Monday, February 2, 2009

Attack of the Riley!!

After Sean's game on Saturday, we went to Costco. My Mom had to pick up some steaks for Sean's birthday dinner, and I can always use something from Costco, and I can always, always, use a Costco hot dog!! So after we were done shopping, we sat down to have some dogs and an ice cream, chocolate with strawberries of course. Riley was a crazy girl. It started out okay, my Mom had Madi on her lap, and Riley next to her and Ba Ba. Well, a few bites of ice cream, and that did it. She wanted to get down, go this way, that way, and back again. Thanks Mom, for dealing with my kid, I needed the break!! These are just some fun pictures of a fun day!!

Started out nice and sweet.

Madi even got some kisses...

A few bites of frozen yogurt

This was the beginning of crazy girl, notice Madison is no longer on Mom's lap, safety first in the Rush house.

Why not?? It's always fun to jump on Grandma

The lip.


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