Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Did That Just Happen?

I have this quick order due on Sunday for a High School Musical cake. When I got the order, I decided that I should probably watch the movie to see what it's all about, because I can't just pretend like I know all about this movie and bust out a cake. Well, I watched it. Not only did I watch it, but my Mom watched it with me. I really don't know what happened. First of all, how is this movie so big? And second of all, why did I laugh harder at that then I did when Pierce Brosnan sang in Mama Mia. Okay, well, not quite as hard, but pretty close. Wow I really don't know what to do with myself. At least I now have some ideas for a cake and I had a really good laugh. So I guess you can consider this a movie review? Stay tuned for pictures of the cake. It should be very High School Musical. Go Zac Efron!!!

Hotel De Rush

I love having a guest bedroom. I can't even say how wonderful it is to know that our guests are comfortable in their own room. When it comes time to have another baby, which won't be for a very long time, I think I'd rather convert the bonus room into a room, or double room for twin boys, if I'm lucky, then have to use the guest bedroom for one of the kids. That of course is if we are still in this house when that time comes. I have so enjoyed having company the last couple of weeks and look forward to Joy and Dave coming this weekend.

The room has come along beautifully. A couple weekends ago, we bought some paint and redid two pieces of furniture for that room. It looks totally custom. It's amazing what a little bit of paint and hardware can do for furniture. Tim filled in the original holes in the tall chest and drilled new ones so that I could go with my crystal knobs, I love them! I'm so happy with the way this room is coming. It still needs a few more things like a replacement for the wreaths and maybe one more piece of artwork, but overall, I'm happy if it stays just like this for a while.

Tim and I feel like we have opened up a Bed and Breakfast with all the company we've had. It's been a lot of fun. I'm excited for Tim's parents this weekend because Tim's Dad has yet to even see the house with us moved in, and Joy, a lot has changed since your last visit in February. Wow, we've been busy little bees over here at Hotel De Rush. All I have left to do for your visit Joy is get fresh flowers for your bed side table, and maybe a few smut mags for some light reading ;). Can't wait!

Here are before and afters of the furniture.

Here is what the room looked like when we bought the house.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Birthday Cupcakes

I did these birthday cupcakes last week. They were so much fun to make. I did red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and vanilla bean cupcakes with buttercream. My sweetie asked for bright yellow and blue because they were taking them down to the beach. This is a return client and a friend of theirs also ordered a dozen cupcakes just to eat herself because she thinks they are delicious! So I received my first order of sweets just to eat, not for a party. These I was asked to just ice in the same colors as the birthday order. I decorated these with white chocolate. The butterflies and flowers are piped white chocolate with sliver dragee accents. The cream cheese I was afraid would not hold the weight of the butterflies so I just decorated those with the flowers and they turned out to be my favorites. I dusted them with glitter and they were done!

Madison Reagan Rush

This post is rather long because I'm wanting to bind my blog later and this is all good stuff for me to have.

Well it's been another month and Madison is now 8 months old. I can't believe it. She is doing so many new things and her personality is definitely coming through these days. I thought Riley was strong willed and stubborn but NOTHING compared to Madison. Oh that girl can drive me crazy some days. She is just not a good sleeper at all. I think I've finally come to terms with it, it took me eight months, but, I've decided to be honest with myself. I think she would never sleep and be perfectly happy. I'm in the process of purchasing every bottle nipple I can in hopes that she will finally start to take a bottle. I'm DONE with the breast feeding. Two teeth = not fun for Mommy. I'm lucky I have any boob left. So wish us luck in that department, I'm hoping that something works. Plus, I'm just not sure if she likes the taste of formula, she spits it right back out if any gets into her mouth, I tell you, it's so much fun!

So now that we got the not so fun side of Madi out of the way we can concentrate on all the fun things she is doing right now. She is dying to run around with Riley. She tries to stand just from a crawling position, I guess she has no clue that her balance is not exactly prime right now. She pulls herself up on anything she can. She gets stuck sometimes and tries to bite off more than she can chew, but her success rate is probably 70/30. She's still learning. She also thinks that she can cruise the furniture. She will be standing up by our ottoman and will take a faithful leap to the sofa, sometimes she hits, sometimes she misses. It's so funny. She will cruise a little back and forth on something but has yet to master going from one piece of furniture to the next. She is saying Mama and Dada. She definitely says Mama to me, but I'm not sure if she knows Dada is Tim. She probably does because when she first started saying Mama, I thought it was coincidence. She is a talker and will babble on and on. Her and Riley speak the same language, they actually really play together now. I have this tent/tube thing set up in the bonus room and Riley actually got Madi to crawl into the tent and half way down a tube. They had a ball just giggling and playing, this is a fun age for both of them. Riley can be really sweet to her baby sister, whom she still calls baby, not Madison. It's a hard one for her to say.

Madison is also showing interest in holding my hands and taking a few steps, before she would just stand there and now she actually wants to go, and is very proud of herself when she takes some steps. She is also eating more table food already. The girl wants to do whatever Riley is doing so if I can smash it up small enough, she'll eat it. Last night Riley had some pasta and I took some of the noodles, cut them up really small, and mixed them with the baby beef and vege puree, Madi loved it. I think she's enjoying chewing which is good because I can give her more cooked vegetables, she does not like the baby version.

Madison is getting really good at picking up toys and small objects and moving them from hand to hand. She will spend thirty minutes playing by herself which is awesome because Riley never did that as a baby. You know if it was not for the sleeping issue, she really would be the perfect baby. She is always, always happy and is very quick to smile and laugh. She is a sweetheart.

I'm jotting down a few dates for personal reasons of important stuff.
5/25 - crawling for real
6/04 - pulling herself up
6/11 - second tooth appeared, bottom
6/18 - cruising the furniture

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us

How awful are Tim and I? I think we could have gone the whole day without realizing that it's our Anniversary today. Thank you Joy for calling to wish us a Happy Anniversary or else we would have forgotten all together!! Tim and I have plans to go out for it on Saturday so all week I've been thinking it's not until this weekend. Wow, what a loser. But Tim forgot too so that's okay. We didn't really forget, we just didn't realize that today is the 17th!! Tim said that he noticed when he went to the bank because he had to write down the date and that's when it hit him! He thought he then could get away with bringing me home something to surprise me with. Then I would have felt like a poo poo head because I don't even have a card for him. Wow, we suck!! I guess it's safe to say I'm a low maintenance wife, that's for sure!

Well, Happy Anniversary Babe! You are the best hubby in the whole world. You do so much for our family and I thank God for you everyday. You are the best Daddy to our little girls and they love you so much. I'm so happy that I decided to marry you that day, seriously, I had doubts, almost didn't walk down the aisle. Hahahah!! Just kidding, I knew you were the one as soon as we started dating, I love you so much. Thank you for everything you do for me and the girls, Happy Anniversary!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wedding Cake

On Friday I delivered this wedding cake for a couple that came for a tasting a few months back. I had sketched some cakes up for them to give them a few ideas and they ended up going with something a little different. The groom had his heart set on a square cake, which, if you ask me, is the hardest cake to ice. He also wanted the tiers to not be perfectly set. He wanted the two top tiers to be at a diagnol. This was the first time I ever did a cake like that. I've never offered it because it's not my favorite look. I like a cake that is perfectly centered and tiered, I think it looks the most clean and neat. But, I'm not in this business to do what I want to do, I do what my sweeties want. They did use my idea of doing the center tier yellow, the colors of their wedding were yellow and white. They showed me their wedding invite at the end of our consultation and the scroll design on it was absolutely gorgeous so they went with my idea to do that in white on the top and bottom tiers. When we delivered the cake, they had fresh roses to put on the cake. With a more crazy architectural design, I like to keep the design on the cake rather simple, that's why I went with the white on white for the scroll design. Overall, I love the way this cake turned out, I thought it was very romantic. And, it was HUGE!!!

A Nice Visit

Just a warning, this post is going to have quite a few pictures.

Tim's brother Jared and his wife Melanie and their daughter Jocelyn came out to visit this past week. They got here Saturday night and stayed through Friday. Early this past Saturday morning we all took off for the Rush family reunion out in Chowchilla and we got home yesterday.

I wish I had taken more pictures but we had a long week. Jared and Melanie took Jocelyn all over the place. We really wanted to go to Disneyland with them but it just didn't work out. It is too hard to get off of work. They had a great time though and Jared actually stood right behind Christina Aguilera in the Dumbo line. We didn't get to go to the happiest place on earth but we did spend the day with them at Sea World and that was a blast. Tim's cousin Shelley and her daughter met us out there and we saw all of the shows and the girls had a blast. Riley and Madi both loved Shamu, I think that was the highlight of their day! I'm excited to go back and hopefully next time we go, my Mom will get to join us.

We really enjoyed having the Rush's stay and visit and Riley had a ton of fun with Jocelyn. I told her before they got here that her older cousin that gets to boss her around is coming down from Oregon and she got very excited. They played really well together, and Riley even forgave Jocelyn for giving her a fat lip, I'm not sure that Jocelyn gave her the fat lip but Jared insists that she did, he says he knows his daughter. I didn't get a picture of that lip but it was big and she milked it! They had so much fun playing together, I wish they lived closer.

Here are a few pics from Sea World.

Jared with Madi.


The reunion was a lot of fun too. Tim's family is very nice and boy do they no how to throw a party. Ho Daddy, is that what they are called? Shauna, thanks so much for having us at your beautiful home, we had a blast. We even played beer pong like a bunch of kids in college. Jared beat everyone because he's the only one that did not drink. It was fun and our girls were excellent the entire time. I'm hoping they put a reunion together every year. Shauna if you are reading this, you need to get your blog going, I'm putting a link to it on mine and I'm expecting some updates soon, I need to know how often you and the hubby play beer pong alone, and I'm hoping you keep Miss August up all year long. Was it Miss August? Or September? Once again I can't remember, maybe I had too many Howdy Doodys. Anyway, we had a blast, thanks again!

They tried to fly a kite.

The kids blew some bubbles and Riley planted a flower, that later got ripped out by one of the other kids!

So handsome.

Riley helped clean up the next day.

Another attempt at a cousin picture.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bridal Shower Cake

I did this cake last Saturday for a bridal shower. The brides colors are lime and white and she gave me full go with the cake. Sometimes that is hard when you don't get given a direction because the bride can have something completely different in her mind then what I do. So I kept it very bridal with a ribbon around the top tier with a diamond buckle. I then did a fake hydrangea on top tied with a ribbon that just flowed down the back of the cake, kind of to tie in a bride's bouquet, and the long ribbon made me think of a veil. She was thrilled with the cake and I was too. These two tiers are small and perfect for a party of 30-40, they are my new favorite sized cakes to do. I'm doing her wedding cake as well and I'm hoping she may want to change her thoughts on that design after seeing her bridal shower cake. We shall see!!! The entire cake is iced in buttercream.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Pulling Up

I was going to title this post two months late and give everyone a heart attack because they'd think I was pregnant, but instead of jinxing myself, I decided to rethink my title. The reason for two months late is because Tim and I are about two months behind when we should have moved Madison's mattress down in her crib. I kept thinking we need to do that soon, I mean, hello, she's mobile!! But, every time we thought to do it, it was bedtime. So, last week, it was Thursday, Madison was once again screaming bloody murder because she didn't want to sleep. The girl drives me crazy. I went in a couple of times to put her back down and the third time I went in there, she was screaming REALLY hard because she was mad at me by that point, how dare I put her down for a nap right? Well, I went in and I almost had a heart attack because she had pulled herself up and she was just standing there with her eyes closed screaming. It freaked me out, I was not expecting it!! Madison always seems to hit milestones when she's mad, maybe it's in her name. Now she tries to pull herself up on everything. It's harder now because personally I don't think she is really strong enough to start pulling herself up and she's trying to do it too early. When she finally gets to standing, she's pretty wobbly. Riley was so different than Madi. Riley wouldn't even try to do something until she knew she could do it. Like, one day, she finally got up on all fours and just started crawling around the room, no rocking, no anything. When she pulled herself up for the first time, she had really good balance. Yeah, she did it all a little later, but by 11 months she had started walking pretty good, of course she stopped until about a week before her birthday because she fell pretty hard, but that's another story. Madi, tries and tries and tries until she's got it down, and with that comes bumps and bruises and heart attacks. I hate to see my kids in the process of hurting themselves, it's almost like you can see it coming sometimes and you know you are going to get there too late. I only got one picture of my wobbly stander and she's not even standing all the way, more to come. This was the time after I went in her room and found her standing. Pretty soon she's going to find a way to jump out of her crib, onto her bookcase and climb down and out.
Do you see how red her eyes are? Yeah, that's from all the screaming.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's Been One of THOSE Days

I'm usually not one to complain about much. But, it's one of those days. I have had a heck of a time over here at the Rush house. I want to leave all by myself. That's not possible though. I have not been away from the girls for longer than two hours at a time in I don't know how long. At least not since Madi was born, and the only time I was away from Riley for that long was for a weekend trip to Washington back in the summer of 2007. Can you say Kristi needs a day to herself? All by herself where she does not spend 30 minutes getting the baby to sleep only to find Riley in her room waking her up five minutes later. All by herself where she does not have something hanging onto her leg. All alone where "Go to timeout, now!" does not get repeated twenty times a day. All by herself where she can sit alone with a book, or a twelve pack of beer, did I say a twelve pack? Riley is constantly causing trouble, what is up with that? And Madi? She never sleeps. At night she does, if I'm lucky, but getting a nap out of her is like impossible. I'm tired and want a day alone. But, that is not possible because Madison won't take a bottle. So I figured the only thing left to do is to complain. So this is me complaining. And while I complain I think about what I am complaining about and how selfish of me this is. There are people out there that can only dream about having two beautiful daughters and I'm complaining because I can't get away by myself, alone, all alone. Oh no there I go again. The good news is that I put the kids to bed at 6:30 tonight. The good news is that Madi is sleeping. The bad news is I can see Riley's light on in her room and can hear her prancing around like a fairy. Hey, she asked to go to bed at 6:30 after dinner and a bath. I did not force her nor did I say no. So, I am alone, kind of, not really. It does not count at the end of the day when you can't leave because you are in PJ pants because you got pooped on and they were the closest thing to you when you put them on at 4:30 this afternoon. I'm sure tomorrow will be a better day, one filled with smiles and giggling and secrets and love. But today, I'm officially making Complaining Day. I might mark it on my calendar and do the same thing next year. We shall see, I can't think that far ahead right now. So, I'm off to go have an adult beverage, and then do something that needs to be done before company comes this weekend. But I can't post something all about me so here are those darn little cuties I'm complaining about here on Complaining Day.

To show that my day started out rough. This is what Riley decided to do when I told her to go downstairs because it was time for breakfast. Cheerios everywhere, in two minutes flat.
Okay so they are cute.

Here is a video of Madi movin around. She's definitely doing a little crawling and has been for about a week now, but she is still not a full on crawler. She's excellent at going from the crawling to the sitting position and has been doing that for about two weeks now. She's also starting to try to pull herself up a little bit.

And this is a video of Riley jumping. She jumped for the first time when she turned two and now she thinks she's a frog!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


This past weekend Tim and I packed up the girls, a lot of toys, a million diapers, lion, turtle, and some clothes for us and headed out to Arizona for a quick turn around visit. My bestest friend in the whole wide world was down from Washington to be there for her brother that just graduated high school. When I met Crystal, her brother was in kindergarten so you can imagine how old I felt, and still feel. It was so good to see Crystal and Katelynn and her whole family. I love her Mom and Dad to death and they always make us feel like family. They've also taken a liking to Tim so that makes it even more fun ;) We left the house around ten in the morning on Saturday because we got a late jump on things. I had been up since 4:30 in the morning decorating that cake, packing, and cleaning the house. The last thing I like to do when on a trip is come back to a messy house, that is just depressing. So I ended up sleeping till 7:30, Tim had gotten up about the time I went to bed to go finish a side job that he had been working on and he got home around eight, so we were dragging it a bit and by the time we both had showers, dressed the babes, and packed up the car, it was 9:40, we stopped for breakfast on the road and were off.

I have two GREAT kids. It's always very nerve racking going on a trip with kids. We've taken Riley on a road trip once and that was right before we found out I was pregnant with Madi. She did great, but, we had gotten a DVD player to play Backyardigans the entire trip. My Mom had gone in with me to buy it, and then, it got stolen out of our car a couple of months later. So I had to go to Target and get a whole new set. So we put one screen in front of Riley and one in front of Madi and they were unbelievably good. Of course there was fussing but I could not be happier with our road trip. The way home was probably better than the way there. Of course we left later so the last two hours of the trip we had Madi sleeping and then an hour before we got home, Riley fell asleep. It was nice. A good visit is always fun no matter how short it is. Love you Crystal!!!

While we were there, we had Otter Pops...

In the car we played with Mommy and Daddy's things...

We took pictures with our best friends...

We made everyone think we were the cutest thing in the entire world...

We played with Daddy...

We played in the sprinklers with Katelynn...

The girls modeled their bathing suits... We watched the Merricks have good times...
And we had fun with Crystal's darling little girl!


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