Tuesday, December 2, 2008

So Baked!

For as long as I can remember, my family (the women) have always gotten together the day before Thanksgiving to bake our pies. It's always so much fun, even though my mom starts off by saying, "Do we really have to do this, can't we just go to Pollys?" But we always have a blast, and my Mom makes THE BEST apple pie, and my Grandma makes THE BEST pumpkin pie. It's kind of good to be in my family just for Thanksgiving. Cause, if your not, then you are definitely missing out on THE BEST pies in the world!! It was also fun to have Joy and Dave here to share the festivities. I hope you don't think we are too weird!! I think everyone had fun this year, especially Sean and me. We got to go to the grocery store and on our way out picked up snowballs and cupcakes just for us to eat on the way home. Diagnosis...delicious!! Love you bro!

And we begin...

Our secret ingredient...

Mom, Dad, and Riley

Me and my babies!!!

Sean finishing his book

Mad and Grandad

The proud Grandmoms

Riley and her baby...

Loves her baby so much, she colors her face.

Sorry babe, no pics of you tonight, you joined the festivities a little too late. You were of course, working late. Love you!!!


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