Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Last Twenty Years

So my mother tagged me with this thing. I have not lived that long to have such an interesting post as my mother, but I will do the best that I can. I really can't even remember what happened yesterday so this might be a challenge, I'm sure I will be referencing my mother's post just to see where I was living when. So let's do this:

"20 Years Ago"

I was six. I should leave it at that because who remembers anything when they are six right? Okay, I was living in Chino, CA. Hamilton Court to be exact, that's pretty good huh? My sister was eight and she tried to kill me all the time. My brother was two and I really don't remember him doing much at that age. I remember my best friend was a pound kitten, tabby in color. I loved that thing and I could not find it when we moved.

One of the best memories I have of being six was Santa would come to visit my family on Christmas Eve to give us all pajamas, he still does by the way. He knocks on the door and drops them off while we would run to see if we could catch him. Well, I almost caught him once, stupid red, fluffy, Santa made a mistake and came inside on accident, he must have been drinking that night. A man's got to do something to keep warm!!! I ran after him as fast as I could, but I did not catch him. Maybe next year I thought to myself.

One of the worst memories I have of being six was my dear sister Stacy, me, and all the kids from the street walked down a block to the icecream store to get some cones. I thought I was so old and cool walking with all these older girls, I was having the time of my life. Anyway, we get to the icecream store and everyone orders their cone. We sit around this circular table and chit chat. One of the girls says to everyone, "Who here listens to Pirate Radio?" Everyone raises their hand, as do I. My sister, whom I love dearly, looks me dead in the face and says, "Kristi, you don't even own a radio." Everyone started laughing like they had never heard anything so funny before in their life. I cried. And cried. And cried some more. Can I tell you, I've never been so embarrassed in my life. I love her, Stacy, I really do.

I think I teared up just writing that.

"15 Years Ago"

I was 11 and in sixth grade. My teacher was Ms. Abbatt. She was known for picking her nose, but enough about her. It was my second year of playing softball for CGSA. I would have been a ballerina, but my mom thought softball would be better. Whatever, I would have been the tallest ballerina in the world, could have been famous you know. Anyway, other then that, we lived in Riverside and my best friend in the whole world was Chantel Whitlock. I was also president of my track, B Track to be exact. I was so cool, or so I thought. I think I also got stitches this year because of my dear, loving sister. It was her fault by the way, no matter what she says, she said she tried to catch me but I remember it differently. She dropped me on an icecream bowl. I'm seeing a pattern with icecream that I've never seen before. Hmm. Mental note, Don't eat icecream with Stacy anymore. Our house in Riverside was the best and looked great with Christmas decorations. I miss that house, if my parents still owned it, I'd want to buy it from them. My brother, sister, and I got along pretty well. I remember when we would fight, it was usually either me and Stacy against Sean, or me and Sean against Stacy. If for some reason, it was Stacy and Sean against me, I wouldn't take it. I knew how to get them to stop. I'd go into the kitchen and make an egg salad sandwich just for me. They can't stand the smell so I'd just stay in the kitchen with my stink of hard boiled eggs. Ah, those were the days.

"10 Years Ago"

I was sixteen years old. I had a license, and am proud to say that I almost beat my sister (who is 2 years older then me) to it. I was playing Volleyball at Corona High School and for Impact (club). I had started to get letters from colleges all wanting me to play for their teams. It was the coolest thing ever. Let's see, my best friends in the whole world were Crystal Merrick and Danielle Tucker. We had so much fun together until Crystal moved to Washington, it was really sad. I don't really remember much else, I was a pretty good kid and never got into any trouble....that comes later. I had numerous crushes on numerous boys but never had the nerve to do anything about it. I remember how care free my life was, all I had to worry about was what I was going to wear. Hold on a sec while I remember. Okay I'm back. Shall we go on to the next one?

"5 Years Ago"

I was 21 - hell yeah!!!!!! I was legal to drink all though I had been drinking for 3 years before that with my sister's ID. Love you Stacy!! I was in Kentucky playing volleyball for the Wildcats, and it was a lot of fun, except for the fact that my coach was a crazy biotch. I have many stories from this time in my life, but my mom reads my blog and I don't think she would really want to know everything that happened at this point in my life!! Anyway, my best friend in the whole world was still Crystal Merrick, all though, I met Kristen Batt in college, and her and I were definitely best friends as well and still are. We had some awesome times in college. I had never had so much fun before, we went to parties, spring break, everything. But don't worry, you will never see us on a girls gone wild video. I never signed the release...hahahahaha. Just kidding mom!! Anyway, those were fun times. I'll never forget my Kentucky days. I'll also never forget that when I would come home to visit, my mom would try to give me a curfew of ten o' clock, seriously, crazy person, I'm 21.

"3 Years Ago"

I was 23 and was back in Corona working for my mom and dad and living in an apartment. I started dating Tim and knew from day one that he was the one for me. I love him so much. Aside from the good parts, there were many bad. My papa passed away in October and at the same time, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. We had a really rough time and I still miss my papa so much. I know he is in heaven painting the skies. Every time I see a pretty sunset, I know my papa had a hand in it!! Okay, tearing up. My mom fought breast cancer like it was nothing. She slapped it in the face and said, I don't think so. She is so strong and I look up to her, she is a great mom. Plus she is fun to drink with, she has what our family calls the hollow leg and she was kind enough to pass it down to me. Thanks mom!! I love you so much. It's funny how when she tagged me with this, I thought it was the dumbest thing, but I'm having such a good time with it!!

"2 Years Ago"

Many, many things happened. I was 24 and Tim and I got married in my parents' backyard, it was beautiful. We also had Miss Riley Rose Rush who I love with all of my heart. I never thought a child could bring so much joy into my life. Tim too, but that's different. I had such a good year and my Grandma let Tim and I move in with her so that we could save money for a house. She is so great to let us intrude on her peacefullness. Little did she know, we would STILL BE THERE!!! Hahaha, she doesn't know it, but we plan to stay for FOREVER!! Just kidding. This was probably the best year of my life. Nothing could compare to this year. I was so blessed in many different ways.

"1 Year Ago"

Riley took over my life. I also became an aunt for the first time. Stacy had darling little Isabella, she is the prettiest thing.

"This Year"

We found out I am pregnant again with baby number 2, totally unexpected but very exciting. We thought we lost her there for a bit, but she is growing like a weed, and should be ready to meet us around October 27th. We can't wait. We are looking for a house to call our own but nothing has happened yet. Hopefully soon. I guess we won't be in Grandma's house forever.


I went to work and made a delicious dinner. I got another cake order for my business, Your Sugar Rush, which is doing really well. I've got a ton of orders coming up.


I am still at work because my daughter fell asleep at ten till five. I went to the doctor with Riley. I'm anxious to go home.


I will win the lottery and buy gifts for my entire family. I will also try to put Riley to bed for her second nap a little earlier so that I'm not at work till 7:00!!!

With that said, I now tag Crystal Pearson.

The Dreaded Doctor

Today I took Riley to the doctor for her 18 month visit. Yes, I know she is 19 months but I'm a busy girl. So anyway, she looked really good and is in the 95th percentile in height and weight. She got to stand on the big scale like a big girl for the first time. She weighed in at 29 pounds and she is 33.75 inches tall. I was excited that the nurse was actually able to get a reading on her height, Riley refused to put her head down on the paper for the nurse to mark. Riley does not like doctor visits so I had my mom go with me. Thank goodness for mom's right? Riley is always afraid she is going to get a shot, I'm suprised that she can even remember that. I won't tell her that she needs shots in two months. It's the last set until she is on her way to kindergarten.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Splashing Around

I found these pictures on my mom's memory card and thought I'd post them. It looks like they are from Saturday. My mom watched Riley for Tim and I, we had a date night. It looks like she had a blast with Pop Pop and Grandma, or Gaingy as we like to call her!! Thanks for watching her, I needed the break!!

You Made Me Ink

You know the little octopus guy on Finding Nemo that inks when he is scared? I think he inked on Riley.

Today, my mom and I were eating our lunch at work and Riley was playing with her toys, or so we thought. Some how, she found an ink cartridge that we use for our calculators and not only was it destroyed, but it found a way to cover her head to toe in ink. I could not even get it all off of her in the bath tonight.

You know when your kid is really quiet? Like too quiet? Well even if she is in the same room as you, she can do something without you noticing until it is too late.

But how can you get mad at such a cute face?

The Definition of a Headache = Riley

My daughter has been so bad. I think the terrible two's have hit my home earlier then planned. I will say without feeling bad about it that, my daughter gets on my nerves. Lately, she has been trying to talk....and eat, with her mouth closed. Do you know what that sounds like?????????? I wish I could put audio on here so that everyone could enjoy the pleasant sounds that come from her unopened mouth. My brother joked around about inventing this sound proof glass box that you could put kids in, I think I would be the first in line. Not only does she sound like something I've never heard before, but she gets frustrated when I don't know what she wants. MMMMMGGGGLLLNP can only be so many things. I don't know why she has decided to try to talk like this, but it is driving me crazy. Very crazy. I've had a headache for two days straight. And try to feed a child something from a spoon with a target the size of a pea, that is how big she is opening her mouth. I'm so frustrated I could scream.

She also has been throwing herself on the ground about twenty times a day in a tantrum and has been doing the noodle. You know what the noodle is, it's when you try to pick up your child and they magically turn their bodies into spaghetti so that they slip right through your fingers, so fun. You know what else she does? Last thing, I promise, I feel like I can vent and you people listen, it's rather nice. Thank you. Anyway, you know what else? She looks at stares me in the face, and does something I told her not to do. For instance, she was throwing something, I can't remember what it was. But I told her, after 5 times of her throwing it and me telling her to stop, Riley, don't throw that again (in my scariest voice). She looked me dead in the eye and threw it. Then she asks for a kiss. What is that? Every time she does something bad, she asks for a kiss. It's the cutest face too so sometimes you can't help but look away from her and try to hold in your laugh. Well enough about me and my crazy, I thought I would post some pictures of her eating. This was the best part of my day because she sat in one place and ate all of her food. She is the pickiest eater by the way but that is another story.

Did I mention that she refuses to wear a bib?

All was going well until she decided she wanted
to feed herself the yogurt.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Follow-up Ultrasound

never seen an ultrasound of my baby past 18 weeks and it was amazing to see how much more you can see when they are older. I think So I went today for my follow up ultrasound that was scheduled because of the "complications" I had early in my pregnancy. Everything looks great!! The bleeding that they saw the first time is gone and the baby is growing beautifully. I had she might look a little like Riley and thank God, she has Tim's nose. Can you believe I could see that on a regular ultrasound??? Not a 3D or 4D or whatever it is called, just your standard ultrasound, it was amazing. I mean I could be wrong and the poor thing could have my nose, but I could swear she looked very similar to Riley. But, with that said, I swore I was having a boy, which I made them double check for Tim. It is still a hamburger, no hot dog there!!

 I was told that the baby weighs exactly 2 pounds which is great and all, but that still does not explain the other 10 pounds I have gained in addition to that. I think it might be in my knee, or at least that is what I'm telling myself!! My big fat knee, that is what is keeping me from squeezing through spaces I'm normally able to squeeze through, and that is what bumps into people on accident, my knee. Excuse me, I'm not used to having such a big knee. Anyway, here are a few pictures of baby Madison, or Mad Rush as we like to call her. They are both of her profile so hopefully you can make something out of them!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rub a Dub Dub Riley in the Tub

Have you seen my olympic swimmer yet?

We've been training for the summer olympics in 20__. 

She takes quite a few breaks to play in the bubbles, but that's okay for now.  We'll get real serious about it when she's 3.

And has stopped drinking bath water.

And has stopped wearing frog towels on her head.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hard at Work

Riley has decided that since she spends most of her days at the office with her me, that she might as well do some work. To be quite honest I think her slave driver of a Pop Pop wants to see her apply herself. So he put her to work answering phones.

Can you please hold?  KM. Kelley & Associates, this is Riley...

Let me schedule you an appointment.  How does Wednesday look?

Don't bother me.  I'm working.

He even makes her work through lunch. Here she is, she must have lost her voice from answering so many calls so she uses her sign language for eat.

Not only does she work through her lunch break, but she has hired someone to cut up her bites for her with all the over time she has made.


The pressures of being a hardworking baby.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Grandma's Girls

This is the first time my mom got to see both of her grandbabies at the same time. I think I know what Grandma Heaven looks like. You can just see how much she loves both of these girls!

Bella and Riley

 These pictures are from a couple months ago when Stacy and Bella came to visit. We had so much fun, I can't wait until they come back.

Cousins in the Tub!!!

My beautiful niece Bella, look at those eyes, and lips!  She's one gorgeous baby!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Office Clown

My first post on my first blog!  I have no idea how to work one of these things or what to blog about, so here are some pictures of my darling Riley!

I don't have a camera that works but Rudy at the office does and he took these pictures of Riley the other day and put them on my computer for me. She was quite the ham eating up the camera. It was really cute.

Look at that hair!  She's definitely a cutie!



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