Monday, September 29, 2008

House Update #2

We have some good news, Tim and I got one of our offers accepted on Friday so that means, we are officially under contract. Well not exactly officially, we are waiting on some paperwork from the bank that we should get today. Next step is the inspection and termite inspection so let's hope that the house is not about to fall down tomorrow!!!

 A little about the house, it is a two story Spanish style with 2355 square feet. It is very roomy!! It has four bedrooms and three full baths. One bedroom is downstairs with a bathroom across from it, so that will be a great guest bedroom for when Tim's parents come to visit. It also has a small loft area and a HUGE bonus room upstairs, we have many ideas for that room!! The only thing this house is missing is a formal dining room which sucks because I like to entertain. But the area that is set aside for the breakfast "nook" is really big and I will be able to put my dining room table there with the leaf in so I'm not too upset about not having a formal dining room, I feel like the space kind of doubles as formal dining and breakfast nook. There is even a great space for my china hutch. The kitchen is a great size too with a nice island, I can do some serious cooking in that kitchen and have tons of room for my cakes and cookies!!!

The house is a repo so it definitely needs some work done before we move in. We need carpet and paint and tons and tons of bleach!! Ha Ha!! But for a repo, it is in really good shape. We are very happy with this house and are hoping that everything goes well and we can close in 45 days. Maybe Madison will even hold out a little longer in my belly, unlikely I know but a girl can dream!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gerber Baby??

 Last week, Riley was looking at this box of Gerber cereal bars that I bought for her. She looked at the front and then the back and then she points to the picture of the Gerber baby on the box and says, Iiley! (that's how she says her name) So apparently, my daughter thinks she is the Gerber baby, talk about self esteem. I thought when she did it the first time that it was funny, but this morning, she did it again. She definitely thinks she is the Gerber baby. I'm not surprised, she takes after her father and I catch the pair of them checking themselves out in mirrors all the time. My family is vain. Who knew? I am married to Fabio and gave birth to the Gerber baby. Life is good.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Riley Needs A Slide

This past week at the office, Riley has been trying to slide down everything she possibly can. She was having a great time in my Dad's office sliding down one of his client chairs. I took a couple of pictures because it was so cute. After every successful slide, she would stop and clap and then do it again. When it comes to getting off of furniture, Riley never liked the normal way like other children, you know the backwards approach, she always just tries to feel for the ground with her toes and then jumps for it. It drives my Grandma crazy. Which is also funny!! I think I need to get her one of those fun backyard slide play things, I don't know the official name of these gyms, before she turns the whole office into a playground.

Look at my Dad pretending to work, haha!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

One Step Closer

Tim was not supposed to find out the results of his QAP interview for at least another week but we had a little surprise in the mail yesterday. He received his letter. I am proud and happy to announce that he passed his QAP interview with a score of 85. We are so excited. You need a 70 to pass so it looks like he did pretty good. If he had gone on a ride along or had military experience, he would have scored higher. I am so proud of Tim, he is working so hard to become a CHP officer and I pray everyday that it happens for him. I think the lucky suit that we had bought at Men's Warehouse did it's job as well. He went on a ride along (my mom calls it a drive by) today and he gets to wear a bullet proof vest, he was so excited when he left this morning. He will be a CHP officer for the day between the hours of 630 am to 630 pm so all you drivers make sure you are wearing your seat belts and are driving safely on the freeway or Tim might just come and pull you over. Please don't shoot.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

House Update

Well Tim and I have put in a couple of offers on some houses. One is a long shot because it is a short sale, but we offered more than they were asking hoping it would light a fire under the bank. This short sale is the same floor plan as my "dream home" that has 15 offers on it. Please note "dream home" is not exactly my dream home but would be perfect for now. The other house I'm not that thrilled about but at this point Tim and I just want a house so we decided we might as well see what happens. So hopefully we will hear something soon, I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Grandma is Home!!!

Grandma and Pop Pop have returned from Hawaii after 10 days of paradise. Riley was very excited to see my mom this morning after her nap. She awoke to the suprise of Grandma being at the office and was very happy. She was content to just sit next to my mom, I thought it was very cute so of course I took a few pics.


So I have had a few requests to post a picture of my baby belly (it has graduated from a baby bump for obvious reasons) and here it is. Please excuse the circles under my eyes, those don't like to go away. For those of you (Crystal) who have been bugging me about doing this, feel very special. I don't like to post pics of myself, it's overrated. Anyway, this is me and my belly at 34 weeks. Six weeks to go. I'm at the point where the maternity clothes that I bought earlier in the pregnancy that I thought would last for the entire pregnancy are getting to small. I shall be heading over to Destination Maternity for some large and in charge new clothing soon.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Good News!!!!

We just got our new camera in the mail today, I ordered one from, how lazy is that right? So be prepared for updates, I'm hoping to be snapping pics like a crazy person. It will be really nice to have a camera that holds a charge, I don't know what I'm going to do with myself!! Tim's mom and dad had bought us a really nice camera for Christmas the year Riley was born and it took great pictures for about a year, and then it faded, we were so sad. Thanks Joy for the camera you bought for us, it really bugs me that we have to replace it knowing that you spent good money on that one. I'm saving it though because it came with that great printer and I know it will still come in handy. Hopefully with this new camera, I can get more pictures of Riley up on this blog, I know how much you love seeing her!!! To happy snapping everyone!!

Downtown Disney

Tim, Riley, and I met up with Tim's best friend from Oregon last night. Bobby and Abby are in town on vacation with their kids and they are spending most of the trip at Disneyland. So we met them for dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe in Downtown Disney. We were a little crazy for meeting them at 730 when Riley goes to bed at 800 but Tim was afraid he'd be working late all week and didn't want to miss out on seeing Bobby. So, we crossed our fingers and hopped in the car hoping Riley would be good. Well, she was. She was so excited to be there that we couldn't keep her contained. She ran around screaming with excitement. There was music and lights and so much to look at that we didn't really have any problems.

When we went in to eat, they sat us next to some very annoying monkeys that never shut up. Riley was not sure about those monkeys but as soon as the rain storm took over the restaurant, she was very much afraid of everything. She cried a little, mostly because she was tired and had really bad parents, but by the second rain storm, she was okay and actually kind of liked it. Then after dinner, we stayed to watch the fireworks that they set off in Disneyland. Riley loved it, she had so much fun. She even fell asleep in the car on the way home, something she very rarely does. So overall, our late night adventure was a success. Tim got to see his best friend, I got to eat yummy food, and Riley had an unexpected blast!

Here are a couple pics of her running around like a crazy person.

Watching the fireworks on Daddy's shoulders!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Broken Hearted

Tim and I went out yesterday once again in search of our first home. We found a great house that I fell in love with and we even had a back up house in case the first one didn't work out. Both of these houses have not been on the market for more than 5 days so we were thinking we might be the first offers in, and we had really strong offers prepared so I was thinking, maybe this is it!! Tim and I were ready to run down to the office and sign the offer and write a check to our realtor at any moment and then, Mitch called. As of this morning, both homes were listed as sale pending. The one I loved had 15 offers already, can you believe it?? I guess we should try to buy an ugly house that has been on the market for 100,000 days. Then we would have better luck. This whole buying a house thing sure sucks. I can't tell you how many houses I've liked a lot and have not been able to sleep because all night I sit in bed and decorate it. I need to stop doing that. This is the first time though that I really feel like we lost a really good home. I could just see us living there and I really hadn't felt that yet and we've looked at a ton of houses. Oh well. Back at the starting gate. Hopefully we find something soon, I'm about ready to pop.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's Official

It's official, I'm definitely a big, fat, enormous, gigantic pregnant woman. I have wanted to post this for a while but I just keep forgetting. Last week, I went into Starbucks to get my mom her afternoon Americano, and my nonfat chocolate milk. As I walk up to the counter, the Starbucks boy takes one look at me and says, "Wow, you are about ready aren't you?" And before I could say anything he says, "Are you due at the end of August or the beginning of September?" I was shocked that he thought I looked that big. So I said, "Try the end of October." What I should have said was, what do you mean? I'm not pregnant. The little snot. You don't ask a pregnant woman if she is going to pop soon, if you are interested, you ask when her due date is. I mean, we are already upset about all the weight we are gaining and to get a comment like that could be disastrous. I wanted to jump behind the counter and squeeze his little head off. After I told him my correct due date, he says, "Oh well I really don't know much about pregnant woman." I said, "Obviously." So people, that's it, I'm big, I'm large and in charge and I still have 7.5 weeks to go. The other thing I was upset about is that I still have not gained nearly as much as with Riley. I'm still under 20 pounds total weight gain so when he asked me that, I was very upset. I guess it's not how much weight you gain, it's how big you look. And I look big. I can't see body parts anymore, that is depressing.

Monday, September 1, 2008

First Timer

We finally went to the Splash Park here in Corona that everyone is talking about. I've been wanting to take Riley for forever I just have no time to do anything. Since Tim and I had no work today, we figured we might as well go check it out. Riley had a blast. She ran around the entire thing screaming with excitement. This is one of the coolest things to happen to Corona (Get it? Coolest!). I wish I didn't have to work because we'd be there at least twice a week, stupid job, maybe I'll just quit. It was a lot of fun to watch Riley run around with all the other kids. Next time I'm definitely bringing the video camera to capture the screaming she did. So much fun, I can't wait to go back, plus, it's a great way to get her down for a nap!! I snapped a bunch of pictures and couldn't stop posting them I love them all!!

Here she is before all the fun getting ready to go!!

Daddy walked around with her for all of ten seconds before she took off on her own. She was like water (wa-bu) peace out Dad.

Twenty seconds after we got there, the kid is a wateraholic, we've been going to meetings.

Love this one, it got her right in the face. She thought it was hilarious!!

She really liked this part of the park!!

It was really funny, towards the end of our visit, she started to like the portion of the park where the water squirts up just a little. She would put her hands over it to keep it from coming out. Well, I guess the water is on a timer and when it went off, she could not figure out how to get it to come back on. So after a couple of minutes of trying to get it back on, with no results, she threw herself on the ground in some what of a temper tantrum. Well for once in her life, her temper tantrum actually worked, the water came right back on and she was very happy once again!!


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