Monday, October 5, 2009

Thanks Mom

Let me tell you a little something about the Kelley's. The Kelley's (minus Kevin Kelley) love, love, love Halloween. My Mom has always decked out her house for the holiday. She has a much anticipated Halloween bunco that I am always lucky enough to attend. She is amazing with what she does and she has about 20 (no joke) boxes of decorations. We won't go into her number of boxes for Christmas.

Yesterday, I was very much excited to go shopping at the Kelley store for some decorations for my house. I've been out and about shopping a few times, and I haven't picked anything up because my Mom keeps telling me to wait, she wants me to shop at her house first. This is great news for me because she has awesome stuff and never puts all of it up in the house.

So here is what happened, yesterday. The plan was to decorate my Mom's house first so that we could go through everything and I could take what she does not use. Well, that plan got scratched and we decided to just look through some boxes. I ended up with a total of five items. To some, that might seem like a lot. But when your Mom has twenty boxes of goodies, and you end up with five small items, it's a little pathetic. When your Mom has a panic attack while giving you some of her decorations, that's pathetic. When you try to get your Mom to drink a beer to loosen her up to get some decorations out of her, that's pathetic.

Don't get me wrong, I'm totally grateful for the items that I got and it's so fun to take the five minutes to put them up, but seriously, Mom, more please.

This is the first year that I will be decorating for Halloween, for my family. I never bought Halloween decorations because it was silly to decorate for just me. I did however, decorate my little apartment for Christmas. But now, with the girls, I want to start the same traditions that I had as a kid growing up. Decorating for holidays at our house are some of the best memories that I have. All three of us kids always got along and had the best time with my Mom. Dad, never enjoyed decorating, it's messy. But, he always enjoyed it when they were up.

I went to Walmart last night to see if they had anything. They didn't. I need some garland for my bare banister. I need to go to Tai Pan. I need to go to Home Goods. Unless, my mother, can release a few more items for the Rush family.



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