Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Madison's Fairy Princess Party

Not so far away in a magical place,
Sits a small fairy princess
With her soft smiling face.
She waits for her friends
in the warm winter sun
Won't you come on October 24th
To join in the fun?
Madison's house
Is where the her first birthday will be.
Be sure to come in your fairy best
Elves, pixies, and super heroes are all welcomed guests.
She anxiously waits as each day passes by,
While her fairy parents await your reply.

That was the poem that I used for Madi's invitations! Before I really start this post I have to give a huge, huge, huge thank you to my Mom. Without her help, I would have surely greeted my guests in my dirty work clothes and Budweiser ball cap. Right. She did a beautiful job on Madison's table, I like to pretend that I helped but she pretty much had a vision. I told her to go for it, it's so nice to have such a talented mother. Thanks Mom, so much! Oh yeah, and Dad, Tim, Sean, BaBa, and Grandma and Grandpa Kelley. Everyone pitched in to help me with this party! Thanks again!

Okay down to the good stuff. There are a lot of pictures on here but it's mostly for when I bind my blog at the end of the year. Madi's party was lots of fun. The menu consisted of seven layer dip, and taquitos for apps, followed by sour cream chicken enchiladas, chile rellano, carne asada with all the fixings, beans, rice, and a salad that got left in the fridge that nobody could enjoy. Oops, my bad! We finished it all off with an orange and chocolate chip cake with chocolate cream, and orange frosting filling.

It's funny how I think all mothers are with the second baby. So much more relaxed. I remember watching the video of when I gave Riley her smash cake when she turned one. The girl had barely had sugar, unless you count a few tastes of Costco frozen yogurt. So she had about two bites of her cake, and all I can hear in that video is me saying, "Should I take it away? That has to be enough. Should I take it away from her?" Madison ate/wore I think half of her cake before I took it away. She loved it.

We ended up with a nice small party and a refrigerator full of leftover food, and I think it was perfect. I'm happy to say that I think my house can handle a good amount of people and still be comfortable. It was fun and I think we got some really good pictures. Enjoy! Happy Birthday one more time to my sweet little Madison!

The cake table.

And Mommy and Daddy cleaned up the mess.
Thank you everyone that joined us to celebrate Madison's first birthday!!
This is Madison's boyfriend, Leo. I think he is very handsome.
My Mom had to wake up Madison, she was getting pretty close to missing her own party.
A picture of the set up inside.
The fairy princess's royal seat.
This little lady was supposed to be on the cake but she found herself on the table.
Our dining table that was set up outside.
The cake.
My Mom "made" the smash cake. When we were little she made us chocolate cake with whipped cream and bananas, so I've had her make the same for my two girls.
Check out the face of Riley when she saw what Madison got to eat..

She's a good helper.
A little help from favorite Uncle Frank.

A few of the victims of Madison's attack.

She had a wardrobe change and we headed over to open presents.
I tried to get her excited over a pair of really cute shoes.
But she liked the toys better.
And the books.
And the ribbon.
And the plastic boxes.

 Riley got read a bedtime story and we said good bye to our guests.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Madi's One Year Dr Appt.

Okay Warning People: This post is very, very long, and it has no pictures. Read if you will, but I understand if you don't.

This morning I took my girls to the Dr's office so that Madi could have her one year check up. I was also getting Riley a flu shot. Scary right? Two kids both getting shots. Alone. I was scared for my own well being.

We were in the waiting room for what seemed like forever. Madison and Riley were playing "nicely" with the toy table that's in there. I think I put Riley in 3 time outs while we were in the waiting room, that's fun, in front of a ton of people. All though, I have to say, there were other kids in that waiting room that should have been put in time out and their parents did nothing. So, I'm patting myself on the back. Okay enough patting, I have an incident to share.

This woman half the size of me walks in with her "baby". Sits down next to me. Madison is playing and flirting with a little boy who was 15 months. She was bigger than this kid. The girl next to me with her "baby" asks me how old Madison was. I said, she just turned one. Oh, wow, she's little, she's teeny tiny. Smallest one year old I've ever seen, and on, and on, and on, oh yeah, and on. Apparently she didn't notice the 15 month old that Madison was bigger than. I said, yes she's petite, my kids are long and slender with little pee heads. I then took a look at her "baby". Her "baby" was 8 months old, I'm sorry just about to turn 8 months old and was GIGANTIC . Seriously, I've never seen anything like it. I've seen big babies before, and they are always so cute and proportionate. This baby was not. I think her head was the size of Madison's entire body. I didn't know what to say. So I just said, she's so cute, almost 8 months? Wow!! This child's mother was half the size of me. I'm six foot tall, I'm not little. It looked like we should have swapped babies. I'm glad we didn't though, my baby was so much cuter than her baby.

Anyways, I got to thinking in the waiting room that maybe my Madi was not growing anymore. I've noticed that she just looks so little, but I've always said it's because of her little head. I remember thinking this with Riley too, because everywhere I went, people told me I had the smallest baby they had ever seen. That does not bother me, but I got to thinking. I had gone to TJ Maxx last night with my Mom and Madi tried on this little fairy outfit I was wanting to get for her bday party. Well, it was for a 3 year old, and she looked like a little midget, like a hobbit in this outfit. So I started to get worried that she was not growing correctly. I almost didn't want to know how long she was and how much she weighed. Madison always came out in the 90 - 95th percentile in length, and around 50 for weight. Like I said, long and thin. Head's always somewhere around 25th %tile. It's funny how people can make you start to worry, for no reason at all. I'm telling you people, there was something different about her baby. She was not
right. I've seen off the chart babies, and cute little chunky babies, they are cute and normal looking, just proportionately bigger than the average baby. This baby was not. It was almost not healthy. You know what, don't judge my baby, beast "baby" lady. It's not right, because you made me go home and blog about it.

The stats are in:

length 31.25" - 95th percentile
weight 20 lbs 12 oz - 50th percentile
head - 30th percentile.

Boo Ya beast "baby" lady, my kid is normal so there.

Anyway, I apologize, I'm weird and don't know why this one lady bothered me so much, usually I don't even care about the little baby comments because I know she's growing as she should, and she is little, she's petite, but long. I apologize as well to the lady with the beast "baby". And, I apologize to the beast "baby", I shouldn't call you that. That's not nice, and that's not like me. I should probably delete this whole post so that you all don't get the wrong impression of me. But, I want to remember it, so judge as you will. I called some one's baby a beast.

On to what my one year old is doing. She's reading, writing, and doing simple mathematics. Just kidding.

Walking almost all the time now, but not like a pro, yet. Takes my finger to point to pictures or objects and says, "this?" Then I tell her what it is, she watches my mouth. Loves to take things out, and put them back in. Follows simple commands, like sit, come here, no (of course she doesn't always listen to no). She can play for an hour alone in the bonus room with all the toys before she gets bored with everything. Waves more like a pro. Loves to dance to music. Loves to eat anything.


Mama (I think I always list this one first)
Nigh Nigh
bye (buh)
talk (tak)
all done (adun)

She's making so many sounds and seems to really want to talk, of course it's not everyday that she says all of these words but I've definitely heard her say them in the right context enough times to put it on the list. I'm a strict baby book writer, ask my Mom.

She's really getting such an awesome personality. I always love to go get her from naps or in the morning. Nobody should be that happy when they first wake up!! Unless something is bothering her, she's all smiles all the time. Very content. I think it has something to do with her sleeping more. Get this, I put her down a couple of weeks ago for bed, for the night around 6:30 - 7:00 pm, she woke up at 9:00 am the next morning. I didn't go right in there to get her and she fell back to sleep until noon. Mommy was so happy, I didn't know what to do with myself and checked on her like every twenty minutes. She's definitely making up for lost time.

New tooth, bottom 9/24.

That's about it. Happy Birthday again to my "little" one year old Madi!!! Love her! Can't wait for your birthday party!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What IS That Glorious Smell???

Oh my goodness.
Shame on you people.
Shame on you all.

Well, not ALL of you. The ones who know what I'm talking about.

What? I haven't explained what I'm talking about yet? I thought the title said it all. Okay, here's what happened:

Yesterday I went to Albertsons, I don't shop at Albertsons unless it's a quick 1 - 5 item shopping experience. I had two things to pick up, quickly. This week, I'm doing everything quickly. Some frosting, yes, I cheated for a quick order. And, eggs. That's IT.

I walked into the grocery store, and my nose started going mad insane sniffing, sniffing, sniffing in joyous nose ecstasy. Is that word to raunchy?

I went through the produce section, I couldn't get enough of this glorious smell. It was cinnamony and fallish and oh so wonderful. It was amazing and I probably looked like a crazy person taking these deep breaths of air in through my nose, and quickly letting that breath out again just to repeat the experience.

I wanted my house to smell like that. I was hoping that it was something that I could purchase to put in my house to make it smell like heaven. The baker pointed me in the direction of the smell.

Pine cones.
Scented pine cones.

Oh my gosh these things are amazing. I was so engrossed in the smell of these pine cones that I forgot my eggs.

So shame on you.
All of you.

Shame on those of you who have known about these pine cones and never said anything about it. That's not fair. Every one's house should be able to smell like these amazing pine cones. Don't keep it to yourself, that's not right. And if you did blog about these and I missed the entire post, well, shame on you for not emailing me the information. My house is heaven now, but, no thanks to you people.


Mmmmm. Pine cones, where have you been all my life.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to Madison!!

My baby is one year old today! Ahem...

Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday dear Madison...
Happy Birthday to you!!!!

And many more...

Madison received a special delivery from Nana and Grand Dad this morning, isn't it pretty? Thanks guys! We miss you and love you so much!

I love my little girl so much and can't believe a year has passed so quickly. I guess it's official that I don't have a baby anymore. She's doing so many fun and exciting things but I'll wait until after her doctors appointment on Wednesday to post about it. Her birthday party is on Saturday and I'm really looking forward to it.

At 10:39 this morning she will officially be a one year old. Crazy! I couldn't imagine our lives without her, she was the perfect addition to our family. I love her so much. Every time it's my kids' birthday, I feel like Billy Crystal's Mom in City Slickers. You know in the very beginning when she calls to wish him a happy birthday? If you don't know what I'm talking about then you're missing out, go watch the movie. Anyway, happy birthday to my dearest Madison, Mommy,Daddy, and Riley love you very much!!

I took all of these at the park on Saturday, she's loving practicing her walking skills!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Disneyland and Tim's Birthday

Sunday was Tim's birthday so let me start this off by saying Happy Birthday Tim. Happy Birthday, I love you so much, mush, mush, kiss, kiss. yada, yada. Okay on to Disneyland!!!!

We decided to go on Tim's Bday to D-land because you get in for free on your bday. You can take that free day and apply it to a pass, for those of you that don't know. So we only had to pay for my ticket that I also applied to a pass. Now we have d-land passes. It's also cool b/c they've made it more affordable than ever with monthly payments with no interest. For a whopping $26.00 a month, Tim and I can go do the happiest place on earth whenever we want. Awesome. I capitalize on good deals.

Riley has never been before so we have been really excited to take her. She isn't a normal kid. We knew that there was a chance that she'd hate everything. When we went up to Oregon, she made all of the other kids get off the carousel because she was scared after one rotation. We knew the rides would probably not be her favorite thing to do. And, we were right. The only ride she went on was A Small World. She didn't want to go on anything else. I know, she's weird. It was a really fun day though and she enjoyed the shows and seeing the characters. I was surprised that she actually liked the characters, I thought she'd be afraid of those too. My Mom, Dad, bro, and BaBa all came along to see Riley enjoy Disneyland for the first time. Oh yeah, and Madison too. She got a kick out of everything, she's our normal kid, she'll like all the rides and everything. It's good to have a balance.

I took lots, and lots, and lots of pictures which only means that you all will see lots, and lots, and lots of pictures.

Madi and me in line for tickets.

We had a lot of fun waiting for Minnie.

Check out the lady with gray hair, how awesome does she look with gray hair?

Riley loved Mickey Mouse.

And was thrilled to see that Minnie Mouse lived here too.

I don't know what I was thinking, I didn't bring the other stroller, bad Mommy. Had to rent one for $15.00. I think I bought our umbrella stroller for $10.00. Unbelievable.

My Papa's stone at Disneyland. Who's shadow is that?

I don't know why, but she walked all the way from Disneyland to California Adventure with her hands on her hips.

Riley wasn't happy at all.

Love this picture of my Dad and Riley, he sure had a great time watching her enjoy the day.

These guys (Andy's toys) sure did put on a cute show. I tried to get Riley to participate, but she was more comfortable as an observer. I was afraid I was going to have to participate, at the very end they hand picked two innocent bystanders to join them, they were both wearing green. I was wearing green, I got overlooked for the position. Phew.

Some shots of the park.

Riley let us all try on her ears.

I think I look the best in them.

Grandma bought Riley some ears, we put her name on it and she wanted her name in front. I realize that her hat is on backwards.

Neither of the kids slept on the way home, can you believe it? I can.


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