Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Madison's Fairy Princess Party

Not so far away in a magical place,
Sits a small fairy princess
With her soft smiling face.
She waits for her friends
in the warm winter sun
Won't you come on October 24th
To join in the fun?
Madison's house
Is where the her first birthday will be.
Be sure to come in your fairy best
Elves, pixies, and super heroes are all welcomed guests.
She anxiously waits as each day passes by,
While her fairy parents await your reply.

That was the poem that I used for Madi's invitations! Before I really start this post I have to give a huge, huge, huge thank you to my Mom. Without her help, I would have surely greeted my guests in my dirty work clothes and Budweiser ball cap. Right. She did a beautiful job on Madison's table, I like to pretend that I helped but she pretty much had a vision. I told her to go for it, it's so nice to have such a talented mother. Thanks Mom, so much! Oh yeah, and Dad, Tim, Sean, BaBa, and Grandma and Grandpa Kelley. Everyone pitched in to help me with this party! Thanks again!

Okay down to the good stuff. There are a lot of pictures on here but it's mostly for when I bind my blog at the end of the year. Madi's party was lots of fun. The menu consisted of seven layer dip, and taquitos for apps, followed by sour cream chicken enchiladas, chile rellano, carne asada with all the fixings, beans, rice, and a salad that got left in the fridge that nobody could enjoy. Oops, my bad! We finished it all off with an orange and chocolate chip cake with chocolate cream, and orange frosting filling.

It's funny how I think all mothers are with the second baby. So much more relaxed. I remember watching the video of when I gave Riley her smash cake when she turned one. The girl had barely had sugar, unless you count a few tastes of Costco frozen yogurt. So she had about two bites of her cake, and all I can hear in that video is me saying, "Should I take it away? That has to be enough. Should I take it away from her?" Madison ate/wore I think half of her cake before I took it away. She loved it.

We ended up with a nice small party and a refrigerator full of leftover food, and I think it was perfect. I'm happy to say that I think my house can handle a good amount of people and still be comfortable. It was fun and I think we got some really good pictures. Enjoy! Happy Birthday one more time to my sweet little Madison!

The cake table.

And Mommy and Daddy cleaned up the mess.
Thank you everyone that joined us to celebrate Madison's first birthday!!
This is Madison's boyfriend, Leo. I think he is very handsome.
My Mom had to wake up Madison, she was getting pretty close to missing her own party.
A picture of the set up inside.
The fairy princess's royal seat.
This little lady was supposed to be on the cake but she found herself on the table.
Our dining table that was set up outside.
The cake.
My Mom "made" the smash cake. When we were little she made us chocolate cake with whipped cream and bananas, so I've had her make the same for my two girls.
Check out the face of Riley when she saw what Madison got to eat..

She's a good helper.
A little help from favorite Uncle Frank.

A few of the victims of Madison's attack.

She had a wardrobe change and we headed over to open presents.
I tried to get her excited over a pair of really cute shoes.
But she liked the toys better.
And the books.
And the ribbon.
And the plastic boxes.

 Riley got read a bedtime story and we said good bye to our guests.



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