Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I don't quite know how to spell Ra, because well I'm not a cheerleader and never once was a cheerleader. Yes, I'm proud of that. This order that I had was for the cheerleaders at Poly High School in Riverside. I believe it's their banquet. The request was megaphones, and pom poms. So here they are in those bright orange and green colors. My sweetie also requested that I use as much WHITE as possible. I'm guessing they are not thrilled about orange and green, but who would be? I pulled a picture off of the Poly High website to color match. I was very happy with the outcome and my favorites are the megaphones with the paw prints! They kind of put me in school spirit! Go...Fight...Win!!! Yay!

I wanted to get a picture of all of them because I did a lot of them different but I didn't manage. Oh well, here are a select few.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Who Took My Kids?

Who took my kids and replaced them with these other kids that are both sleeping right now? No they are not still sleeping, they both went down for a nap. Yes, it's 9:22 am and they are both sleeping, and have been since 9:10 am. What the heck is going on? I don't know what to do with myself. It's too bad I work, or I'd be downstairs dancing naked I'm so happy.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Bridal Shower Cupcakes

These cupcakes were for a bridal shower tonight. I love the new colors that brides are using for their weddings, the combos are so fun and different. I have a wedding coming up in July and her colors are blue and pink. If I had it to do again, I'd use orange and red tones. Anyway, these are very simple cupcakes pretty and fresh with a small fondant flower. The flowers have pearl dragee centers and the cupcakes are dusted with glitter.

Thomas Jefferson / Foodie Friday

Thank you Gollum for hosting another fun filled Foodie Friday! I posted this before I realized today is Foodie Friday and it just might fit in. Enjoy!! After you are done, return to Gollum's to see more tasty treats!!

Don't worry, I'm not about to give anyone a history lesson. He was the inspiration for my most recent cookie order. If you don't believe me, I have the pictures to prove it. I got a call a couple weeks ago for this order and it's been my most interesting order yet. My sweetie wanted Thomas Jefferson on a cookie so that's what we did. They are for a convention for Mom's who educate their children at home. Thomas Jefferson was a very educated and smart individual and they teach the ways he learned to these parents.

These are hand painted Thomas Jeffersons. Just kidding, if they were hand painted, I'd have my own show on Food Network. These are sugar sheets that can copy any photo. I outlined them with a dot border and a straight border around the edge in a greenish gray. She just picked them up and thought they were beautiful. This was such a fun and new process for me and I loved it! So now if anyone out there wants their face on a cookie or a cake, I offer it. A lot of people like to do this as an engagement cookie or cake with a photo of them as a couple. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Weekend Projects

This past weekend Tim was off ALL weekend, rarely happens, so I think I put him to work. We have so much to do to the house that it's hard to pick just one project. I, of course, want to tackle the fun, pretty projects that involve going to Home Goods/painting furniture, and Tim wants to tackle the outside work. Tim won this weekend. When we moved in, our backyard was mostly a dirt hill with some concrete. Since the rains, our backyard turned into a forest. So, Saturday, we took off to Home Depot for some weed killer and some other crap for the front lawn that Tim requested, and also some blinds for the family room and for Madi's room. We met my Mom there, she was getting flowers for her beautiful yard, and she bought the Rushes our very first pot and flowers. Thanks Mom! It's so cheery by our front door! So here are some pictures of what we have been up to the past couple of weekends. Slowly but surely our house is coming along. The more we do, the better it looks!

Here is the forest of the Rushes, it's so bad, I know. Our plans for our backyard include cutting into the hill more from the concrete, through the retaining wall, in the center of the yard to do a nice outdoor table and barbecue area, and we are planning on keeping the existing retaining wall but cutting back from there on both sides, the right side will be a hot tub area and the other side will be a grassy, fenced in area with a jungle gym type thing for the girls. We are also wanting to build a patio cover that covers the entire concrete area, the sun is the devil in our backyard. Our plans also include french doors from our room upstairs to a balcony. We can't do any of this though until we have the money for it, a little bit at a time and soon enough we'll be there!! I understand if you can't see the vision!

I thought Tim would clear out the weeds this way, spray, spray, kill, kill, then weed.

His vision included this, he informed me that the weed killer would not kill the weeds unless he sprayed the roots. We are limited on our outdoor equipment, but my Grandma offered us hers, I don't know why Tim didn't just go and pick up her stuff, maybe he wanted to be manly. So after he told me he'd have to use the machete, I informed him that if he wanted to use that and he cut off a limb, I would be sewing him back together because we can't afford another trip to the ER. I guess he felt like I could do a good job stitching him up because he didn't stop with the machete.

My Mom and Dad had a faucet just hanging out in their garage for I don't know how long, so I stole it and Tim installed it a couple of weeks ago. It's so much nicer than what we had. Thanks Mom and Dad for the purchases you make and don't ever return!!

The blinds in the fam room. They have helped so much with the sun, now I can't wait for curtains. But for now, I know that our new sectional is not getting ruined by the sun and that's enough for me!! Tim did such a beautiful job putting the blinds up. On the long window, they don't make blinds that long so we had to get three different sizes and Tim installed them. They look so great. He is definitely handy, I think I might keep him.

The flower planting process. Tim, putting soil INTO the pot.

Riley taking soil OUT of the pot.

Always stop to smell the roses.

The finished pot.

Loves to help Daddy!!

Madison really was lazy the entire weekend. Every time I looked at her, she was just chillen. Lazy girl.

I Bought a Hamster

About a year and a half ago, my Mom and law bought this really cool play thing for Riley, she was about nine months old. Riley hated it at first, she was scared, shock. But two weekends ago, she saw it in the garage and asked me to take it out. So I put the tents together and put it out in the front yard for a while because Tim was out there painting a truck for a friend. She loved it and would have played with it all night but it was getting dark so I moved it up to the bonus room. She's been playing with it every morning since then. She thinks it's so cool, thanks Joy! It's funny to watch her crawl through the tubes, the entire thing shakes. So here is the hamster that I purchased for this cool toy!

I love, love, love our bonus room. For now, it's a total play room for the girls, but later, we can either make it a media room or a game room, if we are here that long. Plus it has double doors so if it's a mess, I can close them. SO wonderful! Plus it keeps the first floor nice and neat. If it wasn't for the high chair, you wouldn't know we have kids!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Baby Shower

I delivered a cake yesterday morning for a little boy's baby shower. I guess it was actually for a sprinkle, that seems to be what everyone is calling a baby shower for the second, third baby. They didn't have a theme and my sweetie was lost and had no idea what I should do. The colors were blue and green but the Mom was not doing anything new nursery wise because it's her second boy. So, I asked her what the invitation looked like and she gave me one. The animals were so cute that I decided we'd make it an animal cake. She also asked if I could incorporate some kind of a stripe on the cake like the invitation. She also requested no pink or purple. This cake was my most difficult color match yet. I had to match the invitation, the ribbon, and the monkey. I had to make everything flow, and I think it worked. Can you believe the green on the cake has some orange in it? So here she is. It's a four layer Bavarian cream and chocolate cake iced with butter cream. The animals are fondant. I tried to get a good picture of this cake but there is so much going on that it was hard to get one really good one.

Here is the invitation. I thought these little guys were so cute.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My First Foodie Friday

This is my very first Foodie Friday hosted by Gollum @ Designs by Gollum and I hope to contribute as often as I can. I couldn't pass this Freaky Foodie Friday up. What a fun theme.

Here's my quick story. I know I've had my share of bloopers in the kitchen but this one is the most recent. I have a designer cake and cookie business, Your Sugar Rush, and I love it. My Mom did a birthday dinner for me and decided that I should make my own cake. It was going to be a really cute carved purse cake that she was going to display on a hat box. Well, it was a great idea until I had a last minute order. Between my order, my two babies (three if you include my husband), and last minute chaos, I totally train wrecked my cake. I started assembling and decorating it five minutes after it was supposed to be completed. I wanted to throw it against the wall and from the picture, it looks like I did!! I decided that instead of pouting over my mess, that we'd eat it anyway. It's a good thing we did because it was still delicious. I'm actually thinking about selling them through my business, I will call them Inside Out Cakes!!! So, I guess it was not a complete loss!!! Thanks for coming by, I loved sharing my story with you all and I look forward to reading yours!! Happy Foodie Friday everyone!!

Is Five the Magic Number?

Madison is five months old today. I can't even tell you how many times I've counted the months to make sure that I'm right. Five months. Where does the time go? It seems like up until a week ago, most of that time with Madison was spent with tears, sleepless nights, and craziness. It makes me a little sad that those newborn days are over. She's a baby now, a smiling, laughing, cooing, rolling, sitting, on to solid foods, still spitting up baby. And I love her so much. These next few months are going to be so much fun, she'll start sitting up, trying to crawl, pulling herself up, and hopefully saying some of her first words. It's been tough but I have enjoyed almost every minute with her. She is a GREAT baby. I feel like I can finally say that. The past five months, I've always said, she would be the perfect baby if she would just sleep. I couldn't get her to take naps, sleep at night, or do anything that involved shutting her eyelids. Now, I can feed her and put her in her crib with her light and music toy, give her the pacifier (can you believe she finally will take it to go to sleep??), and she puts herself to sleep. Two nights ago she slept from 8:00 - 7:00. She's been putting herself to sleep for about 3-4 days now and it's so nice. I feel so less stressed because now, I can plan my day on two sleeping kids instead of one sleeping, one screaming kid. I think it's the five month mark. I think babies need those first couple of months to figure stuff out.

So little Madison Reagan has accomplished a lot this past month. She's put on a little more weight weighing in at 15.8 pounds, I didn't measure her but I'm sure she's grown there too. She laughs a ton, smiles instantly when she sees anyone looking at her, and is very vocal. She has mastered rolling, all though for a while there she forgot that she could roll from her tummy to her back, but she's back to doing both!! She can sit by herself mostly leaning forward a little for thirty seconds until I have to catch her. It's not instant, it takes us about six tries of balancing before she's able to do that. I started practicing sitting with her a couple of days ago because every time I put her in her bouncy, she's got her back up off of it trying to sit. Also, because when Riley was about 6-7 months old, Gennifer had asked me if she was sitting yet and I said no. That night, I went home and looked in my First Year book and it said that she should have been sitting weeks ago. So I panicked and put Riley in the sitting position, and there she was a sitting baby. My Mom mistake #412 was that I thought Riley was supposed to put herself in the sitting position, not me. Idiot. Dumb Mom. Anyways back to Madi. She reaches for toys, people, pillows, anything that is around her. She has found her toes and loves them. She loves rice cereal and bananas but not so sure about sweet potatoes. She loves Riley and Riley finally can't get enough of the baby. It's so cute. She loves to stand on us when we hold her hands, I think she is proud of herself when she is standing. She's always making noise and loves to talk to people. I also think a tooth will be popping in sometime in the near future. Today was a fussy day and she can't stop drooling and gnawing on things. She also had a bit of a temperature and nothing I did made her happy. So we'll see. She still loves her bath and her bedtime routine. She's wearing 12 month outfits, she's a little short for them but fills them out pretty nicely, she's my chunky girl!! She's also in size two diapers, but I think next purchase will be size three, she's got some thighs on her. Her hair is getting longer and I think I might cut some bangs. We'll see. I'm working on a cute post that I'll need some feedback on. So that's all, my little Madison is getting so big and is so much fun. I can now say that I'm loving every minute!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jewelry For Sale

Some crazy lady that likes to come over and give my kids a bath left her jewelry and now you can find it on E Bay. I know for sure that these are real diamonds in real gold, and the watch is a Brighton. Bids start at $4,000 for all three. I except credit cards, cash, check, or Pay Pal. Please email me if interested in purchasing pieces separately.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Second Annual St. Patty's Day Dinner / Dancing With the Stars Number 2

If you got past the long title of my post congratulations. Tonight, was our second official Dancing night and I decided to double it up. Normally, us Kelley's, would always have our green beer on St. Patty's Day, but this year, I got tickets for Dancing With the Stars so our plans had to change. As part of our gift to Grandma for letting us live with her and save money, I tried last season to get tickets to Dancing With the Stars. Due to the popularity of the show, I was not able to get tickets, but I was put on a waiting list. Well, long story short, I was finally able to get four tickets to Dancing for tomorrow. Grandma is so excited she could scream. I can't go, because, well let's face it, I have kids, a job, and a husband who like many husbands can't exactly just take the day off so that I can have a fun day. Plus, even if he could, my kid won't take the bottle. Another long story. So my Mom is taking my Grandma along with some other friends tomorrow. I'm so glad Grandma is so excited, I feel like I've made her dreams come true!! I'll be watching tomorrow, I told them to try to sit behind the judges, so you should all look for them. They'll be the people in pants AND skirts because nobody can decide what to wear.

It's too bad that we had to have St. Patty's day tonight because Sean was not able to make it. We ate in shifts anyway so it didn't really matter but still, I would have liked to have had everyone over. Maybe he'll be my guest of honor when I make hash out of our leftovers.

Here are some of my guests for our second annual. All ready for Dancing.

Here was the guest of honor at our festivities, the green beer.

The bistro got a little St. Patty's Day love.

My Mom brought me a box of her St. Patty's Day stuff for my table. I put it together in like two minutes, because, let's face it, I just don't have enough time.

I need water goblets sooo bad, but I can never remember that when I'm out shopping. I only remember when I'm setting the table. I need at least a set of twelve. Anyone seen anything pertty?

My Mom made some delicious Reubens the other night and I decided that I should make those instead of the traditional corned beef and cabbage that I made last year. I know corned beef and cabbage is good, but these melt in your mouth. We were supposed to have potato salad with our meal but, well, somebody decided not to do that.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Holy Moth Batman

This is a very random post I know but this thing was huge. Friday night Tim and I had a little visitor, actually, a really big visitor. A humongous moth was on our kitchen ceiling. I hate all bugs, all of them. They are gross, and when they are big, it freaks me out. I thought I was pretty brave though to get so close to him to get a picture. I did cheat a little and use the zoom. He was big.

Tim in action, the moth didn't even have a chance.




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