Monday, June 8, 2009

Pulling Up

I was going to title this post two months late and give everyone a heart attack because they'd think I was pregnant, but instead of jinxing myself, I decided to rethink my title. The reason for two months late is because Tim and I are about two months behind when we should have moved Madison's mattress down in her crib. I kept thinking we need to do that soon, I mean, hello, she's mobile!! But, every time we thought to do it, it was bedtime. So, last week, it was Thursday, Madison was once again screaming bloody murder because she didn't want to sleep. The girl drives me crazy. I went in a couple of times to put her back down and the third time I went in there, she was screaming REALLY hard because she was mad at me by that point, how dare I put her down for a nap right? Well, I went in and I almost had a heart attack because she had pulled herself up and she was just standing there with her eyes closed screaming. It freaked me out, I was not expecting it!! Madison always seems to hit milestones when she's mad, maybe it's in her name. Now she tries to pull herself up on everything. It's harder now because personally I don't think she is really strong enough to start pulling herself up and she's trying to do it too early. When she finally gets to standing, she's pretty wobbly. Riley was so different than Madi. Riley wouldn't even try to do something until she knew she could do it. Like, one day, she finally got up on all fours and just started crawling around the room, no rocking, no anything. When she pulled herself up for the first time, she had really good balance. Yeah, she did it all a little later, but by 11 months she had started walking pretty good, of course she stopped until about a week before her birthday because she fell pretty hard, but that's another story. Madi, tries and tries and tries until she's got it down, and with that comes bumps and bruises and heart attacks. I hate to see my kids in the process of hurting themselves, it's almost like you can see it coming sometimes and you know you are going to get there too late. I only got one picture of my wobbly stander and she's not even standing all the way, more to come. This was the time after I went in her room and found her standing. Pretty soon she's going to find a way to jump out of her crib, onto her bookcase and climb down and out.
Do you see how red her eyes are? Yeah, that's from all the screaming.


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