Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Penny For Your Thoughts....

...and a dime for your belly? At least Riley thinks so. Today, at work, Riley started choking on something and I immediately ran over to her and grabbed her. Then I heard her swallow and I thought to myself, oh s#@t, what could that have been. You see people, the office is like an accident waiting to happen. I thought maybe a paperclip, or a push pin, or God knows what. Next step, call the pediatrician who was actually still working, see I worked late today and this all happened around 6:30. Doc said take her to emergency. Well, that was fun. Sick, scary, gross people everywhere and here I am with a two year old and a two month old, thank God my Mom was with me. I wanted to stay out in the hall away from all the dying people but nurse Focker didn't like that so he sent Mr. Security man to kick me out...twice. Well, Riley finally had her X Ray, and that went okay according to Tim, he got there in time for that, and we awaited the results. A couple trips to the vending machine for peanut butter crackers and powdered doughnuts, later, someone comes out to tell Tim, interesting X Ray you're next. Who says that? I'm thinking what could she have possibly swallowed? I told my Mom what if it's 25 cents, two dimes and a nickle? And she said that would be weird considering she swallowed a quarter. We have fun wherever we go! Corny yes, I know. So to get on with my story we found out that what Riley swallowed was either a penny or a dime. If I had only seen her swallow it, it could have saved us the trip. Now I'll be spending my days searching for the lost coin, does it get any better than that???

Monday, December 29, 2008

Painting Party

Tim started on the baseboards and the doors shortly after him and Sean ripped out the carpet. He painted everything Powdered Snow before we got the color on. Just the new white made everything look brand new, I love it. Then he started getting the color on and the house looks completely different. I love it again. Here are some pics of the paint job. Pretty good if I do say so myself. I'm so excited to get rid of that cold gray color. Bring on the warmth baby!!

Tim makes me so nervous up on that ladder. He's crazy I tell you, just crazy!!

Please ladies, I know how badly you want to know where I purchased my outfit. It's my little secret.

My Dad's a pretty good painter, Tim taught him everything he knows ;)

Riley's really into us taking pictures of her and then looking at the camera to see herself. Well while we were at the house, she wanted to take pics with everyone here is her with Tim and I. Who knew kids could be so much fun??

Madison and Grandma

The last bit o' gray

Thank God Sean has some panties on ay? He's a great taper.

Here's Mad hangin out in her room

HGTV Gone Wild

Since we've closed on the house, we have been nonstop crazy working people. So far, we have (I say we like I have a mouse in my pocket, that's what my Dad says at least) ripped up the carpet, fixed some tiles in the kitchen, painted a ton of walls, and the baseboards, along with other small things, like cleaning, hanging fans, etc. I'm usually banned from the house because of the babies. I don't know how I took on the roll as baby sitter but I don't think I like it. What are they? My kids? Whatever. I have been able to do some work, my list includes, painting Riley and Madison's rooms, cleaning out the pantry, and cleaning not very many baseboards. Oh yeah, and I also make tons of food runs, and beer runs, I'm not completely useless!! It's so hard when they kick me out because I've wanted to be doing all of this work for so long. Oh well, I'm sure I'll come in handy one day, I know someone will say, man...I wish Kristi was here, but then it will be followed by...because we are out of beer!! Just kidding! I have more pictures to post but these are from the very first work night! So much fun, it's looking like a brand new house!

Here are Tim and Sean ripping carpet, you go boys!!

My Mom went to Walmart and got Riley a cleaning toy set so that she could get into the action. So cute!

Here is Riley "helping" me clean baseboards. Gotta love it.

Riley helping Grandma clean windows and shutters.

My husband is like Mr. Handyman. He knows so much about everything. He fixed numerous tiles on our kitchen counters, even three right in the middle, if I had attempted that, we would be getting a new counter top. He, on the other hand, did an excellent job, you can't even tell they were fixed it looks like the original tiles. You go babe!

Don't you love Riley's little TV area?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Second Birthday Riley!!!

A quick Happy Birthday to my baby girl Riley. She turned two years old today. I can't believe how fast she has grown. I really do feel like we just had her yesterday...oh wait, maybe that was Madison. Seriously though, we love her so much and couldn't ask for a better daughter, she has brought so much joy to our lives and I couldn't imagine a day without her. We are planning on celebrating her birthday in a couple of weeks at our house so I'll post pictures of that on a later date. I'm also going to copy Genn and post pictures of her from 0 to 2!! But until I get a chance, I just wanted to say Happy Birthday.

Nana and Grandad, Riley says thank you very much for the beautiful flowers that were waiting for her when we got home!! That was so thoughtful, we miss you guys and love you very much. The flowers were beautiful.

Christmas Morning

Riley did not enjoy Christmas morning the way I had planned. I think she was very overwhelmed. The poor kid does not get many presents so I really don't think she knows what to do with them. My Mom and everyone buy her things all the time, but we don't wrap them and give them to her, we just give them to her. So hopefully next year we have a better experience. I have to realize that she is just a little girl and everything is not going to play out the way I see it in my head. We had a great Christmas though and everyone had an awesome time, except for poor Ryan who got the flu.

Unfortunetly Sean was taking pictures with my memory stick and it ran out of room before the mess and he started taking pictures on his own. Hopefully I'll get him to upload what he has so that I can post more later.

The Three Trees

My Dad has read us the story of The Three Trees every Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember. He was really excited this year because he wanted to read it to Riley. Well, Riley has like no attention span and the story was lost on her. My Dad ended up not even reading the whole story, I think he skipped the middle. It was really funny actually and it is a great memory. Riley sure does make everything difficult but sometimes it ends in a laugh. Sorry Dad, maybe next year she will sit on your lap like a good girl and listen to the story, it might even become one of her favorites!

It started out okay...

Who could possibly read a story like this???

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve for my family is usually more fun than Christmas. We play games, sing the twelve days of Christmas, and Santa comes to drop off PJs for the whole family. This year my Mom made the best Prime Rib I've ever had. Delicious. We all had a great time, even though we didn't get a chance to play "the game"

A nice family picture

Riley in her Christmas PJs

Enjoying a cupcake

Love this picture...my hunny and his Daddy's girl

Auntie D

Cousin Kasey

My family has an obsession with chocolate and orange together so I made these cupcakes. They are chocolate orange with chocolate chips and candied orange peel cupcakes with orange cream cheese frosting. I was going to make these really cute but I forgot my decorating stuff at home, imagine frosting these with scissors, a plastic baggie, and a baby bottle nipple....

G.G. and Tim

A few more family pics on the stairs

And I almost forgot, my Mommy's lovely table, beautiful!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Picture This

I took the girls to JC Penny to get their pictures taken when Stacy was here. We really wanted to get a Christmas photo of all three girls and also had plans to get a generation picture done as well. Poor Bella got sick and we did not get the pictures that we wanted. Oh well. I'm also not too thrilled with JC Penny. Sometimes they get great shots and other times they don't. This was one of those times that we did not get great shots. I think it depends on the photographer that you get. After paying for these pictures, I've been trying to get Sean to get the equipment needed to take professional pictures, he always seems to capture the girls so well and has a great eye for this stuff and if I could take the pictures from home, Riley would be a lot more cooperative...maybe!! So here are a few of the pictures we got. I had also wanted individuals of Riley and Madison, but they turned out crappy and I didn't buy them, so much for that.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Two Month Madi

Madison had a Doctor's Appointment on Wednesday and I want to write all of this down before I forget. I dropped Riley off with my Mom and we went for her two month visit. She got five shots and an oral vaccination. She weighed in at 11.5 pounds and she is 23.75 inches long. 90th percentile height and 50-75 percentile weight. She has a wee little head measuring in the 10th percentile. I'm going to have to check but I think she might be longer than Riley was at this age. I think Riley was in the 75th percentile at 2 months but I could be wrong. Anyways, she started out the appointment by making a liar out of me. When the doc said she was going to have to drink one of the vaccinations, I told her good luck. Everything I try to give her, like gas medicine, she spits right back out. Well not this stuff, she looked for more when she was done. Whatever, I can't keep up. Then she got her shots and the poor thing screamed and screamed, I hate shots. It was a good appointment though and the doc said she was very healthy. Her thrush is all gone as well, and she is smiling and cooing and doing everything she's supposed to.

Two months has gone by so fast, and we've loved almost every minute of it. The first two weeks were cake, she slept everywhere and was an absolute angel. Then the screaming started, we didn't know what was wrong, I think her tummy just was not developed enough yet. For about two weeks now, she has been back to being that angel baby. It's so nice. She's smiling and cooing, she talks way more than Riley did. Riley was such a quiet baby compared to Madison. She has a huge temper and gets mad if I don't do what she wants right away (that's when she does the scream). But overall, she is a much easier baby than Riley. She does not fight me on anything, if she is tired, she sleeps, and if she is hungry, she eats, and if her diaper is dirty, she wants it changed. As long as I do as she says, she's so good!! I know, who works for who right? Her first real smile was 11/05/2008. I think just yesterday, she realized that Riley exists. We were at the office and Riley was running around talking and being crazy, and Madison started talking and smiling at her. I tell you, it was the cutest thing I've ever seen. Hopefully I'll get video of that soon. So cute. Let's see what else, for about a week now, she sleeps 5.5-6 hours straight at night, wakes up to eat, and then back to sleep for about 2-3 hours. Don't you love that? I thought people lied about their children sleeping at night when we had Riley. Now I know that babies like that do exist, and I just might have one!! She loves her tummy also unlike Riley at her age, and she loves to eat. Loves her bath, unlike Riley. She lets me massage her with lotion when she gets out of the tub too. We sing and massage, it's rather nice and very relaxing, of course we do this once Riley has gone to bed. I hope I'm not forgetting anything for my own sake because with the house closed, I'm not going to have any time to write in the baby book. Thank goodness for the blog!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! (that's me screaming)

YAY!!!!! It finally happened. We closed on our house. It is officially ours!!! Mitch called us today and let us know that it is recorded. I can't believe it. I'm going over to eat pizza on the dirty floor tonight. I'll be posting some pictures later!! Yippee!!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Breakfast at G.G.'s

Grandma Kelley had a delicious breakfast for the whole family on Saturday. Her and Grandpa whipped up his famous eggs, and her famous biscuits and gravy, with a side of bacon of course. Everything was so yummy and we all had a great time. Thanks G.G.!! I'm ready for seconds...or should I say thirds!!

As it turns out, these are the only pictures I got of Stacy and Bella. Seeing as how everyone got sick, we didn't get to spend enough time together. I think my Mom got some of all the girls in the tub, so hopefully she will post those soon.

Here is Baba

We tried to get a picture of all three girls by G.G.'s tree, but, Riley had other plans. She was ready to go bye bye. The little punk, she sure is acting up lately, I guess it's because she is two!!

The wonderful hosts!!

The Vanderheiden (did I spell that right Mom) clan.

Ma Maw and Madi


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