Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day

On Thursday Tim asked me what our plans for the weekend were. I told him nothing except for the projects around the house. Well, I think he was bummed because he mentioned how my Mom and Dad have us over for dinner on every holiday. I didn't even think about it until we got our invite on Friday!! I thought that was funny that my husband actually likes going over to his in laws for dinner. They are very fun people if I do say so myself. I can see why he likes them.

My Mom once again had a great dinner for us full of ribs and salads and watermelon that Riley didn't even touch. We won't get into that. It was a very fun and relaxing day. It was a nice way to end our weekend of painting and drilling and painting and all that jazz. Thanks again Mom and Dad for a wonderful day. Dad, I liked the way you ended it too, with the cobbler. Made my night.

We stayed cool in the shade...

We had a determination to get an ugly plastic toy...

We were afraid that every time the wind picked up that our house was going to blow away...

We found an excellent tickle stick...

We got dirty...

And we took our first crawling steps...

And rested...

Madison has started to take one or two crawling steps before she resorts to army crawling. Why regular crawl, when army crawling is soooo much easier!! She also welcomed her first tooth yesterday 5/26. We are so proud. ;)

Repeat Order

Normally I don't post my repeat orders. You have all already seen them so it's pointless. My repeat orders are when people want the cakes that I've already done, they see them on my blog and say, "I want that one." Personally, I don't think it's as fun to do a cake I've already done but it is easier that's for sure!! This cake just shows that if you see something you like on my site but don't need it to feed as much, or you need it to feed more that we can still do something very similar. Like if it's a two tier and you want a one tier to feed like 20, we can take the best elements of the two tier and put them on a one and still get a really cute cake. So this is actually one of my best sellers now for kids but this is the first time that I've done it as a one tier. I tell you, that checkerboard top is so fun to make, I love it every time I do it. So anyway, here is the cake, I had a lot of requests to see this one too, so here you go people, my cake from Saturday.

This is the cake that I'm talking about that I had already done.

And this is what I did for a smaller party.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let Me Paint You a Picture

We had a very busy weekend over here in Rush Hour. Most of what we did was to the house. We will be having another crazy month starting two weekends from now where we will have company for three weekends in a row. So, I decided we'd better get a jump on all of the projects we have to do to the house because for those three weekends, we'll be entertaining and having a good time. So, my list is a long one but we got through a lot of it. I'm only posting a few pictures for right now because I'm almost done with most of our projects and I want to post the finished pictures. Mostly, my Mom came over and helped me do most of the painting in Madi and Riley's rooms. We are almost done, the majority of it is complete.

My Mom offered to watch the girls for Tim and I Sunday night, but I opted for a different kind of date night. I did, Tim did not. Tim was ready to get out of the house. Thanks for the offer Mom, I'll take a rain check.

Don't ever turn your back for one second when there is an open can of paint in the house. This could happen to you...

And this...

I went in to see what my Mom did in Riley's room, she had just finished painting and pulling tape and I was anxious to see it finally completed. While falling in love with Riley's room, the stinker ran into Madi's room to "try" with the paint. Every two seconds that girl wanted to try. "Riley try?" Well, she finally got to try and I had a mess to clean up. All is back to normal now, I fixed her "trying."

Friday, May 22, 2009

More Pics of the Piggies

When Madison was born I took one look at that head of hair and thought, wow, how fun, I'm going to be able to do so much with that hair. Well I was wrong. Clips? I thought, those don't stay in because she's a wiggle worm. Headbands? Same thing. Rubberbands? Those work, but do you know how hard it is to actually get some kind of a pony out of a baby that can't sit still, with the head going this way and that ALL THE TIME? Well, even when I'd get something out of her hair, she still has these long wispy pieces by her ears that just don't do anything. Clips look really cute on both sides but like I said before, they fall out constantly. So finally, I'm able to put her hair in pig tails. It solves the problem of the wispies (word?) and it looks cute. It's still a pain in the you know what to actually get them in, but after a good fight between Madi and me, she wins a lot of the time by the way, I can get a decent pair of piggies out of her hair. It's so cute, when I first do it, I can get all of her hair in except for those bang things she's got. So here are some pics of the new do.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Water Park Fun

This past weekend I took the girls to the water park in Corona. How awesome is this place?? Even when the park is packed, the amount of kids playing in the water is not much. Riley of course had a blast. The only way she would have had more fun is if she had a friend to play with. The poor girl has nobody her age to play with, she picks up on people two times her age!!! I'm really wanting to get her involved in dance classes and sports. Mostly sports but I have to find out the ages on everything, boy being a Mom is hard work!! I got both the girls dressed in their bathing suits and forced Uncle Sean to come take some photos. Grandma came too to help me with the girls. Thanks Mom!! Sean has such an eye for the camera. There are a TON of photos but my in laws are such a big part of these girls lives that I want to share as much with them as I can!! Nana, these are for you!! I always think of you when I'm doing anything with the girls!
When we first got there, Riley had been so used to playing on the playground, she was not so interested in this water park. But, I think I talked her into it! I love this girl. She ran around in circles until she laughed herself silly. She is SO cute! Madi had an okay time too, it was her first experience with the water and I think she did really good. I think she'll take to Pop Pop's pool just fine!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We've Got a Rocker

I know it's late but I'm still waiting for Tim to get home and Dancing is over, so I'm going to post about Madi turning seven months today. I don't think I'll have time for it tomorrow so now is good. I have so much to post but no time, it would be great if my days had like five more hours in them. Anyway, about Madi...

She is doing A LOT!! For a while now she's been a very good army crawler getting to many things that are out of reach. She is so nosy and I think she is doing things earlier then Riley because she wants in on the action. For the past couple of days, she has been doing "the rock." Riley didn't do this for long, I think she rocked once and was crawling. Riley is the type that will not do something until she knows exactly how to do it, it's weird I know. But Madi is so determined to GO!! So she's very good at rocking and I'm sure any day she'll be crawling all over this place, I guess I need to baby baby proof the house now. She can sit alone for a very long time now but I still don't feel comfortable just sitting her down on anything, she still topples over every once in a while. Just today she can go from the crawling position to the sitting position. She is also saying Mumu, sometimes Mama, but I'm not sure if she knows that she is. She only says it when she wants me. She babbles all the time, babab, gaga, etc. She eats three meals a day, which mostly consists of fruit. She spits her veggies out at me ALL THE TIME. I hate to feed babies. You go in with the spoon, they knock it with their crazy arms, you are almost to their mouth and they turn their head and you feed their cheeks. Whatever, I'm ready for her to feed herself, I just end up very annoyed. We also tried some finger foods yesterday and she did really good, I think she's ready to chew, now we just have to work on some teeth. She is always happy and that's so fun, and she's so snugly, so unlike Riley. These two are totally different. Oh yeah, and I can now put her hair into pig tails, it is just darling. I'll have to post those pictures soon!! Madison is doing more and more everyday, it's amazing how fast they grow. I feel like I just posted about her turning six months. So here are some pictures of my growing girl and her newest accomplishments!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fireman Cake

This was a simple cake that I did for yesterday for a guy that graduated from the Fire Academy. I wanted to make it manly so why not do flames? And what better background for flames to really stand out then black? So, this is his cake. The flames I did freehand out of fondant and painted luster dust on the tips and body and everything else is buttercream, except for the ladder, that's fondant as well. The flames on this cake look so cool in person. Tim was proud of my flames so I knew I did a good job!! This was a really fun cake to do. Man cakes are harder for me than feminine cakes because your design style is limited. So I was very pleased with the outcome.

A couple shots of the flames, can you tell I'm proud of myself?



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