Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To

This post is going to be all about me. So, for those of you who have come here to see if I've posted new pictures of my beautiful baby girls, you might want to leave. This has nothing to do with them, today, it's all about me. So my birthday was last Tuesday and it was wonderful, Joy made me a delicious dinner of spaghetti casserole and spinach strawberry salad. It tasted sooo good! We had some wine and food and my Mom, Grandma, Dad, and Sean all came over to celebrate with me. On Saturday, my Mom made me dinner at her house. She set the table for me and did such a beautiful job. My Mom has this gift of hosting a party, it's amazing. One day I hope I'm half as good as she is at doing this. Every little detail is planned out and everything is always perfect. Every time she throws a dinner party, and I'm invited, she does such a beautiful job that I feel like I should be wearing a cocktail dress!! Thanks Mom, everything was outstanding, and the menu was delicious. Pot Roast with horseradish, a different strawberry spinach salad with almonds, oven potatoes, roasted asparagus, and french bread. Mmmm.

So it's my party right? I'm going to take the time to tell myself that I am crazy. I don't know why I try to do as much as I do. If I could just say no every once in a while, my life would be less crazy. This week, I got a last minute cookie order, and I don't mind last minute if I have no other orders to take care of. So before I got the cookie order, my Mom and I had planned out my cake. I was going to make my own birthday cake. A purse cake that we were going to set on top of a hat box, the hat box being the cake plate. So, my week of course is always hectic with babies and working 30-40 hours, and trying to keep the house in order, and making dinner, etc. My mother in law is here and that helped out a ton, but at the same time, she is my house guest. So this means I have to be on my best behavior. Sort of. So she got to see two melt downs that I had. On Saturday, my cookies were due, my cake was due, and my Uncle Frank and Aunt Laurie were coming to the house to see it before we went to dinner at my Mom's. So appetizers and drinks were at my house at 3:30. Who tries to decorate cookies in the morning, design a cake at 1200, and clean house and get herself and appetizers ready before 3:30 in the afternoon. Who? Yes, a crazy person, that would be me. Why, do I think I can do all of this? Why? Wouldn't a normal person not have anything planned so that they can just enjoy their day? Because that's what it is, their day. So, instead of everything going perfectly, you know, the way I planned it in my head, it was disastrous. The only thing that got done the way I planned was the cookies, thank the Lord!! So I finally got my cookies done, because don't forget, throw two kids in the mix, one that is still breast feeding, and you get done two hours after you are supposed to. Right, so five minutes before my cake was supposed to be done and sparkly, I was starting it. Right again, wouldn't a normal person just say, you don't have time for this cake, put it down, and walk away, save yourself from a disaster. I look at the clock and think, hey, I can still do this, skip the most important step of cake decorating, and it can still happen. This is how I know I'm crazy. You can only stack so much cake on top of itself before it loses it's shape and slides all over itself. If I had only taken the time to put my dowels in and stack my cake properly, I could have had it done. So, I start carving my cake once it's assembled and right away I know I've done something really, really stupid. See, my cake should have been refrigerated at least for a while to help with the carving, yeah right, who has time for refrigeration right? And I'm super woman, I can do this. Wrong, oh so wrong. This is when I had melt down number two, and I actually had tears, a few of them, that wildly fell down my face. I wanted to throw the cake across the room and watch it slowly slide down the wall and into the fire place where there, I could watch it burn, and burn. Instead, I called my Mom and asked her what I should bring for dessert, because I've wasted twenty dollars on cake material. This is when I started crying. It's weird, I like doing all that I do, even though it makes me crazy. I love it, I love to be able to say that I do it all. It makes me feel good that I'm giving so much of myself everyday. Kristi, can you do this? Yes, yes I can, I'd love to. But I need to learn how to say, this is too much, I can't do this. Because what is the fun in being able to do lots of things, but not always doing them the best you can? You feel like a failure, I felt like I had failed and I know it's only a cake, but not to me. Too me, it's a cake that I get to create from scratch and make into something beautiful, so that people can see it and say, that's gorgeous Kristi, you did an amazing job. I love to hear that. I love to be artistic and to get the rewards of nice words. I love it. Today, all I could hear in my head was the crackling of my cake in the fire. Boo hoo right? I'm weird, I know. But it's what makes me go, doing things whatever they may be, is what I like to do. So then, at 2:00 my Mom was planning on coming over to hang some stuff, and make the house pretty. Instead, she comes over and puts the entire appetizer together, along with my Grandma, and Joy is cleaning my crazy cake stained kitchen, and I'm finally getting a chance to make myself not look like a dead zombie. So thank you to everyone who helped me put my house in order and get something together for an appetizer. I think this time, I definitely bit off more that I could chew. Let's just see if I've learned my lesson. Waa Haa Haa!!!

This is what got me through it all, old red.

My Bday, Tuesday night the girls got here first.

Riley loves to color up on the island, I think it makes her feel like a big girl.

The yummy, yummy spaghetti casserole.

Saturday, here is the table my Mom did for me, isn't it lovely??

The table was so pretty in person, she always out does herself.

So, because I never found time to burn my cake, I decided it would be best to eat it as is. It was really delicious, I think I might sell these through Your Sugar Rush. I'm calling it the inside out cake!! See how cute it would have been on the hat box? I'm so disappointed!

Oh yeah, it oozed and oozed baby!! It tasted like a chocolate eclair.

Token pics of the girls, I guess I can't do a post without them.

This is how Saturday ended up, all of us watching Riley watch Backyardigans!!

Here are the cookies. They are little tea pots. I was going to do tea pots and tea cups but in the short time I had, the tea cup cookie cutter was small, and I like big cookies!! She ordered these and picked bright colors, and gave me tags to match and to put on the outside of the bags. I always assumed I'd do these in soft colors but she likes to spunk things up. So here they are!! Funky tea pots!!

So now I think I'll go relax and have a lazy Sunday afternoon!



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