Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Who's the Boss

I took this video the other day of Riley and Madison. Riley loves Madi, but, she does not like her to have anything. No toys, no animals, no blanket, no anything, I'm surprised Riley is okay with Madi having fingers. It's funny but frustrating sometimes because she's always ripping something out of Madi's hands. Saying, "No, Baby." She does not say Madison, it's always Baby. Sometimes she's sweet and wants to hold Madi's hand or gives her kisses and hugs, but lately she's very possessive. So this is one of those times when she didn't want Madi to even touch her. That's the other thing, if Madi's arm "accidentally" touches Riley, Riley gets very upset. Whatever!! Who can keep track of these kids?
You might want to turn off my music to hear the audio.



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