Monday, March 16, 2009

Second Annual St. Patty's Day Dinner / Dancing With the Stars Number 2

If you got past the long title of my post congratulations. Tonight, was our second official Dancing night and I decided to double it up. Normally, us Kelley's, would always have our green beer on St. Patty's Day, but this year, I got tickets for Dancing With the Stars so our plans had to change. As part of our gift to Grandma for letting us live with her and save money, I tried last season to get tickets to Dancing With the Stars. Due to the popularity of the show, I was not able to get tickets, but I was put on a waiting list. Well, long story short, I was finally able to get four tickets to Dancing for tomorrow. Grandma is so excited she could scream. I can't go, because, well let's face it, I have kids, a job, and a husband who like many husbands can't exactly just take the day off so that I can have a fun day. Plus, even if he could, my kid won't take the bottle. Another long story. So my Mom is taking my Grandma along with some other friends tomorrow. I'm so glad Grandma is so excited, I feel like I've made her dreams come true!! I'll be watching tomorrow, I told them to try to sit behind the judges, so you should all look for them. They'll be the people in pants AND skirts because nobody can decide what to wear.

It's too bad that we had to have St. Patty's day tonight because Sean was not able to make it. We ate in shifts anyway so it didn't really matter but still, I would have liked to have had everyone over. Maybe he'll be my guest of honor when I make hash out of our leftovers.

Here are some of my guests for our second annual. All ready for Dancing.

Here was the guest of honor at our festivities, the green beer.

The bistro got a little St. Patty's Day love.

My Mom brought me a box of her St. Patty's Day stuff for my table. I put it together in like two minutes, because, let's face it, I just don't have enough time.

I need water goblets sooo bad, but I can never remember that when I'm out shopping. I only remember when I'm setting the table. I need at least a set of twelve. Anyone seen anything pertty?

My Mom made some delicious Reubens the other night and I decided that I should make those instead of the traditional corned beef and cabbage that I made last year. I know corned beef and cabbage is good, but these melt in your mouth. We were supposed to have potato salad with our meal but, well, somebody decided not to do that.



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