Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Solid Food Champ

Tonight was the first night Madison tried solid food. She did pretty dang good. I know you are supposed to do their first feeding in the morning to make sure they are not allergic, but I'm pretty sure she's going to be okay, it's rice cereal for crying out loud. I'm dying for some sleep and I hope this works. We will see. I filled her up with cereal, let her breast feed, gave her a bath and then fed her again, both sides. I think she might be full, keep your fingers crossed!! I'll let you know how it goes. I think she's going to like bananas in her cereal better than plain, but then again who wouldn't. I'll pick some up tomorrow and we'll try it. I think she's going to love solid food. So here are some pics.


The following pictures are not for those with weak stomachs and/or easy gag reflexes. Please view at your own risk.

She almost finished the entire bowl!!



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