Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sleeping Angel

On Mother's Day, Tim patted Madi to sleep on the couch which is fun because I don't ever get pictures of the girls sleeping. I'm too afraid I'll wake them up, and I really like it when they are sleeping!!

What is that on Madi's foot? Is it my make up? No, I'm white as a ghost and need some color to be able to wear that. Is it dirt? No, it won't come off. What could it be? That post coming soon...


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I'm Kristi, the wife of one very lucky and handsome husband, and mother to two beautiful little girls. I'm honest and sarcastic, funny and easy going. I love to eat and love to hate that I love butter. And wine. And did I mention butter? I'm always learning new things, happy to lend a hand, and love my life. This is a blog of my family and the day to day crazy that we call Rush Hour. I hope while you are here that you enjoy yourself and come back often!

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The Rush Family

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