Thursday, February 24, 2011

Project 52: Blankies and Paffers

Once again, I'm linking up with all the other Mom's in Project 52!  Hosted by Simply Modern Mom!

Project 52: Glimpse Into Motherhood

This week, I'm reminiscing a bit.  Well, kind of.  It's a recent picture but an old thought.

When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I took back every single pacifier that I received as gifts from my baby shower.  In my eyes, they were a waste of money.  I was never going to use one on any baby.  They were unnecessary.  Really.  I was smart back then, and knew everything.  I knew everything.  I also knew that my kids would not be the clingy blankie kind that had to take their blankets everywhere.  Or that nasty stuffed animal that never gets washed.  I'm telling you, I knew it all.

My Mom never used pacifiers on us, we didn't carry blankies around, so I figured, I wouldn't have kids that needed all that nonsense.


I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that it's probably my husband's fault.  It's not my blood, it must be his.  Right?

Well regardless, the first night in the hospital with are darling baby girl, she didn't sleep for 8 hours.  Eight hours.  Eight.  Hours.  Let me repeat...8.

Newborns barely open up their eyes for 15 minutes and then doze back off to sleep.  Not ours.  The nurses couldn't help us, I was frustrated.  My milk had not come down yet.  We finally got a nurse that knew what she was doing.  She said, your daughter is hungry!  That's all!  The hospital that I gave birth in is crazy about breastfeeding.  Like Nazi's.  She used a little syringe and a tube that led down to my apples (that's what we call them in this house) and fed Riley some formula.  Then, she gave us a paci.  She said use it.  Your daughter likes to suck.  So I did.  And she loved it. 

Loved it so much that it was difficult to take it away from her.  If you'd like to read how we did here.

She also loved her blankies.  We couldn't leave the house without them.  So there I was, with a baby that loved all the things I said she wouldn't.  But I didn't care, I was in love.  She could have whatever she wanted.

Same thing with my second.  Only she loves them even more.  The paci fairy will be making another stop at our house soon.  But I'm not rushing it.  She's pretty cute.  And in case you were wondering, she calls it her Paffer.

And I think it's adorable.

Now, head back over to Project 52 and check out all the other entries!

Project 52: Glimpse Into Motherhood

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My First Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I'm linking up today with Ashley for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  I found her blog I think last week and I couldn't wait to join in on this fun!  This is my first time linking up and I have to admit, I'm a bit nervous, and obviously late!  I am trying to learn more and more about my camera all the time and I'm hoping that by trying new things like this I can learn even more and get creative!

I can't wait to go around and see everyone's pictures that have linked up.  I'm sure I will be inspired by each and every photo that I see!  There are some very talented people out there!

In no particular order...

1.  Canned Food.

2.  Chocolate.

3.  Music.

4. Stack.

5. Numbers

So, there you have it!  Thank you Ashley for letting me join in on such a fun project.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Project 52: Glimpse into (Bad) Motherhood

This is my second week joining in the fun of Project 52 over at Simply Modern Mom.

Project 52: Glimpse Into Motherhood

And I'm starting to think I need to post photos that will assure you that I am a good parent.  But this week, like last week's post is a bit on the naughty Mommy side.

You know when your kid is quiet?  Like so quiet that it takes you a couple minutes to figure out that your kid is actually no where to be seen?

So you just know that they are up to no good?

That happened to me yesterday.  I'm sure I have a really good excuse as to why I forgot to watch my child at all times, you know like blogging, so take it easy on me.

I'm not perfect.

A few minutes into my very important tasks, I realized that I hadn't heard Madi in a bit, she's my youngest.  She's loud too, and always talking/making her sister cry/killing the cat/screaming...she's loud enough that I almost always know where she is.

Well, when I found her, she was in her room, with the door closed, and the contents of my makeup bag spread out before her.  In her hand was my mascara and she was applying it to her mouth.

I don't know what worries me most, that she's taking my makeup and using it without asking, or that she's using the makeup wrong. 

I think her and I need to have a little Mascara 101.  You know, just in case it happens again...I can't get mad at her because her lashes will just look long and luscious.

And I'm thinking I might use my Mom's tip and put little bells on her shoes.

Thanks for letting me participate!  I look forward to visiting all your blogs again this week!

Happy parenting!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bunco & Boys

Meet Tasha...she's only one of the 12 fantastic women in my bunco group.

Last night we had our February bunco.  We started this group last year and the first ever bunco we had I hosted at my house in December.

If you are wondering why you never saw pictures of that event, it's because by the time everyone got to my house, I was so exhausted from prepping all day that I didn't take any pictures.

But I took lots of pictures at Mary's house.  She did such a beautiful job and it was fun to celebrate Valentine's Day two nights in a row!

Well, Tim and I didn't really celebrate, instead we signed our closing paperwork for the refinance that we just went through.  I know, romantic.  Tim got me a lower interest rate for Valentine's Day.

Mary had everything set up so beautifully, I mean, just look at that cheese ball, or should I say cheese heart!

And the strawberries!  Best cheese ball and chocolate covered strawberries I think I've ever had.  And I'm not just saying that.

Here's some of the other women.  Man, do we have a good group.  I think it's pretty amazing that we have such a great group to start off with.  Everyone is so much fun!

Once a month we get together.  It really is nice to get out of the house, eat good food, have a beverage, or two and just enjoy a little girls' night.

And if the dice gods are on your side, you just might win a prize!

That's my prize, I got the booby prize.

You know what the nice thing is too about this group?  Is we all live so close, I mean we are practically neighbors, wait, I mean we are neighbors!

Almost all these lovely ladies live on my street.

Talk about convenient!

So about those boys...

This is Sheryl and Donna.

My Mom and I get together with them about once every six weeks.  To visit and let the kids play.  We've known the Pidgeons for a long time.  It's been so much fun reconnecting.  I just love these ladies!

Where do the boys come in?  Well Sheryl has a little boy named Leo and she has another little boy on the way.  She is exactly 20 weeks today, half way there.  I'm sure from the picture above you can tell that she's glowing!

Today's visit was at Sheryl's beautiful home.

She always prepares the yummiest food for us!  We had pasta salad and panini's with a pesto mayo.  Talk about good!

While I stuffed my face and the other's enjoyed their lunch, we were serenaded by the most unbelievable pianists I've ever heard.  I think they do private parties and such.  If you are interested, I can get their number for your next party.

Not only do they have major skills on the piano, but they are also cute.

We had such a nice time, thank you Sheryl for such a lovely afternoon date.  Everything was outstanding and I can prove it...

I guess I've had a pretty good week so far, don't you think?  And it's only Wednesday!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

All Over the Place

First off, thank you all so much for your great comments on my last post.  I feel better knowing some of you have gone through the same things with your kids.  All I know is the scissors are all hidden and up higher than any step stool + child can reach!

Riley was supposed to get her hair cut on Friday but we had to reschedule, so hopefully this week I can post pictures of her new do!  At least she still has that cute little face going for her right?!?

Well, this weekend went by way to fast, as they usually do!  And this post is really all over the place.

Madi has not been feeling good for about a month now.  Every time she's about to get over a cold, another one hits.  On Saturday, once again she woke up with a runny nose.  She has not been sleeping either which is really starting to wear on Mommy and Daddy.

She's heading to the doctor tomorrow or Tuesday.

In the meantime, she thinks she old.  And can take showers like a big kid.

The other day she was upstairs saying over and over, "I'm Riley Rush!  I'm Riley Rush!"  Either she's confused or just trying to push someone's buttons...

Honestly, I think she's pushing someone's buttons.  Riley is Riley Rush, not Riley Rose, not girly, not hunny, not baby.  But Riley Rush.  She gets upset when we call her anything other than that.

I think someone knows Riley better than I think.

Don't let the cute face fool you, she's naughty.  Very naughty.  But likes to make me laugh.

What did you do this weekend?

We didn't do much.  Tim worked until 6:00 on Saturday and I pretended to go to Costco with my Mom and Home Depot.

I got a few things at Home Depot but my children were awful at Costco.

You know the awful that I'm talking about...the screaming...the running away from me...the flailing of the arms and legs.  Complete with the gasps and gawks from other people that think I'm beating my children.  Seriously, those people need to go home.  Have they never seen crying children before?  I think I might take a picture the next time my kids are throwing a fit, make a hundred copies of it and keep them in my purse.  That way, the next time someone is staring at me, and judging my parenting skills, I can hand them a picture...and tell them that it lasts longer.

Do you think that would shut them up?

Yeah, I don't either.  Anyone that judges a parent for actually parenting has issues.

At Home Depot I got a few things for the front of our house.  It's not much but a huge difference from what it was when we moved in.  It's looking so pretty!  I'll post pictures soon, after I paint my little bistro that is on my front porch.

Today we didn't do anything.  Like at all.  Don't believe me?

Yeah, I tell the truth!  Poor Tim, the no sleep for a month is really starting to get to him.  This afternoon I took the girls upstairs to "help" me straighten and let Tim have a little snooze.  He deserves it!

He's out right now getting us dinner from BJ's.  I'm getting a salad even though I wanted a deep dish pizza, or a big, fat juicy burger.  I ran this evening so I don't want to ruin it with all that delicious fat and grease.

I'll leave you with a little incident that happened just recently.  It involves this purse...

 It's been everywhere with us.  Since Wednesday.  The day that George came to clean my house. 

See, I trust George but I don't like to leave cash hanging around the house.  When I'm saving up for something I like to save it in cash and I keep it in the house.  Okay, now that I said that, you are not going to try to break in and steal it are you?  Well, don't.  It's not that much and it's not worth it.

Anyway, I had over four hundred bucks, I think, that I stuck in my pocket before I left the house to let George do his thing.  When Madi and I got back from running errands, I took the money out of my pocket and threw it on my desk upstairs.

Since then, I couldn't find it.  I thought maybe I put it somewhere else, like in a drawer or something.

When I was straightening tonight, I couldn't find it anywhere.  So I asked Riley if she had seen any money laying around.

She told me no.

I showed her what money looked like.  She said, "Oh yeah, I saw some cash."  Really, she said cash.  I asked her where it was, she replied with, "It was on your desk, and I took it."  "Did you?  I'm not mad, but can you tell Mommy where you put it?"

R:  "Sure, I took it off your desk and into my room and sat at my table.  Then I put it all in my purse."
M:  "Oh, okay, what purse?"
R:  "The princess and the frog one."

I quickly ran downstairs to the car to see if it was still in there.  Madi had this purse, Riley had this purse.  This purse went into the stores with us.

And, I found my money.

I think it's all there.
I hope.

I'll see you all later, Tim is back with my yummy salad!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Long Hair

I've decided to link this post up with Project 52...
Project 52: Glimpse Into Motherhood

A great idea that I just found today through another blog that I follow Mama's Little Coffee Break go check her out too along with the other participators in Project 52!

So, on to the post, a little glimpse into motherhood!

I'm going to try to write this post with a bit of humor.

Even though there is nothing, and I mean nothing funny about it.  I'm serious.  You should probably go and get an entire box of tissues because you will go through the whole thing.  It's that sad.

It all started when we saw this cute little Disney film called Tangled.
Have you heard of it?

Of course you've heard of it.

We've seen it twice.

This is my beautiful princess who loves Rapunzel.  Loves her.  She calls her Depunzes. 

Yes, my daughter can't say her R's or L's.  It's kind of like a guessing game sometimes when she tells me things.

Our little incident happened about 2 weeks ago.  Two very long weeks ago.  Before the incident, I'm sorry, I'm already getting teary eyed just thinking of it.  I'm getting verklempt, go ahead and talk amongst yourselves for a minute.

Alright, I think I've pulled it together for a minute. 

Riley got a Rapunzel doll for Christmas this year.  She was so excited and just couldn't stop talking about it.  She even decided that purple is now one of her favorite colors.  Her favorites before were pink, blue, and red.  And in that order.  Madi's favorite was purple (at least that is what Riley told me).  Now, purple is one of Riley's favorites and Madi is allowed to share it. 

Can you believe that the movie Tangled could actually make Riley like that nasty color purple?  I know!  I was shocked too.

I bet you are starting to wonder where this story is going and how it can possibly get sad.  I mean, we're talking about a movie here right?

Well I'll cut to the chase.

Notice anything weird about Rapunzel?  Maybe that her hair has been chopped off?  In one quick snip, all of her hair is gone?  Yes this happened.

And I won't even tell you what Mr. Potato Head had to say about it.

I tried finding the scissors that were used for this horrid tragedy.  I couldn't.  I asked my Depunzes, she looked at me like I was speaking Spanish.

At least Dora knew what I was talking about.

I wish this was the end of this devastating tale.  But it's not.  And I wish there was a moral to this story, but I don't think there is.

Enter...Friday the 28th.

A day I will never forget for as long as I live.

I wish this story was that Riley took a pair of scissors to preschool and went crazy on all the other kids' hair.  I honestly do.  Or I wish that the story was that Riley went crazy with a pair of scissors on my sectional.


You guessed it.  She went crazy with a pair of scissors on her own beautiful, curly, long gorgeous hair.  From what I can tell, she snipped at least twice.  And short.  One on one side of her head, and one on the other. 

Chin length.

Are you crying yet?  Because I can't see past my tears.

Do you want to see it again?

Fine, go ahead, but I can't look...

The only way I can do her hair now is in "two little ones".  Riley's favorite, and I hate it, hate this hairstyle on her.  With a passion.  Now she gets to wear it all the time.

Oh, I'm sorry, do you not know what "two little ones" are?  Are you saying that you don't speak Riley?

That means two pigtails in little messy buns.

Looks great on Madi.

Awful on Riley.  She came up with it too, on her own one day.  I was doing pigtails and she asked if I could make them little.  Maybe some of the girls at school wear it that way. looks even worse than it did before.

With hair sticking out everywhere.

Longer hair coming out the bottom.

What am I supposed to do about this? 
She ruined her curls.
She ruined them.

Do I go and get it cut?  Maybe try a layering look?  Leave it like it is?  Cry?  Take the hair that she cut off and beg my hair dresser like a crazy person to glue it back on her head?

I don't know.

I'm distraught.

I can't eat.
I can't sleep.

Okay that was a bit dramatic.  I can do both of those things, but I hate doing Riley's hair now.  I used to love it!  Curly, straight, big curly, wavy.  Down, up, to the side, bow, no bow.


It's all over now.

I try putting it up in one pony and a lot of clips, I'm telling you, a lot of clips, but when I come pick her up from preschool, she looks like this...

And she taunts me with the clips that she takes out.

It is what it is.  It's a sad time in the Rush house.  I can't even look at scissors without remembering the pain I felt that day.

That day when I was getting her ready for preschool in the morning and couldn't figure out why all of her hair was falling out of my hands.

It seriously was a sick feeling.

Now, she does not like it.  She must see it on my face how sad I am about it every time I do her hair because she says..."I'm really sorry I cut my hair Mommy.  Really.  I won't do it again.  I just wanted it to look like Depunze's."

So are you wondering if I ever found the scissors?  I did, I had to trick Riley into it.  I asked her to go cut the tag off of some of her new pants and she went into her room (I was spying by the way) and dug down into the deepest corner of her toy box and pulled out these bad boys.

And I don't even know where she got them.

And I'm looking into suing Disney. 
(I hope you know I'm kidding...kind of)

So to end this sad, tragic story of a post, if it was your would you fix it?



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