Thursday, April 29, 2010

18 Months

My little girl has been in this world for 18 months.  She has come a long way from that screaming, never sleeping, psycho, made me want to pull my hair out baby that she was, for ten months of her life.  I'll never forget those ten months for as long as I live.  They were awful.  Can I say that?  Is that allowed?  Well, she has been the world's best baby for eight months straight now.  I never would have guessed it.  I think really what it is, is that she feels bad for the way she acted in the beginning and she's making up for it now.  And really, that's fine with me.

I'm thinking the easiest way to do this post is to make a list of all of her new tricks.  She has a lot of new tricks too.  Now I just have to figure out what to start with.  Give me a moment to rack my brain.


1.  I think the easiest thing to start with would be her vocab.  It's crazy huge.  She repeats everything that I say and then uses it after.  We actually have conversations.  Here is our morning routine:

Me:  Good morning Madi!!  I missed you!  (Okay I lie to her, I never miss anyone when I sleep.)
Madi:  Mo mon.  (morning)
Me: Did you sleep good?
Madi:  Uh Huh.  Put an emphasis on the huh.  She loves to say this.  Ook, coose (look clothes - she likes to show me her closet and her clothes every morning, maybe she'll get into fashion when she's older)
Me:  I see your clothes.  Do you want a new Elmo?  (Elmo's are what we call diapers over here)
Madi:  Noooo.  (she plays with me and tries to get down to run after Riley)
Me:  Why not?
Madi:  Noooo.  Get down.

Then I put her down and she runs away and then comes back to me and says:

Madi:  Elmo pees (Elmo please)
Me:  Good choice.
Madi: dukey, pee pee  (Dukey, our word for poop, and pee pee - she does this while pointing to her diaper)
Me:  Yeah, ew gross, pee you.  Do you want to go eat breakfast?
Madi:  Uh Huh!  Ceweal, or nana, or pincak (cereal, banana or pancakes, she tells me what she wants for breakfast)
Me:  Okay let's go.

Then she runs to the stairs.

More words that Madi says:  puple (purple), wa wa (water), go dinsta (go downstairs), dess u (bless you), take u (thank you), bye bye, shoes, bus tee (brush teeth), bakie (blankie), snucl (snuggle), I'm realizing how hard it is to spell out words the way she says them. geen bee (green bean), ju (juice), I no li it (I don't like it - she learned this one from Riley), ball,  all done, etc. etc.  Her vocab goes on and on, it's like she learns 5-10 new words a day and then uses them and sometimes puts two words together.

2.  She tells me right before she needs to go potty that she has to go dukey.  I actually pulled out the potty the other day to see what she would do.  She holds onto it for support when she poos.  Good start I think.  No rush or pressure, she just seems interested in the potty thing and obviously knows when she is about to go.

3.  She's starting to recognize colors.  She knows purple, green, pink, orange - most of the time.

4.  She tells me when she sees things, like a car, or water (like a puddle).

5.  She follows instructions.  She can go get me something that I ask for, like a diaper or a book, or a toy.

6.  She teases Riley all the time.  Drives Riley crazy, makes me laugh.

7.  She's down to one nap and has been for a long time.  Sleeps good at night till about 8:00 every morning, sometimes earlier, sometimes later.

8.  She's "singing" her ABC's.  She's not singing the actual letters but she starts with A B C and then she "sings" the rest.

9.  Starting to pay more attention to the TV if it's on.

10.  Loves her bath, her food, her toys.

11.  Always is ready for bed.  If I tell her it's time, she runs to her room and tries to climb into her crib.

12.  She's almost jumping, if she does jump it's an accident.

13.  She uses her fingers to count like Riley does, says one, two, three, and points to her fingers.

14.  Wants to do everything that Riley is doing.

15.  Goes down the stairs pretty good while holding onto the railing, she'd do better if she didn't think that her legs were long enough to take only one step on each stair.

16.  I've given her a cup with no lid and she does pretty good with that, she's good at feeding herself with her spoon and fork, eats everything.

I guess that about sums it up.  Madison is definitely learning a lot right now and she loves to learn.  Riley is the complete opposite, it's nice to have one of each.  All though, I wouldn't mind it if Riley would listen to what I try to teach her instead of telling me no mommy, it's a "P" after I tell her it's a "G".  That girl fights me on everything.  Madi listens and takes it in.  She's easier than Riley that is a definite.

I had big plans of taking pics of Madi throughout the day yesterday to go with this post.  Unfortunately, my lens is worse than I thought.  It's almost impossible to take a good picture with it.  This sucks.  Instead of maybe getting a fun new lens, I have to buy one that I already have.  Fun, I guess I know what I'll be buying after I pay for my granite.  I'm wanting to do home improvements not buy a lens I already have.  Okay, I got that off of my chest.  In case you are wondering, yes, I still love my husband, even if he destroyed my lens.  It's a good thing it was my lens and not the camera, I might be serving him papers ;)

One last tid bit.  I just put Madi in her room for the first time as punishment.  She's still in there.  I can't believe that she actually listens to me. 

This is the only decent picture I got of her.

And I got a ton of the back of her head..  That's okay though, I thought her hair looked pretty cute.

A few random pics that have nothing to do with this post:

This is my front room sofa, there is just enough room behind it that the girls like to hide back there when they are playing.  It's pretty cute, I hear them giggling back there all the time.

Last night I had the girls in the tub and Riley was saying something but I wasn't really listening because I stop listening to voices that belong to anyone under 3 and a half after 6:00 pm.  Well, I finally listened to what she was saying and it was, "I'm Santa.  Look, I'm Santa."  Well, this is what I saw when I glanced in her direction...

The End.


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