Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Help Me Please

Okay so most of you know how difficult of a child Riley is, which is fine but hard. Our "potty training" has gone no where. I shouldn't say no where, she's gone from being deathly afraid of even looking at her potty, to sitting on the potty with an Elmo (diaper), to sitting on the potty without an Elmo, and to pushing. But, as soon as she feels like she needs to go potty, she screams and cries for an Elmo. I'm so tired of even trying to do this. I'm going to go to Barnes and Nobles hopefully one day this week to close my eyes and pick a book but we'll see. I've tried the M&M trick which doesn't work because she never goes, and she LOVES M&M's. You'd think she'd make an exception. The girl is stubborn. So, I'm asking all of you for some tips. I don't care who you are I need some advice. I always think that Riley is kind of like a boy when it comes to her maturity level. When I say mature, I don't mean mature like and adult, let's get that one straight, I'm not crazy okay? Well maybe a little but that's another story.
I feel like I've tried everything I can think of and nothing works. She even knows that if she goes potty even once on the toilet, she gets to wear a Dora. She can tell me the entire process of going on the potty but won't actually do it. Everything is a struggle with this girl, everything. So please help me, anyone. Is there anyone out there that knows the answer??????? All I'm asking for is just a half second of piddle on the potty, come on. She's definitely not dumb, she is very smart and understands everything about it so...why no tinkle?

By the way, I've tried:

1. Putting the potty in front of the TV.

2. Giving her books to read while on the potty.

3. Going on the big potty.

4. Putting the contents of her diaper in the potty and flushing so that she knows that is where it is supposed to go. Saying, "bye, bye potty."

5. Screaming...on the inside of course.

6. Letting her run around the house naked, praying for at least an accident, she holds it in until I put an Elmo on her, she's run around for an hour and a half, with the last half hour of her needing to go pee pee.

7. Showing her how Mommy goes potty.

8. Books, movies.

9. Crying.

10. ETC.

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Little Riley Rose...

Here is that post that I promised...

Riley turned two and a half almost exactly a month ago. It's so hard to believe how big she has gotten. She's turning into a little girl right before my eyes.

Riley's 10 Favorites:

1. The color blue - everything has to be blue, her blue plate, blue spoon, blue shirt, everything but her pink shoes for these, she makes an exception.
2. Bee Movie. Enough said.
3. Grandma's house. She LOVES the pool, and apparently a party. The other day she asked me,
"Go to Grandma's house?"
Me: "Okay, we can go to Grandma's house."
R: "And go in the pool?"
M: "Yes, we can go in the pool."
R: "With Daddy?"
M: "Okay."
R: "And Uncle Sean?"
M: "Maybe."
R: "And Baba?"
M: "Um, okay..." Thinking where is this going?
R: "And Pop Pop?
M: "Ohhh, Riley, do you want to have a party?"
R: "Ohay (Okay) at Grandma's house!!!"
Oh brother, the girl likes a party, who can blame her? We have a good time! She then proceeded to tell me everything else we were going to do at Grandma's house.
4. Milk, she loves milk especially hot milk.
5. Macaroni and cheese and pudding. The only things she will eat almost all of the time.
6. The park and the water park.
7. Daddy, he is her favorite toy.
8. Riding in the car at the grocery store. Man do I love this thing. A cookie, some chocolate milk, and I have a good shopper!
9. Playing dress up.
10.Playing with Madison. She always asks me if the Baby can play too. She still does not say Madison unless I ask her to. Madi is Baby to Riley.

Riley's 10 Least Favorite Things:

1. Food.
2. Nap time.
3. Not going to Grandma's house.
4. Food.
5. Getting her hair brushed, and done.
6. When Madi steals "her" toys.
7. Food.
8. Going potty on the toilet.
9. Broken Pacifiers
10. Food.

More About Riley because, it is all about her.

Riley is a little drama queen and has many "faces" she is back to doing her scared face. This is when she says she is scared or something is scary and puts her mouth in a frown, opens her eyes wide, and shakes her whole body. I think she's destined to be an actress.

Riley has a very short attention span. The girl can't sit still., unless she's watching Bee Movie. Sometimes we can get through a book but most of the time, she wants to see what is on the next page. She plays with her toys okay but gets very frustrated if she can't get something right away. She will get mad and go on to the next thing. Coloring lasts all of five minutes if I'm lucky. She'd rather watch me do it then do it herself. I think she's a little embarrassed because she does not color in between the lines...

Her talking has gotten much better. She was a slow start to this whole talking thing. She would communicate to me in other ways, like sign language and pointing and that whole bit, but talking she didn't even start until she was about 18 months, and it was a slow process. She was a very quiet baby, she never babbled or anything and never did anything until she was comfortable doing it. Now, she will repeat any word I ask her to and is very happy to do it, she's getting there! I think by 3 everyone will be able to know what Riley is saying. Not just me and the fam. And the girl never shuts up! Our car rides are very vocal.

She is a great jumper, runner, splasher, etc. She loves to play. She's actually getting really good at catching the ball. That is if she watches it all the way. She is pretty athletic already, I'm looking forward to seeing what sport she ends up playing. Notice how I said sport and not cheerleading. That's how we roll over in the Rush house.

Riley is a very stubborn and strong willed girl. I love her so much. I can't imagine my life without her. I used to be very patient before I had kids. Riley tests me everyday in every way that she can and drives me nuts, but I still love her to death. She is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. I think she is stunning and I know I'm her Mom and I'm supposed to think that, but seriously, she's gorgeous and obviously gets it from her father. She is really a great kid. She lights up when she sees Daddy and always tells me she lubs me when I tuck her in at night. She is beautiful inside and out (isn't that just what ugly people say? movie line...) But seriously she is. I love her so much and everyday she is turning more into a little girl than a baby.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Nine Months

Well, I got Madi to her Doctor's appointment on Wednesday and everything went great! She's really healthy and growing just like she is supposed too. She is 18.1 pounds (50th %) and 29.25 inches long (90th %). She still has a wee little head! Both my girls have wee little heads but they come from a wee little head family!

Madison has been crawling for two months now and for the past month, she's been "crawling" on her hands and feet. She looks like a little monkey, I want to get it on video soon because it's so funny to watch. At first I thought she only did it downstairs on the tile but no, she does it everywhere! She is definitely doing more cruising of the furniture. Her favorite thing to do is go from one piece of furniture to the next. We've tried standing alone but whenever I try that, she gets up on her tippy toes and can't balance so she sits. A lot of the time when I try to sit her down, she only wants to stand.

She started clapping on 7/3 and waving bye bye 7/15. She waves bye bye to herself so we are still working on waving bye bye to other people. She chatters a lot. Along with Mama and Dada, I can now add to her list of "words" nigh nigh. This is night night. It started last week I think it was Wednesday 7/15 when she was really fussy and repeated over and over, nay nay, which now has turned into nigh nigh. She says, "nigh, nigh, Mama." It's really kinda cute!

She has her two top teeth now, she got them, 6/23 and 6/27. They are now actually pretty visible as you can see in this picture. Madi has a total of four teeth. I can't believe how big she is. At her doc visit I went ahead and made her 12 month appointment. Three more months and it will be her first birthday, it's just crazy! We have had a pretty busy year and I think that is why it's gone so fast.

Madison loves to play with her sister and is starting to fight back for the toys that Riley so forcefully rips from her little fingers. She screams and holds on really tight sometimes. I think Riley is going to have to toughen up a bit or Madi just might be the boss around here.

Her sleeping habits really have not gotten any better. Her morning nap is about the only time that I can at least get a good sleep out of her. She's so naughty. If she slept, she'd be perfect because when she's awake she's such a charmer. Everyone always comments on how happy she is. She's also in that shy stage. Which is so cute for me. When someone she is not too familiar with is talking to her, she smiles and puts her head on my chest. I just love that!!

She has been eating table food for about a month now along with her baby food. It is so nice to have a good eater. She's like a garbage disposal. I love it, it's a nice change from little Ms. Picky Riley. Usually Madi will eat her meal and then polish of Riley's. I think she eats more than Riley does. Wow, that sounds healthy huh?

I can't really think of much else to post about right now but my mind is consumed with cupcakes. I know that these pictures are not the best, I'd like them to be of her cruising, or crawling on her feet, or other fun things but I've been a bad picture taker. So these will have to do!

Hopefully in the next couple of days I'm going to get a post up here about Riley. She just recently turned two and a half and I'd like to get a post together all about her!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Sometimes I am my own worst enemy. Madi has her nine month Dr appt in the morning and I could not find her shot record anywhere, I also don't know exactly what time her appointment is because her appt card is in the wallet that I so conveniently threw away almost right after her last appt. I also thought looking for her shot record was going to be a waste of time because I've already turned my house upside down looking for some closing papers from the house that might actually be in a box in the garage somewhere, and upon searching the entire house along with the refrigerator and toy box, I didn't come across a shot record, not even Riley's. Oh boy oh boy I have a headache again!! I can't wait until I'm fully organized in this house and not searching for things that in normal situations, I would know exactly where they would be. This drives me crazy!!!!

On a happier note, here are some fun things I came across in my wild search...

Oh yeah, that's a big beer.

I see bedroom curtain rods in my future...

Oh yeah, and the shot record, I found it. I remembered when I put it where I did, I told myself, "Kristi, you will never find this the next time you need it." Then I answered back, which all of us know that if you talk to yourself, that's fine, but when you answer back is when you have something to worry about. Well, I answered back, "Oh don't be silly Kristi, just remember that we had this conversation and you will know exactly where it is." Can you believe I actually listened to myself? For those of you that actually care, I slipped it into my back pocket of my jeans at my last appt because I was so worried about my poor little girl that had just had an absurd amount of shots. So I guess the moral of the story is...

...when you are looking for something that you can't find and you find other good things along the way, drink them, and you'll find what you are looking for...

Monday, July 20, 2009


...after the pool.

We swam today for quite a while and Riley is never ready to get out. This time was different though. We had to get out. We actually got chased out by one of these...

that's right, we got chased out by a Pollen Jock. Riley and I ran out of the spa as fast as we could screaming Pollen Jocks, and Riley screamed, "Chollen Jocks!" The crazy thing chased the three of us (Madi, Riley, and Me) all the way around the pool and then up to the house. The nerve of those Pollen Jocks, maybe we looked like three tennis balls, I don't know...

Anyway, my Dad got home and Riley "forced" him to take her back outside. That girl could live in the water. She also thinks that if she can take her diaper off then she is automatically allowed to go in the pool. Whatever!! I got some cute pics of the Grandfolk with the kiddos. I don't know, I think they must like my girls or something. What do you think?

Pool Time

I FINALLY got some pictures and it didn't happen this weekend like I said it would. It happened today. This weekend, I spent most of our waking hours over at my Mom's house to let Riley go swimming. Tim worked all weekend so he missed out on some of the fun. I got some floaties for Riley and she absolutely loves them, she's all over the pool in those! My Dad also taught her how to swim with her face under the water and she's getting more brave with that. I really need to look into some swimming lessons for her. I'll put it on my growing list of things to do! I know that there are a lot of pictures here but I'm making up for lost time. I didn't get any pics this weekend because it was just me and the girls so it was either get pictures and let them swallow gallons of water, or not take pictures and keep everyone safe. I opted for keeping everyone safe!! I'm so grateful that my Mom and Dad have this great big pool for us to swim in, plus if you stay long enough, my Mom will make dinner and throw a beer at you. It's not bad if you ask me! I could get used to that! The girls are doing good taking naps at my Mom's house now so that makes it even more fun. It was so hard to deal with cranky babies at my Mom's and now that they take naps, it's so relaxing. I think next time we go over to swim it will be right at nap time, and I'll put the girls down and float in the pool all alone!!!

My Mom got some great shots of the girls in the pool, I think she's getting really good behind the camera.

Madi's favorite thing to do is just kick back on Mommy's chest and float. She's so relaxed in the pool.
I had to post a picture of Riley's hair. This little pony tail is what we call a Ms. Russo. That was my second grade teacher. She used to do her hair like this and my Mom asked her how she did it because I wanted my hair to look just like hers. Well, I do it on Riley's hair now and it looks so pretty with all of her curly hair. I'll post more pictures of it when her hair is dry. Man I wish I had Riley's curls!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

My Boring Blog

I know that I have been a very bad blogger lately and I came on here to post something, and then realized that I have nothing to post. We've done fun things to post about but I apparently forgot how to use the camera. I have no pictures. I'm such a bad Mom. I'm hoping this weekend to make up for that. So I'm not going to name names, but those of you that are disappointed in me for not showing pictures of Grand babies, I apologize but am working on it. Hopefully by Sunday there will be a few posts of some very pretty girls, and I don't just mean of myself, hahaha!!
I decided to post a quick video of Madison so that this post is not completely boring. Every morning, the first thing that the girls do when they wake up is go and play in the bonus room. Riley thinks that Madi is chasing her and they have a blast in the tubes. It is hilarious. They've been doing this for about a month now, or even longer, about two months. Ever since Madi started crawling, Riley thinks she's chasing her. It's fun to watch them play together, especially in the tubes. You can't see them, but the whole thing shakes and all you can hear is giggling. I love it! Hopefully soon I'll have a video of it but until then, here is a video of Madi about a month ago, I think she's cute!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Wedding Cake

I've had a few requests to post this cake that I did on Saturday for a wedding. I have limited time so I'll give a few details. It's a three tier with delicious fillings that I'll get into later on my Sugar Rush page. We changed up this design two days before the wedding because the florist decided not to throw the flowers in for the bride. So yeah, that's always fun. I did a simple dot design on the top and bottom tiers and the middle tier had a floral design on the front and the back. The sides were left with just a few dragees on the plain icing. I did two ribbons on the sides that layed down the cake onto the cake table, I loved the way it turned out. Unfortunately, our lighting SUCKED and I edited as best as I could. The middle design you can't see as well as I would like but in person it was gorgeous. We got many ohhs and ahhs as we set up the cake and did our finishing touches.

Do to the increase in volume that I've recently had with my sweets, I'm probably only going to post the sweets that I've done in one monthly post. If I get requests for certain cakes, I'll try my best to post them. I'm also going to try to post them as I do them on my Sugar Rush page but I'm very quickly running out of time to do anything, I'm lucky to pee these days. I have two orders that I have yet to post and three more for this week that will probably not get on here for a while. I apologize to those of you that like to see my stuff as soon as I complete them. I would like to get as many pictures of the girls up here and sometimes I feel like the cakes and cookies are taking up to many posts. So one long one should do it at the end of the month. If this keeps up I might have to quit my day job! Enjoy!



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