Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Points by Bullet

  • I completely broke my lens the other day.  The one that was kind of broken is now completely broken.  I dropped it.  I thought it was attached to my camera (I was in a rush trying to take pics of the cake I had to deliver) and it wasn't and crashed to the ground.  I will be shopping on ebay, thinking maybe I can find a used camera as well to have as a "trash" camera. 
  • Getting ready for our Oregon trip by way of plane and by way of mother who has a big problem paying for checked baggage.  Meaning we will look like a circus with all of our carry ons.  I'm going to look at flying with 2 kids as an adventure.  Maybe there will be another short story in the works.
  • I can't find cute clothes for the kids anywhere.  I've been to Old Navy, Target, Kohls, Ross, Gymboree, and Children's Place.  Yuck is all I can say.  The girls have no clothes.  They look like homeless children and the weather has turned.  Any clothing store suggestions?  I'll take them.
  • I'm loving my coffee in the morning in this cool weather.
  • I decorated a bit for Halloween.  Just the porch, with Riley.  She's really into it this year!  I love Halloween, it's one of my favorites and if I can get Riley to go with it, I have great costume ideas for the girls!
  • My Mom's DWTS party was awesome.  I had so much fun.  Yes, I still like the Situation.
  • I'm debating on having Soozi (my hairdresser) put some reddish highlights/lowlights???  I have no idea about this kind of stuff....in my hair tomorrow.  What do you think?  Think it would be a good change?  I might stick with my darkness for another six weeks before I make a decision. 
  • This past weekend, Sean watched the kids for us while we watched the Ducks play in their biggest game yet this season.  Ducks (#4) played Stanford (#9) and won!  Which means that they've moved up to #3 in the polls.  Tim is beside himself.  I have become a huge Duck fan.  It was a pretty easy switch though, Kentucky's football team has never been very good.  Sorry Dad but I think UCLA has gone down to #2 in my fav's.  The hubby has my full support.
  • Tim's birthday is coming up on October 11th.  He will be 37.  Yes, I married an old man.  When we started dating I thought for sure he was no older than 27 at the time.  He looks like a baby.  Anyway, I have a great big surprise for him on his birthday.  I can hardly wait to give it to him.  I could probably tell you all what it is because he NEVER looks at the blog.  Ever.  He's not a fan.  But, I'll hold back and tell you on the 12th, just in case...
  • Madi's birthday is coming up and we've been discussing possible themes.  And by we I mean me and Riley and I mean we've been discussing possible themes for Riley's birthday.  She wants princess and wants me to make her one of those awful doll cakes.  I hate those.  I don't know why I do, but for my kid I'll suck it up and make her one.  Now I just need an idea for Madi's party.
  • I love that every time I turn on my TV I have a long list of recordings now.
  • Can't wait to have our first fire.
  • I'm very excited about the bunco group one of the other ladies on my street and I are starting.  First bunco is scheduled at my house in December, it should be a fun time and we have a great group started.
  • There will be no pictures to accompany this post, like I said, the lens broke.  I'm hoping that maybe my Mom will let me borrow her lens for our Oregon trip this coming weekend.  Maybe she'll read this and think it's a really good idea.  Please, please, please....  I'll take really good care of it, I promise...
  • I hope you are all enjoying this nice cool weather, until next time...


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