Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Disneyland and Tim's Birthday

Sunday was Tim's birthday so let me start this off by saying Happy Birthday Tim. Happy Birthday, I love you so much, mush, mush, kiss, kiss. yada, yada. Okay on to Disneyland!!!!

We decided to go on Tim's Bday to D-land because you get in for free on your bday. You can take that free day and apply it to a pass, for those of you that don't know. So we only had to pay for my ticket that I also applied to a pass. Now we have d-land passes. It's also cool b/c they've made it more affordable than ever with monthly payments with no interest. For a whopping $26.00 a month, Tim and I can go do the happiest place on earth whenever we want. Awesome. I capitalize on good deals.

Riley has never been before so we have been really excited to take her. She isn't a normal kid. We knew that there was a chance that she'd hate everything. When we went up to Oregon, she made all of the other kids get off the carousel because she was scared after one rotation. We knew the rides would probably not be her favorite thing to do. And, we were right. The only ride she went on was A Small World. She didn't want to go on anything else. I know, she's weird. It was a really fun day though and she enjoyed the shows and seeing the characters. I was surprised that she actually liked the characters, I thought she'd be afraid of those too. My Mom, Dad, bro, and BaBa all came along to see Riley enjoy Disneyland for the first time. Oh yeah, and Madison too. She got a kick out of everything, she's our normal kid, she'll like all the rides and everything. It's good to have a balance.

I took lots, and lots, and lots of pictures which only means that you all will see lots, and lots, and lots of pictures.

Madi and me in line for tickets.

We had a lot of fun waiting for Minnie.

Check out the lady with gray hair, how awesome does she look with gray hair?

Riley loved Mickey Mouse.

And was thrilled to see that Minnie Mouse lived here too.

I don't know what I was thinking, I didn't bring the other stroller, bad Mommy. Had to rent one for $15.00. I think I bought our umbrella stroller for $10.00. Unbelievable.

My Papa's stone at Disneyland. Who's shadow is that?

I don't know why, but she walked all the way from Disneyland to California Adventure with her hands on her hips.

Riley wasn't happy at all.

Love this picture of my Dad and Riley, he sure had a great time watching her enjoy the day.

These guys (Andy's toys) sure did put on a cute show. I tried to get Riley to participate, but she was more comfortable as an observer. I was afraid I was going to have to participate, at the very end they hand picked two innocent bystanders to join them, they were both wearing green. I was wearing green, I got overlooked for the position. Phew.

Some shots of the park.

Riley let us all try on her ears.

I think I look the best in them.

Grandma bought Riley some ears, we put her name on it and she wanted her name in front. I realize that her hat is on backwards.

Neither of the kids slept on the way home, can you believe it? I can.


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