Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Decorating

Last night, we had everyone over to Baba's house to decorate for Christmas. She made us all Beef Barley Soup, and it was delicious. I think that was payment!! Anyway, it was fun to decorate Grandma's house because it does not look like Tim and I will be in our house in enough time for decorating to be worth it. We thought we were going to be in by now, and I had plans to decorate for Christmas as well as move in, I know, you can say it, I'm a little crazy. So Riley kind of enjoyed decorating. I think next year, she will really like it. Grandma is also very happy with the way the house turned out, she finished everything today and it looks marvelous!! We had a great time decorating.

Riley and Ma Maw

Don't you wish you knew what she was thinking??

Check out Madison, she's finally starting to sleep better

Grumpy old man face/constipated?

Grandma giving her first bottle to Madi, not Mad's first, Grandma's first.

I'm going to have to say it, my daughters have the BEST hair I've ever seen on babies. Yeah, I'm going to brag a bit and say Tim and I make pretty babies. Riley has the prettiest curls, and Madison has this beautiful dark, thick, full hair. Perfect.

Okay, and one more thing, Riley has the BEST lips I've ever seen too. Wow, I just patted myself on the back.

The tree finished.

Some more decor.


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