Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Sunday, yesterday, was the last whole day Joy was here so we decided to not really do anything but hang out. After Riley's nap, we took the girls to the park, it was such a gorgeous day! I can't wait for more days like that. We were having such a nice day at the park until Riley almost walked right into a little boy's stream of urine. Yeah, that's right, urine. These two boys just started peeing in the middle of the playground and thought it was funny. I was so mad and disgusted, because, of course, there were no parents around, that we took Riley to a different park. This is the second time we've left because of other people. The first time these people came with like a one year old and started smoking right by the play area, and the dad, well I assume he was the dad, had a paper bag with a drink in it. Hmm, I wonder what he was drinking. Why do people think it's okay to do that around little kids? And around other people's kids. I hate that, and you can't say something to them, because then you'll be shot. Anyways, besides the pee boys, it was a great day at the park. Tim was able to go and I think he enjoyed some time with Riley. She loves her Daddy! Joy always gets such good pics so I downloaded them from her memory stick. Here are a couple from yesterday.

Tim and Riley going down the slide.

Pure joy when we're at the park.

I wish Madi was actually looking at the camera here. I never get pics of me with the girls, Tim does not think to pick up the camera and click away. I'm always the one behind the lens. Oh well!!

I was trying to get Riley to go down on her stomach, maybe next time.

Riley enjoying an extra cookie that Mommy had, yes, for breakfast. We don't do this all the time, but when Riley has had good breakfast all week, I like to reward her.

Sleeping angel baby.

Here is Madi the first time she rolled over, it's not from yesterday, but Joy had her camera downstairs and she got a picture. Don't worry, she was supervised.

I love Picasa 3, I edited this photo there. I didn't do that great of a job, but this picture had the date in the lower right hand corner and I blemished it out. Then I adjusted the soft focus to try to blur out some of the background, and then adjusted the shadow. If you don't have Picasa 3, get it now, you'll love it, it's a free download.

This would have been a cute family picture if my head was not blocking half of Tim's and Madison didn't look like a weirdo. Joy took us to El Torrito for dinner last night, we were going to go to Lobster Fest at Red Lobster, but the wait was 40 minutes, I don't think so, not with two kids.

Love, love, love this picture of Madison.



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