Sunday, June 21, 2009

Madison Reagan Rush

This post is rather long because I'm wanting to bind my blog later and this is all good stuff for me to have.

Well it's been another month and Madison is now 8 months old. I can't believe it. She is doing so many new things and her personality is definitely coming through these days. I thought Riley was strong willed and stubborn but NOTHING compared to Madison. Oh that girl can drive me crazy some days. She is just not a good sleeper at all. I think I've finally come to terms with it, it took me eight months, but, I've decided to be honest with myself. I think she would never sleep and be perfectly happy. I'm in the process of purchasing every bottle nipple I can in hopes that she will finally start to take a bottle. I'm DONE with the breast feeding. Two teeth = not fun for Mommy. I'm lucky I have any boob left. So wish us luck in that department, I'm hoping that something works. Plus, I'm just not sure if she likes the taste of formula, she spits it right back out if any gets into her mouth, I tell you, it's so much fun!

So now that we got the not so fun side of Madi out of the way we can concentrate on all the fun things she is doing right now. She is dying to run around with Riley. She tries to stand just from a crawling position, I guess she has no clue that her balance is not exactly prime right now. She pulls herself up on anything she can. She gets stuck sometimes and tries to bite off more than she can chew, but her success rate is probably 70/30. She's still learning. She also thinks that she can cruise the furniture. She will be standing up by our ottoman and will take a faithful leap to the sofa, sometimes she hits, sometimes she misses. It's so funny. She will cruise a little back and forth on something but has yet to master going from one piece of furniture to the next. She is saying Mama and Dada. She definitely says Mama to me, but I'm not sure if she knows Dada is Tim. She probably does because when she first started saying Mama, I thought it was coincidence. She is a talker and will babble on and on. Her and Riley speak the same language, they actually really play together now. I have this tent/tube thing set up in the bonus room and Riley actually got Madi to crawl into the tent and half way down a tube. They had a ball just giggling and playing, this is a fun age for both of them. Riley can be really sweet to her baby sister, whom she still calls baby, not Madison. It's a hard one for her to say.

Madison is also showing interest in holding my hands and taking a few steps, before she would just stand there and now she actually wants to go, and is very proud of herself when she takes some steps. She is also eating more table food already. The girl wants to do whatever Riley is doing so if I can smash it up small enough, she'll eat it. Last night Riley had some pasta and I took some of the noodles, cut them up really small, and mixed them with the baby beef and vege puree, Madi loved it. I think she's enjoying chewing which is good because I can give her more cooked vegetables, she does not like the baby version.

Madison is getting really good at picking up toys and small objects and moving them from hand to hand. She will spend thirty minutes playing by herself which is awesome because Riley never did that as a baby. You know if it was not for the sleeping issue, she really would be the perfect baby. She is always, always happy and is very quick to smile and laugh. She is a sweetheart.

I'm jotting down a few dates for personal reasons of important stuff.
5/25 - crawling for real
6/04 - pulling herself up
6/11 - second tooth appeared, bottom
6/18 - cruising the furniture



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