Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Penny For Your Thoughts....

...and a dime for your belly? At least Riley thinks so. Today, at work, Riley started choking on something and I immediately ran over to her and grabbed her. Then I heard her swallow and I thought to myself, oh s#@t, what could that have been. You see people, the office is like an accident waiting to happen. I thought maybe a paperclip, or a push pin, or God knows what. Next step, call the pediatrician who was actually still working, see I worked late today and this all happened around 6:30. Doc said take her to emergency. Well, that was fun. Sick, scary, gross people everywhere and here I am with a two year old and a two month old, thank God my Mom was with me. I wanted to stay out in the hall away from all the dying people but nurse Focker didn't like that so he sent Mr. Security man to kick me out...twice. Well, Riley finally had her X Ray, and that went okay according to Tim, he got there in time for that, and we awaited the results. A couple trips to the vending machine for peanut butter crackers and powdered doughnuts, later, someone comes out to tell Tim, interesting X Ray you're next. Who says that? I'm thinking what could she have possibly swallowed? I told my Mom what if it's 25 cents, two dimes and a nickle? And she said that would be weird considering she swallowed a quarter. We have fun wherever we go! Corny yes, I know. So to get on with my story we found out that what Riley swallowed was either a penny or a dime. If I had only seen her swallow it, it could have saved us the trip. Now I'll be spending my days searching for the lost coin, does it get any better than that???



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