Thursday, April 29, 2010

18 Months

My little girl has been in this world for 18 months.  She has come a long way from that screaming, never sleeping, psycho, made me want to pull my hair out baby that she was, for ten months of her life.  I'll never forget those ten months for as long as I live.  They were awful.  Can I say that?  Is that allowed?  Well, she has been the world's best baby for eight months straight now.  I never would have guessed it.  I think really what it is, is that she feels bad for the way she acted in the beginning and she's making up for it now.  And really, that's fine with me.

I'm thinking the easiest way to do this post is to make a list of all of her new tricks.  She has a lot of new tricks too.  Now I just have to figure out what to start with.  Give me a moment to rack my brain.


1.  I think the easiest thing to start with would be her vocab.  It's crazy huge.  She repeats everything that I say and then uses it after.  We actually have conversations.  Here is our morning routine:

Me:  Good morning Madi!!  I missed you!  (Okay I lie to her, I never miss anyone when I sleep.)
Madi:  Mo mon.  (morning)
Me: Did you sleep good?
Madi:  Uh Huh.  Put an emphasis on the huh.  She loves to say this.  Ook, coose (look clothes - she likes to show me her closet and her clothes every morning, maybe she'll get into fashion when she's older)
Me:  I see your clothes.  Do you want a new Elmo?  (Elmo's are what we call diapers over here)
Madi:  Noooo.  (she plays with me and tries to get down to run after Riley)
Me:  Why not?
Madi:  Noooo.  Get down.

Then I put her down and she runs away and then comes back to me and says:

Madi:  Elmo pees (Elmo please)
Me:  Good choice.
Madi: dukey, pee pee  (Dukey, our word for poop, and pee pee - she does this while pointing to her diaper)
Me:  Yeah, ew gross, pee you.  Do you want to go eat breakfast?
Madi:  Uh Huh!  Ceweal, or nana, or pincak (cereal, banana or pancakes, she tells me what she wants for breakfast)
Me:  Okay let's go.

Then she runs to the stairs.

More words that Madi says:  puple (purple), wa wa (water), go dinsta (go downstairs), dess u (bless you), take u (thank you), bye bye, shoes, bus tee (brush teeth), bakie (blankie), snucl (snuggle), I'm realizing how hard it is to spell out words the way she says them. geen bee (green bean), ju (juice), I no li it (I don't like it - she learned this one from Riley), ball,  all done, etc. etc.  Her vocab goes on and on, it's like she learns 5-10 new words a day and then uses them and sometimes puts two words together.

2.  She tells me right before she needs to go potty that she has to go dukey.  I actually pulled out the potty the other day to see what she would do.  She holds onto it for support when she poos.  Good start I think.  No rush or pressure, she just seems interested in the potty thing and obviously knows when she is about to go.

3.  She's starting to recognize colors.  She knows purple, green, pink, orange - most of the time.

4.  She tells me when she sees things, like a car, or water (like a puddle).

5.  She follows instructions.  She can go get me something that I ask for, like a diaper or a book, or a toy.

6.  She teases Riley all the time.  Drives Riley crazy, makes me laugh.

7.  She's down to one nap and has been for a long time.  Sleeps good at night till about 8:00 every morning, sometimes earlier, sometimes later.

8.  She's "singing" her ABC's.  She's not singing the actual letters but she starts with A B C and then she "sings" the rest.

9.  Starting to pay more attention to the TV if it's on.

10.  Loves her bath, her food, her toys.

11.  Always is ready for bed.  If I tell her it's time, she runs to her room and tries to climb into her crib.

12.  She's almost jumping, if she does jump it's an accident.

13.  She uses her fingers to count like Riley does, says one, two, three, and points to her fingers.

14.  Wants to do everything that Riley is doing.

15.  Goes down the stairs pretty good while holding onto the railing, she'd do better if she didn't think that her legs were long enough to take only one step on each stair.

16.  I've given her a cup with no lid and she does pretty good with that, she's good at feeding herself with her spoon and fork, eats everything.

I guess that about sums it up.  Madison is definitely learning a lot right now and she loves to learn.  Riley is the complete opposite, it's nice to have one of each.  All though, I wouldn't mind it if Riley would listen to what I try to teach her instead of telling me no mommy, it's a "P" after I tell her it's a "G".  That girl fights me on everything.  Madi listens and takes it in.  She's easier than Riley that is a definite.

I had big plans of taking pics of Madi throughout the day yesterday to go with this post.  Unfortunately, my lens is worse than I thought.  It's almost impossible to take a good picture with it.  This sucks.  Instead of maybe getting a fun new lens, I have to buy one that I already have.  Fun, I guess I know what I'll be buying after I pay for my granite.  I'm wanting to do home improvements not buy a lens I already have.  Okay, I got that off of my chest.  In case you are wondering, yes, I still love my husband, even if he destroyed my lens.  It's a good thing it was my lens and not the camera, I might be serving him papers ;)

One last tid bit.  I just put Madi in her room for the first time as punishment.  She's still in there.  I can't believe that she actually listens to me. 

This is the only decent picture I got of her.

And I got a ton of the back of her head..  That's okay though, I thought her hair looked pretty cute.

A few random pics that have nothing to do with this post:

This is my front room sofa, there is just enough room behind it that the girls like to hide back there when they are playing.  It's pretty cute, I hear them giggling back there all the time.

Last night I had the girls in the tub and Riley was saying something but I wasn't really listening because I stop listening to voices that belong to anyone under 3 and a half after 6:00 pm.  Well, I finally listened to what she was saying and it was, "I'm Santa.  Look, I'm Santa."  Well, this is what I saw when I glanced in her direction...

The End.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Well, it finally happened.  My life has taken over my life.  Blogging has become a thing of the past.  I really don't know how often I'll be updating.  When I do update, it will probably be these long boring posts that will only be important to me.  Madi just turned 18 months on the 19th and I've been dying to post about it.  She is the cutest little thing and is doing so much right now.  I always feel like when I'm having a bad day, all I have to do is look at her sweet little face and everything will be okay.  She's like a bottle of happiness all the time.  And Riley, on her good, nondramatic days (this is a rarity), is also a great medication.

Between cakes (the night job), kids getting in the way of my day job (it's harder than you think to work from home with your kids on top of you, sometimes I wish I had like two days at the office away from my kids), and all the other day to day activities, I'm exhausted.  A good exhausted, but exhausted.  I have no interest in blogging right now.  None.  Plus there is so much going on in the world right now that my day to day activities just seem so insignificant.  I've been looking at the big picture, what really matters in life.  I've had some conversations with people, and the things that are going on regarding our government has been making me sick.  Sick to my stomach.  Our future is so screwed unless someone can rally and do something about it.  Not trying to turn this here blog into a political one but I have to say it.  And what happened to the presence of God in our country?  All I know is that I still have Him, my family still has Him, and through Him, we can get through anything.  Even if some people are trying to take Him out of everything, along with turning our country into crap.

So, aside from all of that craziness, I've been spending more time with my family than cleaning my house, or blogging, or taking pictures.  I have had some really good conversations with my husband, and my Mom, and especially my Dad.  That man is such a good influence on me.  I think he is where I get my work ethic from, hardest worker I know, and my husband isn't far behind.  The pride that they both take in their work is something to look up to. 

I wasn't really sure where this post was going to go.  Basically I was just going to say that I'm probably not going to be blogging very much anymore, and then post pics from Disneyland.  Or maybe Easter, because I'm that far behind.  I'm canceling my blog that was going to offer backgrounds.  I have like 20 backgrounds that I never put on that blog because no time to work out the kinks of a blog box.  I love designing backgrounds but I can't do everything.  My biz is taking up all of the time that I had for blogging.  I guess I'll just make backgrounds for myself, that is what got me into it in the first place.  Extending my pixels to fit bigger pics meant no backgrounds available, and I loooove backgrounds!!  That's the prettiest thing about the blogs!

I have a feeling that I've been doing a bit of rambling so I'll get to some pictures of Disneyland.  We've gone two weekends in a row and I think, I think Mickey has been taking all of my money.  Mickey or that girlfriend of his Minnie.

These pics are from last weekend, this weekend, I didn't even charge my battery and it died after the 4th picture that I took.  Oh well, I was happy about it.

This face should say it all...

I think Minnie is her favorite of the two mice, but I could be wrong...

Riley is so into the rides right now.  We go from the cars, to the tea cups (with Mommy), Dumbo (with Daddy), Peter Pan, the carousel, and back to the tea cups.  We tried to do Pirates today but because of technical difficulties, we decided to just have some icecream instead.

Oh yeah, and Madison was there too, but she usually makes faces like this...

Not so cute, but so Madison!

Hopefully I'll be blogging more than I think because it really is fun and when I bind this bad boy I want it to be interesting and not just a bunch of pictures.  I hope everyone had a great weekend and I hope to visit all of your blogs soon.

Oh yeah, and on a side note, thank God for these handy little babies...

I would be replacing my lens if I didn't have this guy protecting it.  I'm not going to name names, but my husband dropped my camera today when we were getting in the car to come home from Disneyland.  Total accident and thank the Lord that it landed on the lens.  I'd rather replace the lens then the body.  The lens is okay for now, it is a little roughed up but should work fine.  My poor baby.  I had to pry the lens protector from the lens itself.  Fun stuff, really.

Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm so Cool!!!

Not really, but it would be really cool if I was cool, like really cool. Until I am really cool though (which I am sure is going to happen for me over the next couple of months, I can feel it), I think I'm just going to pretend to be cool and post about how cool I am. If you've actually read this far into my post then by now, you are probably saying to yourself, wow, this girl is really not cool.

But I feel cool because my new friend Nikki over at My Fantabulous Wonderful Life (such a cute name right?) nominated me for the Honest Scrap Award. Woo Hoo!! I'm so excited! Thanks Nikki!!

With this award I get to nominate ten other great bloggers and the "best" part is you get to read honest bits of info about me. I'll wait while you go and grab your snack and beverage. This is going to be really entertaining. I "promise".

Ahem, let's begin...

1. I have a weakness for hamburgers. Whenever I decide that it's not a cooking night, usually my hubby will pick up something fast for us. Being the good wife that I am, wait, these are honest tidbits of info right? Okay, let me rephrase, being the so-so wife that I am, I always let the hubby pick the place. On the inside, while he's deciding, I wish and hope and pray, okay scratch the pray (maybe I'm not cut out for this honest scrap award, already I'm seeing how much I fib on a daily basis) I don't pray, God has better things to do then listen to my prayers for a fast food burger. So, back to it, I wish and hope that he says some joint where I can order a burger. Seriously, it's my favorite food. Aside from steak, and pasta....

2. My daily outfit consists of jeans and an old volleyball t-shirt, preferably one of my old college vb shirts instead of high school. I don't want people thinking that I'm still living in the past. That would be so uncool of me. Daily outfit continued - tennies, and hair in a pony with no makeup. This is where that so-so of a wife makes an appearance. My husband says he likes this look, he's so good to me. I know he's lying.

3. I love boardgames. I can't wait until my kids are old enough so that I can bore them with family nights filled with boardgames and pizza. I can see their happy faces now...

4. My bonus room is a mess 98% of the time. It only gets cleaned for company. Rephrase, company that is not my family. It's filled with toys, such a waste of good square footage.

5. I love home improvements and doing them ourselves. I mean, having my husband do them, just kidding, I do a lot of painting and other things. Right now I'm saving up my penny's for granite counter tops. I've already nominated my hubby to rip out our tile counter tops to save around $200.00. He loves me. I know he does. Somewhere deep down inside.

6. I did not plan either one of my children. They are the only two oops that my husband and I have had. Both of those oops have ended up in children. I sure hope there is not another oops in my future. I need to be good and ready this time for another addition.

7. I'm ready to open up a bakery before I have another oops. I want one so bad, a bakery that is, not an oops. The question is where and when. But, I'm ready and am so excited for when that day might happen.

8. I let my kids brawl it out when they fight sometimes. I know that they are only 3 and 1 but they are very surprisingly evenly matched. And they are both girls. And, I'm just a bad parent, or a so-so one. I haven't decided yet. I'll let you know when I do.

9. I'm so glad that I paid for the scotch guard deal on my sectional. Do you want to know some of the things I've gotten out of that fabric? Marker, chocolate, beer, blood (we are starting to sound like a disgusting family huh? Let me explain, the blood was my blood, I had a blister on my heel and had no idea that it was as bad as it was. I have a high pain tolerance, which is cool, but my couch suffered. Anyway, I've also gotten out greasy finger prints (the small kind not the adult kind), and this morning I just got purple crayon out of it. Thanks Riley. You made my day.

10. I do a lot. For those of you that know me, many of you think it's too much. I beg to differ. I think it's a good thing. I'm a hard worker. Do you want to know what suffers the most? This can be our dirty little secret. Laundry. This is my most dreaded chore. I haven't been caught up on my laundry in months. Whose laundry suffers the most? Yep you guessed it mine. My kids always have clean clothes and the hubby does too. Maybe that's why my daily outfit is jeans and a vb t-shirt. I don't know. I'll catch up one day, when I hire a housekeeper.

So there you have it, my ten "honest" bits of information. No really, it is all honest, I think. I hope I didn't bore you. My main goal was to make you think that I am cool. Did it work?

Now on to my nominees...

Drum roll, I have so many readers (fib, fib, fib) I know you are all at the edge of your seats to see who I've picked. I love all of the blogs that I follow and wish I could pick you all!!

1. My World and Welcome to It
2. Jersey Girl
3. lowercase letters
4. It's a Sweet Life
5. Life in the Hass House
6. The Martin Family
7. Leo's Tale
8. Gammy's Coop
9. Seizing my Day
10. Really are you Serious

Can't wait to see what you post guys! And thanks again Nikki! This was so much fun!

Monday, April 12, 2010

A Quick Post

Oh boy, oh boy, I've been busy lately.  Well, I'm always busy but it does feel busier than usual.  I had a 3 order weekend this week.  All due on Saturday.  Thanks Mom for watching my beasts so that I could get all of this completed on Friday...

Yes, that is a Corona light, and yes, I did drink it when I was done with my orders.

Did you want to see them up close and personal?  So glad you asked, a few pics...

Now, you might look at those three orders that I had and think to yourself, well, what's the big deal about that?  I'll tell you what the big deal is about that, it's hard work to throw your creative juices into three different events, a baptism, birthday, and retirement party all due the same day.  I was tired by the end of the day, tired I tell you!!

Between pick ups on Saturday I met my Mom and brother at Miguel's down at Dos Lagos.  Man, that is my newest favorite place to do lunch.  It's gorgeous to sit outside and have a nice "quiet" lunch with great people.  We've done lunch there probably about four times now and the girls love to walk the bridge after. 

By the time I got home from lunch, Tim was home from work and my last two orders got picked up while the girls had naps.  I would have loved to have had a nap, but I don't really do naps, like, ever.  I just don't have it in me.  So when the girls woke up we ran to the park for a bit...

Then, this is the best part, Tim and I went out on a date!!  Yay!!  We had so much fun.  I'll post more pictures of the weekend probably tomorrow but this will have to do for now.  And I still have to post Easter pictures.  I'm such a slacker!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Dresses

In my last post I said I was not going to post any of the pictures that I took on Saturday of the girls in their Easter dresses.  Well, I lied.  Obviously.  When I take pictures of my girls, it's my girls.  No matter what I think about the quality of photography, my girls are still cute!!  In no particular order.... baby girls...

I also realize that there are more pictures of Riley than Madison.  I just remember thinking how beautiful Riley looked that day when we took pictures.  I couldn't stop taking pictures of her.  She is so pretty, and she seems so much older these days.  Madi is still the baby, and I dressed them that way on purpose.  Their dresses reflect their ages. I think I was totally in love with the way Riley looked.  The girl is gorgeous, and she gets nothing from me, obviously.  She is definitely her Daddy. 

And do you want to know my favorite thing about these pictures?  The contrast between the girls in their beautiful dresses and the "dirtiness" of the location. It's the contrast that I love about these.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Tonight, we colored our Easter eggs.  The girls had a blast.  I'm not really in the mood to be posting right now only because I just finished my fifth day of those Insanity workouts I told you about the other day.  I'm really addicted, but after a work out, it takes a minute for me to feel like doing anything.  This sucks tonight because I have a lot to do before tomorrow.  Fill Easter baskets, iron some clothes for church, fill eggs with some candy, hide them, and take a shower to get my sweaty body clean only to follow up with a shower in the morning so that I can do my hair.  Might not sound like a lot to you, but after an insanity workout, it's a big list.  big.

So back to the egg festivities.  Madison really got into it, and when you see the pictures, you'll know what I mean when I say into it.  Riley had fun too.  We were joined by Gwamom, Uncle Sean, and BaBa.  I grabbed some Little Caesar's pizza's and we had a great evening!!

Because I'm tired, you are not going to get a play by play.  Just pics.


This morning, I dressed up the girls in their Easter dresses and my Mom and I took them to do a little Easter shoot.  It didn't turn out the way I had expected.  I got a tip on a "field" in Norco that ended up just being a park so we drove around a little until we found a good spot.  I had plans of open fields with wild flowers and all this great stuff.  Well, it didn't work out that way. 

I'm really honestly not happy with the pictures that I took.  The morning turned into too close to noon and I just had a hard time.  My Mom on the other hand, got some excellent pictures.  I mean excellent!!  I think I'll just let her post hers.  I might post more of mine, we'll see.  The Mom got down and dirty and got some good shots, I think she'll be doing most of the posting.  See what I mean?

I hope you all have a great Easter with your families.  I know we will!


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