Monday, October 18, 2010

Oregon or Bust a Diaper, or Both

We made it home safely from Oregon a week ago, yes, I'm posting it now.  We had a really good time.  In Oregon that is, not on the way there or the way back. 

Maybe I should start at the beginning...

We only checked one bag, the girls got matching suitcases that I packed all their clothes in that we carried on.  I really wish I had gotten a picture of Riley walking through the airport with her rolling bag. We also carried on my purse, Tim's backpack, and a stroller.  Oh yeah and 2 kids.  It would have been much easier to check our children than our bag, but security wouldn't let us...

In Tim's backpack...I had many things to keep the kids busy, plus snacks gallore....
  1. mini muffins
  2. fruit snacks
  3. breakfast bars
  4. ring pops
  5. m&m's
  6. etc. 
Tim hated me for bringing so much stuff on the plane.  I didn't think it was too much.  Plus we get to our gate and our kids just took up enough space for 5 people a piece and he didn't like that either.  Of course there was NOBODY there so I didn't see what the big deal was.  I was thinking, let them have their space now because in 15 minutes they are going to have no space at all for a long period of time.  Tim was a bit on edge and he kept blaming it on all the bags.  Whatever, it didn't bother me.  I was not going to pay another $50.00 to check another bag.  Sorry.  I have a hard time spending $100.00 on luggage when it used to be free.  Sorry Timmy, you married a cheapskate.

Anywho....the plane ride was fantastic.  And I say that sarcastically.  Riley was really good, she was so excited, but Madi, WOW.  There are no words to descirbe her screaming, flailing, hitting (yeah, she resorted to hitting), crazy, psychotic, self.  On my lap.  My.  Lap. 

Just writing about this is bringing back unwanted memories.  Not to mention the dukey incident.  And by dukey I mean poop.

We had a layover in San Fran.  I won't get into that, just imagine 2 kids overly tired and crazy, and there was screaming.  And someone, me, popped Madi in the mouth in front of a lot of people, not hard just to let her know I was serious.  I got a lot of stares, but those people had not been dealing with an almost 2 year old screaming bloody murder for 4 hours.  They can keep to their own business.

Back to the poop story.  We get on the plane to head to Eugene.  Madi is once again, you guessed it, screaming.  If you know my daughter, you've heard her scream.  It's not normal.  The plane starts moving,
Madi starts getting very uncomfortable and she starts making her poop face and screaming, dukey, dukey!!!  Yay, good times, she fills her diaper good, and it's a stinky one, like big time stinky.  We ask if there is some place to change a baby.  There isn't.  Can I just change her right here?  Please?  One flight attendant is on my side and the other, a male, is not.  "We don't want to delay the flight now do we?"  He says.  I'm like delay what?  It's still another 15 minutes before we take off.  Trust me, I can do this in 30 seconds.  Well the answer is no.  The flight attendants head to the front of the plane, I change my child in 30 seconds, yes people, I break the rules...  The lady flight attendant comes back, gives us a bag and a wink and continues to disinfect everything around us.  Talk about embarassing, for anyone who gets embarassed easily that is.  We say a quick apology to everyone around us and we hear back, "Don't worry, I have 2 kids...No worries, I've flown with kids and it's not fun, I understand."  Good times, we didn't have a bunch of crazy kid haters near by.

So after another painful flight, we arrive in Eugene to Nana, Grandad, and Uncle Jared.  They were so excited to see us and us them.

Remember in my last post how I was hoping that my Mom would let me borrow her lens?  Well she didnt.  She said she needed to take pictures in Arizona.  She didn't.  She just didn't trust me with her lens.  I understand Mom.  I understand that I can't be trusted.

Anyway, so with no lens, I took barely any pics.  You can't do much with a zoom lens inside the house.  A few of what I did get...

Boys, boys!!  Hands to yourself please. 

Thank you.

We had a great time, didn't do much other than visit, and some of us got baby fever pretty bad. Little Macy is so precious and so good and my girls were so sweet to her. Madison really surprised me, the last day we were there she kept coming up to the baby with her arms open and would say, "Hold baby pease." Ah, I miss newborns. We won't be having another one anytime soon though, not until Riley is in school. But that little Macy sure made me want one, and then I realized that baby Macy is a good baby. She falls to sleep easily, eats good, etc. Tim and I don't have babies like that. We have screamers, and nonsleepers, baby fever gone.

We had a little birthday celebration with icecream cake for Timmy and Madi.  Tim picked the cake.  My Little Pony is his favorite.

The end of our visit came and we headed back to the airport with 2 kids on dramamine. Yes, we drugged our children, I was against it but I didn't want another travel day like we had. Madi fell asleep in the car, and then again on the first flight.

Awesome way to land in Ontario....

Go Ducks!

Well, that is about it for the trip.  Stay tuned for Tim's birthday post later tonight and Madi's birthday post tomorrow.  I'm feeling a bit behind on the blogging thing again but I'm going to catch up.   I've really enjoyed getting back into it.



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