Monday, December 29, 2008

HGTV Gone Wild

Since we've closed on the house, we have been nonstop crazy working people. So far, we have (I say we like I have a mouse in my pocket, that's what my Dad says at least) ripped up the carpet, fixed some tiles in the kitchen, painted a ton of walls, and the baseboards, along with other small things, like cleaning, hanging fans, etc. I'm usually banned from the house because of the babies. I don't know how I took on the roll as baby sitter but I don't think I like it. What are they? My kids? Whatever. I have been able to do some work, my list includes, painting Riley and Madison's rooms, cleaning out the pantry, and cleaning not very many baseboards. Oh yeah, and I also make tons of food runs, and beer runs, I'm not completely useless!! It's so hard when they kick me out because I've wanted to be doing all of this work for so long. Oh well, I'm sure I'll come in handy one day, I know someone will say, man...I wish Kristi was here, but then it will be followed by...because we are out of beer!! Just kidding! I have more pictures to post but these are from the very first work night! So much fun, it's looking like a brand new house!

Here are Tim and Sean ripping carpet, you go boys!!

My Mom went to Walmart and got Riley a cleaning toy set so that she could get into the action. So cute!

Here is Riley "helping" me clean baseboards. Gotta love it.

Riley helping Grandma clean windows and shutters.

My husband is like Mr. Handyman. He knows so much about everything. He fixed numerous tiles on our kitchen counters, even three right in the middle, if I had attempted that, we would be getting a new counter top. He, on the other hand, did an excellent job, you can't even tell they were fixed it looks like the original tiles. You go babe!

Don't you love Riley's little TV area?


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