Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Great Day!!

Today was the best day I've had in a while, and I didn't even do anything fun. This morning, I finished up two cake orders that I had that were due at 9:00 and 11:00. I had major adrenaline going through my body wanting to make sure my cakes turned out perfect. Once the last cake was done, the adrenaline just left. I was tired. I had been trying to get this crazy house ready for house guests, and trying to design my cakes, and watch babies, and work for Mom and Dad, all week long. So, when that cake left, I ran to Miguels, and bought my Mom and I a burrito, came back home, and we had a burrito, and a beer while the kiddos slept. Awesome. Then my Dad came over and I made him a sandwich and a beer, and we all enjoyed some cake top, while he discussed how great he thought my cakes were. (I think I have a biggest fan in the works!!!) Thanks Dad!! My Mom was such a BIG help, I could not have done it without her. She came over last night and watched the babes for me, and even got some cupcakes in the oven for me!! Then, this morning at the butt crack, she came over to watch the babes again so that I could finish. It's so great to have your Mom live soooo close to you. I'm glad Tim and I got a house where we did, for a while there, we were really liking the Wierick area because it was so family friendly. Who knew the neighborhood we moved into has kids like every other house!! Anyway, off subject. My clients loved their cakes. It's such a great feeling after you've worked so hard on something and put a lot of yourself into something for someone and to have them almost scream with happiness when they see it all done!! I can't tell you what that feels like, and they tell me how it's going to be the center of the party and ask me if I have a million business cards. So great!!

Well, after all that, and my Mom left, I was alone with the kiddos. Tim is at Supercross having the time of his life with all of the guys that came to stay with us. I can't say enough about these guys, what a great group. They are just so nice and polite, and you can tell that they really enjoy each other. I couldn't be happier with my guests!! Plus, they have been gone all day since 8:00 this morning, so they are the easiest guests I've ever had!! So, Riley and I decided it was a great time to jump on Mom's bed and watch the tube and snuggle. It was fun, with Madi here now, I really do try to soak in every moment I have alone with Riley. She's turning into this great kid, and I miss our time alone, so it was nice that Madi was having a nice long nap!! After about thirty minutes of Riley and Me time, Madi woke up, and joined the party. As I was feeding Madison, I actually dosed off and had about a thirty minute nap. Riley on one side snuggled in, and Madi on the other. I couldn't believe that I actually did it. I have not had a nap in forever, and it felt good, I'm very refreshed!! I know you are supposed to nap when your babies nap, like when you have a new born, but I've never done that, and I should have. Oh well, next baby maybe I'll do that!! So after my nap, Riley wanted to go down and have some dinner so I made her a nice dinner of chicken and green beans, with a little ranch for dipping. With a glass of water. Anyone that knows my daughter knows that eating is always a battle and it drives me crazy!! So tonight, she ate ALL of her dinner. She had three chicken nuggets and almost an entire can of green beans. That just puts me in a great mood. After dinner, we went back upstairs to have a bath. I decided to just throw Madi in the tub with Riley and get her washed real quick instead of giving her one after I put Riley to bed. So I got Madi all ready for bed and got Riley out of the tub, it's so nice having a master bath again. I like to give the girls a bath in that tub because it's big and fun, why not right??? So I can keep an eye on Riley in the tub and get Madi dressed in my room. So Mad was ready for night night, and I got Riley ready for night night, put her down with lion, turtle, and Fi Fi, along with her blankets, and said good night. Mad and I then went to her room where I fed and rocked her to sleep, and she's still in there sleeping. I'm happy, days don't always go this well, Mad has lots of trouble sleeping during the day, if she even sleeps at all, and today she had three nice long naps, and is in sleeping again. The cutest thing happened when I put Riley in her crib to sleep. Riley was running back and forth laughing and going a little crazy, and Madison started laughing at her. If that does not warm your heart right there, then I don't know what will. It was so great!! So here is to a great day! The only thing that could have made it better was if Tim was here to enjoy it with me!!

This first cake was for a little boy's third birthday. He is obsessed with the movie Cars (by Disney) so his Mom wanted a Car's Cake. She sent me a picture of a cake that she liked, of an idea, but told me to go with whatever I wanted because she likes everything on my website. So this was the inspiration,that she sent me,

And this is what I came up with, it's a butter cream two tier cake with fondant accents. This has officially become one of my favorites that I've done so far. I love the colors, and the top tier. I couldn't be happier with this cake!! She loves butter cream, so I didn't do the whole cake with fondant. Just a little bit, and slathered on the butter cream!!

I love this picture of the little guy coming around the corner!!

I changed the speed limit to 85, right on!!

So I love my bistro table, it's the best spot for displaying my cakes!!

This next order was for a first birthday, princess theme. Smash cake, two tiered cake, cupcakes, the whole deal. These first birthdays are way more popular than I thought. People go WAY out!! I love it. I carved this cake just a little to give it a slight crown look. I tried to make it royal looking. The lady who ordered it told my Mom that her order was so worth the hour drive! How sweet was that?

Here are the cupcakes, my favorite cupcake design is simple with pretty colors, and dusted with glitter. And...fluffy!!!

The smash cake

The cake. The ribbon in the picture looks more orange than it was in real life. It's a deeper pink than that, prettier in person!!

Some of the swirls got painted with purple powder, I can't think of the name of the stuff right now, but I love it!!



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