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Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Long Hair

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So, on to the post, a little glimpse into motherhood!

I'm going to try to write this post with a bit of humor.

Even though there is nothing, and I mean nothing funny about it.  I'm serious.  You should probably go and get an entire box of tissues because you will go through the whole thing.  It's that sad.

It all started when we saw this cute little Disney film called Tangled.
Have you heard of it?

Of course you've heard of it.

We've seen it twice.

This is my beautiful princess who loves Rapunzel.  Loves her.  She calls her Depunzes. 

Yes, my daughter can't say her R's or L's.  It's kind of like a guessing game sometimes when she tells me things.

Our little incident happened about 2 weeks ago.  Two very long weeks ago.  Before the incident, I'm sorry, I'm already getting teary eyed just thinking of it.  I'm getting verklempt, go ahead and talk amongst yourselves for a minute.

Alright, I think I've pulled it together for a minute. 

Riley got a Rapunzel doll for Christmas this year.  She was so excited and just couldn't stop talking about it.  She even decided that purple is now one of her favorite colors.  Her favorites before were pink, blue, and red.  And in that order.  Madi's favorite was purple (at least that is what Riley told me).  Now, purple is one of Riley's favorites and Madi is allowed to share it. 

Can you believe that the movie Tangled could actually make Riley like that nasty color purple?  I know!  I was shocked too.

I bet you are starting to wonder where this story is going and how it can possibly get sad.  I mean, we're talking about a movie here right?

Well I'll cut to the chase.

Notice anything weird about Rapunzel?  Maybe that her hair has been chopped off?  In one quick snip, all of her hair is gone?  Yes this happened.

And I won't even tell you what Mr. Potato Head had to say about it.

I tried finding the scissors that were used for this horrid tragedy.  I couldn't.  I asked my Depunzes, she looked at me like I was speaking Spanish.

At least Dora knew what I was talking about.

I wish this was the end of this devastating tale.  But it's not.  And I wish there was a moral to this story, but I don't think there is.

Enter...Friday the 28th.

A day I will never forget for as long as I live.

I wish this story was that Riley took a pair of scissors to preschool and went crazy on all the other kids' hair.  I honestly do.  Or I wish that the story was that Riley went crazy with a pair of scissors on my sectional.


You guessed it.  She went crazy with a pair of scissors on her own beautiful, curly, long gorgeous hair.  From what I can tell, she snipped at least twice.  And short.  One on one side of her head, and one on the other. 

Chin length.

Are you crying yet?  Because I can't see past my tears.

Do you want to see it again?

Fine, go ahead, but I can't look...

The only way I can do her hair now is in "two little ones".  Riley's favorite, and I hate it, hate this hairstyle on her.  With a passion.  Now she gets to wear it all the time.

Oh, I'm sorry, do you not know what "two little ones" are?  Are you saying that you don't speak Riley?

That means two pigtails in little messy buns.

Looks great on Madi.

Awful on Riley.  She came up with it too, on her own one day.  I was doing pigtails and she asked if I could make them little.  Maybe some of the girls at school wear it that way. looks even worse than it did before.

With hair sticking out everywhere.

Longer hair coming out the bottom.

What am I supposed to do about this? 
She ruined her curls.
She ruined them.

Do I go and get it cut?  Maybe try a layering look?  Leave it like it is?  Cry?  Take the hair that she cut off and beg my hair dresser like a crazy person to glue it back on her head?

I don't know.

I'm distraught.

I can't eat.
I can't sleep.

Okay that was a bit dramatic.  I can do both of those things, but I hate doing Riley's hair now.  I used to love it!  Curly, straight, big curly, wavy.  Down, up, to the side, bow, no bow.


It's all over now.

I try putting it up in one pony and a lot of clips, I'm telling you, a lot of clips, but when I come pick her up from preschool, she looks like this...

And she taunts me with the clips that she takes out.

It is what it is.  It's a sad time in the Rush house.  I can't even look at scissors without remembering the pain I felt that day.

That day when I was getting her ready for preschool in the morning and couldn't figure out why all of her hair was falling out of my hands.

It seriously was a sick feeling.

Now, she does not like it.  She must see it on my face how sad I am about it every time I do her hair because she says..."I'm really sorry I cut my hair Mommy.  Really.  I won't do it again.  I just wanted it to look like Depunze's."

So are you wondering if I ever found the scissors?  I did, I had to trick Riley into it.  I asked her to go cut the tag off of some of her new pants and she went into her room (I was spying by the way) and dug down into the deepest corner of her toy box and pulled out these bad boys.

And I don't even know where she got them.

And I'm looking into suing Disney. 
(I hope you know I'm kidding...kind of)

So to end this sad, tragic story of a post, if it was your would you fix it?



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