Thursday, May 21, 2009

Water Park Fun

This past weekend I took the girls to the water park in Corona. How awesome is this place?? Even when the park is packed, the amount of kids playing in the water is not much. Riley of course had a blast. The only way she would have had more fun is if she had a friend to play with. The poor girl has nobody her age to play with, she picks up on people two times her age!!! I'm really wanting to get her involved in dance classes and sports. Mostly sports but I have to find out the ages on everything, boy being a Mom is hard work!! I got both the girls dressed in their bathing suits and forced Uncle Sean to come take some photos. Grandma came too to help me with the girls. Thanks Mom!! Sean has such an eye for the camera. There are a TON of photos but my in laws are such a big part of these girls lives that I want to share as much with them as I can!! Nana, these are for you!! I always think of you when I'm doing anything with the girls!
When we first got there, Riley had been so used to playing on the playground, she was not so interested in this water park. But, I think I talked her into it! I love this girl. She ran around in circles until she laughed herself silly. She is SO cute! Madi had an okay time too, it was her first experience with the water and I think she did really good. I think she'll take to Pop Pop's pool just fine!



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