Thursday, February 26, 2009

Professional Roller

Madison mastered rolling from back to belly today, she's done it about four times total! So she now can roll from belly to back and back to belly. I just hope she is like her sister and does not roll from one side of the room to the other, maybe I'll be lucky again and she won't really get into the whole rolling to get to different places type of thing!!! I'm hoping I'll be able to video it soon. Madison's days of being a house plant are over. I guess this means I can't let her lay on the ottoman anymore, she'll roll right off!!

The very slow process...


Side, feet up...

All the way over to the side...

Stop to stare at the hands a bit...


Belly girl!!!!

Thanks for rollin by!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Cookie Monster

Last Saturday, I took Riley to Dizzy Desserts to take a cookie decorating class for kids. Oh man, it was so much fun!! Barb is the owner of Dizzy Desserts and is the lady who I took cake decorating classes from when Riley was like a week old!! Barb is such a great person, and I'm glad that she does these cute classes for tots. Riley had a blast!! I was so happy that she had so much fun. It's funny because before I take Riley to do something that I think is going to be fun, I automatically imagine this perfect day, and it's never perfect, actually, it's far from perfect. But this time, it was pretty close to perfect. It's so rewarding when you see your kid having such a great time! So I'd recommend Barb's cookie class for tots, I think she holds one a month. She has a bakery here in Corona, so if for some reason, you've tried Sugar Rush, and we are booked, I'd recommend Dizzy Desserts for your cake needs!! Thanks Barb, you are great!

Here is Riley and Barb two years ago when I took cake decorating classes from her, how funny is that?

Decorating cookies, I think Riley might be a pro already, her cookies start at 50 cents a piece.

What's a cookie without sprinkles?

Concentration is the key.

Who decorates without a little taste?

The Grannys getting in on the action

This is what Madi did the whole time.

The class

The finished products

Riley and her creations.

Happy Birthday to Me...

...happy birthday to me, happy birthday to meeeeee, happy birthday to me! I'm 27 years old today, and my Mom did a beautiful post that is still in the works, it looks like there are six posts all devoted to me! I think it's the nicest thing, Mommy, I love you!! I can't wait to see the rest!! Check it out on my Mom's blog - I feel so special!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Park Time

Yesterday we went to the park for a little while and Riley had a blast. She loves the park and I wish I had time to take her more often. Tim's Mom is in town and we went together, it was nice because she watched Madi the whole time and I was able to have some one on one time with Riley. I let her play on the big kids' playground because there were not too many people there when we got there. She loved the big slides and did really well! She's so cute. Here are some pics.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Potty Fairy

Solid Food Champ

Tonight was the first night Madison tried solid food. She did pretty dang good. I know you are supposed to do their first feeding in the morning to make sure they are not allergic, but I'm pretty sure she's going to be okay, it's rice cereal for crying out loud. I'm dying for some sleep and I hope this works. We will see. I filled her up with cereal, let her breast feed, gave her a bath and then fed her again, both sides. I think she might be full, keep your fingers crossed!! I'll let you know how it goes. I think she's going to like bananas in her cereal better than plain, but then again who wouldn't. I'll pick some up tomorrow and we'll try it. I think she's going to love solid food. So here are some pics.


The following pictures are not for those with weak stomachs and/or easy gag reflexes. Please view at your own risk.

She almost finished the entire bowl!!

Quick Post

Really quick post, got to work. Took Madi to the doc today for her 4 month check up. She is looking really good. The doctor thinks she is teething, great, because her throat is a little swollen. She is 14.4 pounds and is 25.5 inches long. 5oth percentile weight, 90th length, 25th wee little head. She is rolling over to her side really well from her back, all the way over from her belly to back. Reaches for things, likes to hold on to toys. Loves to laugh at Riley. Riley gets the biggest laughs out of her, so cute! Likes to stand up while holding on to us. Squeals with delight. She is going to start eating solid food tonight, because she does not sleep, ever. I have funny stories, but no time to post. Told the doc that she does not sleep ever, and doc said put her under a mobile, really? Like I have not tried that yet. Seriously, when you have a kid that does not sleep, you try everything, mobile was like number two. So, we'll see how the solids go, maybe she's just a really hungry girl. Still does not like the pacifier that much, but it's working better, only for sleeping, if I can shove it past her little lips. Why do I still try to give her the paci you say? Because she wants to suck, and I'm not a human pacifier, they don't sell me at the store. I have things to do. She loves to sit in her bumbo and her walker. If she slept, she'd be the perfect baby. Very social, yet likes to spend time alone. Still loves bath time and her lotion massage. Will not take the bottle which is great for me, right? That's it for now, I'll probably add more later because of the baby book situation.

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Romantic Evening For Four

My best friend from college came out to visit us this past weekend from Florida. She came with her new love Joe, and I have to say, I think he is a keeper. I'm very excited for her, she's very happy. This is the second wave of company we've have this month already and Tim's Mom is in town next weekend for 10 days or so. I've been busy!! I counted the days in February that Tim and I would have the house to ourselves, and the grand total is 9 days, pretty crazy!!

For Valentines Day, I decided it would be much more fun to stay at home for dinner. I set the table nice and pretty and made a delicious meal, if I do say so myself!! With the girls, we didn't eat until 9:30, but we feasted on a yummy appetizer before that! We had planned on eating late because of the unknown with the girls, so everyone had eaten a late lunch. We had a great time and it was so much fun to spend time with an old friend.

The menu for our evening started out with a tomato basil bruschetta with fresh mozzarella appetizer followed by a strawberry spinach salad, tomato basil pasta with feta cheese and pine nuts, and a honey balsamic chicken. The app and the salad, were so good, they were both new recipes that I found and altered, and I loved them both. For dessert, I was going to make a mascarpone cheesecake, but I ran out of time. So, instead, I bought a cheesecake, and we had that with chocolate dipped strawberries and brownie bites. We had a great evening enjoying our dinner, wine, and games. I think I could do that every weekend!! Thanks you two for being such great house guests!

Here is the table

Me and my Rich, don't ask.

The bruschetta, I was supposed to garnish with more basil on top, but I needed the rest of it for my other recipe.

Kristen and Joe

Last night, Kristen and Joe took Tim and I out for sushi at Ra. Thanks guys! I'm still craving sushi, everything was so yummy!!. After, we were going to go to the Dueling Pianos but, they were closing five minutes after we got there, oh well, next time!! Here is Tim and I after sushi.

My Sweet Little Valentines!!

Happy Valentines Day a couple days late to everyone!! We had quite a busy day and I had dressed the girls in their heart outfits. All day long, I was wanting to get a picture of the two of them together, but it never happened. It was a crazy day!! These girls looked so cute at one point, and then, as the day went by, Riley pulled out her hair, and the bow was no longer anywhere to be found that had been on Madi's head. Oh well, that's life! Here are my two little Valentines, you can count Tim as one too, but I don't have a good picture of him, he took his heart outfit off early.

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Lazy Day

Wow, two great days in a row, doing nothing!!! I think yesterday was the first day Tim has been home to actually relax. We still have a million things to do to the house, but we decided to just enjoy our day and our house. It was so nice, we watched movies and ate cake top, or at least I ate cake top. Madi has rolled from her belly to her back and is now trying to master back to belly. I think she'll be doing it pretty soon. I can no longer trust her to lay on the bed or the couch. Her house plant days are coming to an end, I can feel it. She's almost four months old, I can't believe it. I guess it's time to start thinking about the next one, hahah, just kidding, Mom did I give you a heart attack??? So Sunday morning I took some lazy pics, Riley had a great big bowl of cereal, with seconds and then asked for some cocoa, so of course I gave it to her. If she keeps eating the way she has, she can have cocoa with every meal!!! So Tim made it extra special with milk instead of water, mmmm.

I promise she was in a good mood, don't let the face fool you!!

See, I told you!! I know what you all are thinking too, does her Mom ever do her hair? The answer is yes, and then Riley pulls it out. I promise, I try!!! Check out that mug, gross!!!

Madi doing her exercises..

Okay, new thing, showing me her tongue, gross.

Ever since my Mom and I did the girls' bathroom, Riley wants to brush her teeth 24/7, whatever!!

Yeah, and here is the tongue again, like once a day isn't enough!!!



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