Thursday, March 5, 2009

Big Girl

I think it was Thursday of last week when Riley slept in her big girl bed for the first time. I had been waiting and waiting and waiting to get this bed over to my house but with Tim working so much, it was almost impossible, he's like the only one that can get my Dad's labamba truck started. So I finally asked Tim to bring the bed over for my birthday present! It worked! So the next night, my Mom came over and we put her bed together, and I took apart her crib. I've waited so long for this because I've been wanting to put Madison's crib together too. I didn't want to go buy another crib mattress when Riley was going to be done with hers. So this was awesome. We put the bed in her room, took out the crib, and it was so easy. No crying, no screaming, no anything. She was really excited. Of course, she's way old enough for it to not be scary and totally exciting. I was very happy. This day bed was my bed when I lived at good Ole Mom and Pop's house. I know Riley is going to love it. There is still sooo much we need to do to her room, but I have to take it one step at a time. Our plans still include, a chair rail that will sit a little bit higher than her bed, with painted white and blue stripes under the chair rail. I also need to purchase some artwork, a rug, either have my Mom make curtains or I'll buy some, and try to find a pretty chandelier to hang over her pink table, paint her chairs a soft green, and I want Tim to paint her name on the wall, Riley Rose over her bed. A few more decor items, and her room will be complete!!

We brought the mattress up first to see how she'd like it. My Mom put all of her stuffed animals on the mattress with her. If you know my daughter, you know she loves her stuffed animals.

Say good bye to the old crib.

Here comes the big girl bed...

Seeing her bed for the first time

I think she liked it!!

So Riley never even tried to get out of her crib so I thought I might be lucky enough to have her not try to get out of bed either. Well, I was wrong. A couple days went by and everything was fine and dandy. She is still taking two naps a day if I can get her in early enough for that first one. So I had put her down for her second nap, and Madi was sleeping at the same time (this never happens by the way). I was sitting at my desk, on the landing, working, in complete piece and quiet. Then, I feel a tap, tap, tap on my shoulder, that I have to admit freaked me out. I turned around and there is Riley saying "Mom!!!" So now, I have the gate up at her door so that she can't get out of her room, and I'm trying to get mad at her when she gets out of bed before she falls asleep. So far so good!!

Riley and her bed

A closer look at her bedding. I finally found the other matching sham.

Her room

Here are a few things in Riley's room that I LOVE!! Her table and chairs...

Her piggy bank... Just the other day, I told my Mom about these piggy banks I saw at Home Goods and didn't buy because I already had a lot of other stuff to purchase. I was disappointed that I didn't buy them because they would have been so cute in the girls' rooms. So my Mom surprised me with two of them! One for Riley and one for Madison!! I love them, and so does Riley.

This was the furniture that I had in my room at my apartment B.T. (before Tim). I decided to give it to Riley because it's so girly! We had to take the bookcase out because there is just not enough room in her room for all four pieces.

This should go in Madison's room because it was the centerpiece of my table that my Mom did for my baby shower. But it looks perfect up on Riley's armoire.


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