Thursday, February 17, 2011

Project 52: Glimpse into (Bad) Motherhood

This is my second week joining in the fun of Project 52 over at Simply Modern Mom.

Project 52: Glimpse Into Motherhood

And I'm starting to think I need to post photos that will assure you that I am a good parent.  But this week, like last week's post is a bit on the naughty Mommy side.

You know when your kid is quiet?  Like so quiet that it takes you a couple minutes to figure out that your kid is actually no where to be seen?

So you just know that they are up to no good?

That happened to me yesterday.  I'm sure I have a really good excuse as to why I forgot to watch my child at all times, you know like blogging, so take it easy on me.

I'm not perfect.

A few minutes into my very important tasks, I realized that I hadn't heard Madi in a bit, she's my youngest.  She's loud too, and always talking/making her sister cry/killing the cat/screaming...she's loud enough that I almost always know where she is.

Well, when I found her, she was in her room, with the door closed, and the contents of my makeup bag spread out before her.  In her hand was my mascara and she was applying it to her mouth.

I don't know what worries me most, that she's taking my makeup and using it without asking, or that she's using the makeup wrong. 

I think her and I need to have a little Mascara 101.  You know, just in case it happens again...I can't get mad at her because her lashes will just look long and luscious.

And I'm thinking I might use my Mom's tip and put little bells on her shoes.

Thanks for letting me participate!  I look forward to visiting all your blogs again this week!

Happy parenting!



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