Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Cookie Monster

Last Saturday, I took Riley to Dizzy Desserts to take a cookie decorating class for kids. Oh man, it was so much fun!! Barb is the owner of Dizzy Desserts and is the lady who I took cake decorating classes from when Riley was like a week old!! Barb is such a great person, and I'm glad that she does these cute classes for tots. Riley had a blast!! I was so happy that she had so much fun. It's funny because before I take Riley to do something that I think is going to be fun, I automatically imagine this perfect day, and it's never perfect, actually, it's far from perfect. But this time, it was pretty close to perfect. It's so rewarding when you see your kid having such a great time! So I'd recommend Barb's cookie class for tots, I think she holds one a month. She has a bakery here in Corona, so if for some reason, you've tried Sugar Rush, and we are booked, I'd recommend Dizzy Desserts for your cake needs!! Thanks Barb, you are great!

Here is Riley and Barb two years ago when I took cake decorating classes from her, how funny is that?

Decorating cookies, I think Riley might be a pro already, her cookies start at 50 cents a piece.

What's a cookie without sprinkles?

Concentration is the key.

Who decorates without a little taste?

The Grannys getting in on the action

This is what Madi did the whole time.

The class

The finished products

Riley and her creations.



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