Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let Me Paint You a Picture

We had a very busy weekend over here in Rush Hour. Most of what we did was to the house. We will be having another crazy month starting two weekends from now where we will have company for three weekends in a row. So, I decided we'd better get a jump on all of the projects we have to do to the house because for those three weekends, we'll be entertaining and having a good time. So, my list is a long one but we got through a lot of it. I'm only posting a few pictures for right now because I'm almost done with most of our projects and I want to post the finished pictures. Mostly, my Mom came over and helped me do most of the painting in Madi and Riley's rooms. We are almost done, the majority of it is complete.

My Mom offered to watch the girls for Tim and I Sunday night, but I opted for a different kind of date night. I did, Tim did not. Tim was ready to get out of the house. Thanks for the offer Mom, I'll take a rain check.

Don't ever turn your back for one second when there is an open can of paint in the house. This could happen to you...

And this...

I went in to see what my Mom did in Riley's room, she had just finished painting and pulling tape and I was anxious to see it finally completed. While falling in love with Riley's room, the stinker ran into Madi's room to "try" with the paint. Every two seconds that girl wanted to try. "Riley try?" Well, she finally got to try and I had a mess to clean up. All is back to normal now, I fixed her "trying."



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