Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Little Riley Rose Update

My Big Girl.

I don't know if anyone remembers a little post called That's Mrs. Mean Mommy to You, but in that post, I explained the baby ways of Riley that I was dying to get rid of.  This post, I believe was back on July 6th.  It is now November.  Can you believe it?

I'm going to tell you all what has been happening since July 6th.  We started by clipping her paci, and all of her pacis.  Okay let me back up again.  I would lose Riley's pacifiers very often, I mean all the time, and then, Riley would come to me with handfuls of pacifiers when I would explain to her that I couldn't find her paci.  To this day, I still don't know where her hiding place was.  Well, anyway, we would clip a paci, and then all of a sudden this pacifier from 4 months ago would pop up in her mouth.  Then, we would cut it.  So this went on for quite some time.  Before we had the pacifier issue solved, Mommy decided to potty train.  Because, if you look back at that post back in July, Mommy was done with all baby related items that had to do with Riley.  I was done.  So, the potty thing started to go okay, so we decided to let the paci thing slide.  She only had it for bedtime so I didn't see a big problem with it.  On a side note, there was a point when all of her paci's where cut, and she'd sleep with them all in her hands.  She'd ask for each individual one by color or theme, and she'd hold all of them in her wee little hands and fall asleep.  None in her mouth, but all in her hands.  I wish I had gotten a picture.  It always made me crack up.

So, she's pretty much potty trained now, except for bedtime.  I just got that idea in her head yesterday so I'll let you know how it goes.  She does not have any accidents (I say that, and today she'll poop her pants, watch.)  She has this little step stool that I find all over the house.  When she wakes up in the morning, she takes it to the bathroom, where I find a pull up on the floor and pee pee in the potty, and a long stream of toilet paper that has not been ripped from the roll, but has definitely been used, and one end is in the potty.  She takes it downstairs when I'm doing dishes to help me clean counters.  It's everywhere.  Yesterday, she used it to put away her medicine, the same way Mommy puts it away.  Anyway, I'm totally off subject, what were we talking about?

Oh yes, pacifiers.  Well, on Sunday, the pacifier fairy came to our house.  Sunday morning, I asked Riley if she wanted to give her pacifier to the paci fairy.  She took it out of her mouth and said, "Here, take it."  I thought, sweet, that was easy.  I told her the paci fairy needed all the paci's that big girls had, to give to babies, you know, I explained it all.  Well, she didn't have a nap on Sunday, so it was bedtime when we had to deal with this no paci thing again.  She asked for it, and we told her that she gave it to the fairy, she was upset.  I offered a broken paci, she refused it.  I told her that if she slept through the night without her paci, the paci fairy would put the movie Cinderella under her pillow.  She was still upset and I let her cry for about five minutes before I went back in.  It was more of a shout out for her paci then a cry.  So, I went back up, explained to her again what was happening, and once again offered her the broken paci.  She looked me straight in the eye, said, "I don't want that pacifier Mommy."  She then stopped crying, laid her head on the pillow, and went to sleep.  How easy was that?  If I had known that was the way it was going to go down, I probably would have done this back before July.

I realized that our kids hold on to baby stuff for as long as we let them.  I saw a picture of a five year old with a pacifier at a restaurant the other day, and said oh, heck no.  (I didn't say heck, I said the other one.)  Not gonna happen.  I thought it was going to be so hard, and I really had no plan to take it away on Sunday, but I figured, might as well, I hate the pacifier.  I also realize why Riley liked it so much.  Before I had her, every pacifier that I got at my baby shower went back to the store.  I didn't use one as a baby, mine didn't need one either.  Obviously, after she came out screaming, I decided to give it a try.

Well, since Sunday night, she has not even asked for her paci.  It's so nice to finally not have to worry about it anymore. 

Riley's To Do List:

1.  Potty training
2.  Get rid of paci
3.  Calculus.



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