Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What IS That Glorious Smell???

Oh my goodness.
Shame on you people.
Shame on you all.

Well, not ALL of you. The ones who know what I'm talking about.

What? I haven't explained what I'm talking about yet? I thought the title said it all. Okay, here's what happened:

Yesterday I went to Albertsons, I don't shop at Albertsons unless it's a quick 1 - 5 item shopping experience. I had two things to pick up, quickly. This week, I'm doing everything quickly. Some frosting, yes, I cheated for a quick order. And, eggs. That's IT.

I walked into the grocery store, and my nose started going mad insane sniffing, sniffing, sniffing in joyous nose ecstasy. Is that word to raunchy?

I went through the produce section, I couldn't get enough of this glorious smell. It was cinnamony and fallish and oh so wonderful. It was amazing and I probably looked like a crazy person taking these deep breaths of air in through my nose, and quickly letting that breath out again just to repeat the experience.

I wanted my house to smell like that. I was hoping that it was something that I could purchase to put in my house to make it smell like heaven. The baker pointed me in the direction of the smell.

Pine cones.
Scented pine cones.

Oh my gosh these things are amazing. I was so engrossed in the smell of these pine cones that I forgot my eggs.

So shame on you.
All of you.

Shame on those of you who have known about these pine cones and never said anything about it. That's not fair. Every one's house should be able to smell like these amazing pine cones. Don't keep it to yourself, that's not right. And if you did blog about these and I missed the entire post, well, shame on you for not emailing me the information. My house is heaven now, but, no thanks to you people.


Mmmmm. Pine cones, where have you been all my life.


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