Thursday, July 24, 2008

Follow-up Ultrasound

never seen an ultrasound of my baby past 18 weeks and it was amazing to see how much more you can see when they are older. I think So I went today for my follow up ultrasound that was scheduled because of the "complications" I had early in my pregnancy. Everything looks great!! The bleeding that they saw the first time is gone and the baby is growing beautifully. I had she might look a little like Riley and thank God, she has Tim's nose. Can you believe I could see that on a regular ultrasound??? Not a 3D or 4D or whatever it is called, just your standard ultrasound, it was amazing. I mean I could be wrong and the poor thing could have my nose, but I could swear she looked very similar to Riley. But, with that said, I swore I was having a boy, which I made them double check for Tim. It is still a hamburger, no hot dog there!!

 I was told that the baby weighs exactly 2 pounds which is great and all, but that still does not explain the other 10 pounds I have gained in addition to that. I think it might be in my knee, or at least that is what I'm telling myself!! My big fat knee, that is what is keeping me from squeezing through spaces I'm normally able to squeeze through, and that is what bumps into people on accident, my knee. Excuse me, I'm not used to having such a big knee. Anyway, here are a few pictures of baby Madison, or Mad Rush as we like to call her. They are both of her profile so hopefully you can make something out of them!!



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