Thursday, March 19, 2009

Is Five the Magic Number?

Madison is five months old today. I can't even tell you how many times I've counted the months to make sure that I'm right. Five months. Where does the time go? It seems like up until a week ago, most of that time with Madison was spent with tears, sleepless nights, and craziness. It makes me a little sad that those newborn days are over. She's a baby now, a smiling, laughing, cooing, rolling, sitting, on to solid foods, still spitting up baby. And I love her so much. These next few months are going to be so much fun, she'll start sitting up, trying to crawl, pulling herself up, and hopefully saying some of her first words. It's been tough but I have enjoyed almost every minute with her. She is a GREAT baby. I feel like I can finally say that. The past five months, I've always said, she would be the perfect baby if she would just sleep. I couldn't get her to take naps, sleep at night, or do anything that involved shutting her eyelids. Now, I can feed her and put her in her crib with her light and music toy, give her the pacifier (can you believe she finally will take it to go to sleep??), and she puts herself to sleep. Two nights ago she slept from 8:00 - 7:00. She's been putting herself to sleep for about 3-4 days now and it's so nice. I feel so less stressed because now, I can plan my day on two sleeping kids instead of one sleeping, one screaming kid. I think it's the five month mark. I think babies need those first couple of months to figure stuff out.

So little Madison Reagan has accomplished a lot this past month. She's put on a little more weight weighing in at 15.8 pounds, I didn't measure her but I'm sure she's grown there too. She laughs a ton, smiles instantly when she sees anyone looking at her, and is very vocal. She has mastered rolling, all though for a while there she forgot that she could roll from her tummy to her back, but she's back to doing both!! She can sit by herself mostly leaning forward a little for thirty seconds until I have to catch her. It's not instant, it takes us about six tries of balancing before she's able to do that. I started practicing sitting with her a couple of days ago because every time I put her in her bouncy, she's got her back up off of it trying to sit. Also, because when Riley was about 6-7 months old, Gennifer had asked me if she was sitting yet and I said no. That night, I went home and looked in my First Year book and it said that she should have been sitting weeks ago. So I panicked and put Riley in the sitting position, and there she was a sitting baby. My Mom mistake #412 was that I thought Riley was supposed to put herself in the sitting position, not me. Idiot. Dumb Mom. Anyways back to Madi. She reaches for toys, people, pillows, anything that is around her. She has found her toes and loves them. She loves rice cereal and bananas but not so sure about sweet potatoes. She loves Riley and Riley finally can't get enough of the baby. It's so cute. She loves to stand on us when we hold her hands, I think she is proud of herself when she is standing. She's always making noise and loves to talk to people. I also think a tooth will be popping in sometime in the near future. Today was a fussy day and she can't stop drooling and gnawing on things. She also had a bit of a temperature and nothing I did made her happy. So we'll see. She still loves her bath and her bedtime routine. She's wearing 12 month outfits, she's a little short for them but fills them out pretty nicely, she's my chunky girl!! She's also in size two diapers, but I think next purchase will be size three, she's got some thighs on her. Her hair is getting longer and I think I might cut some bangs. We'll see. I'm working on a cute post that I'll need some feedback on. So that's all, my little Madison is getting so big and is so much fun. I can now say that I'm loving every minute!!!



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