a fan.  But, I'll hold back and tell you on the 12th, just in case...
  • Madi's birthday is coming up and we've been discussing possible themes.  And by we I mean me and Riley and I mean we've been discussing possible themes for Riley's birthday.  She wants princess and wants me to make her one of those awful doll cakes.  I hate those.  I don't know why I do, but for my kid I'll suck it up and make her one.  Now I just need an idea for Madi's party.
  • I love that every time I turn on my TV I have a long list of recordings now.
  • Can't wait to have our first fire.
  • I'm very excited about the bunco group one of the other ladies on my street and I are starting.  First bunco is scheduled at my house in December, it should be a fun time and we have a great group started.
  • There will be no pictures to accompany this post, like I said, the lens broke.  I'm hoping that maybe my Mom will let me borrow her lens for our Oregon trip this coming weekend.  Maybe she'll read this and think it's a really good idea.  Please, please, please....  I'll take really good care of it, I promise...
  • I hope you are all enjoying this nice cool weather, until next time...


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