Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just Thinking...

Here is the question...

At what age throughout our lives are we able to grow up?

Through life, religion, friends, and family, our daily lessons teach us something new everyday until the day that we die.  And if they don't, then that that is where we need to grow as mature human beings.  We have friends and family that we get along with for a multitude of reasons, these reasons are all great and all though we may have disagreements we need to look inside ourselves and realize that these associates of ours have different views then us and us them.  If we take these views and look at them as we would a sporting event we would see by watching the event, there may be cheap shots and strong play but they are both fighting for the same reason, they both want to win.  But at the end of the game you would see that no matter how hard the battle was fought and however many cheap shots had been taken from either side, that at the end, we all shake hands, hug and congratulate each other on a valid performance.  If we apply this to our disagreements as friends and family we can see that we can move forward to play on another day.

In this lesson is where we should look deep within ourselves and realize that a difference of opinion should not be a reason to cast aside the strong feelings that we have for friends and family.  If we all have God in our heart, or choose to have God in our heart than God will point us in a direction of learning everyday in our life, and He will teach us lessons.  And through these lessons, if we all keep God close to our heart, He will show us where we were right or wrong so that we can continue to learn everyday.

If we all are taking a trip in separate cars but to the same destination it is okay that someone might want to drive a Honda to get there and someone else a Ford, we are all headed in the same direction and will get there just the same.  The compassion that we have for those we love should allow us to speak freely about why we choose the Honda over the Ford even though we might not agree. 

Sometimes in our modern day forums where we write our opinions in black and white we must all take into consideration that this is not a face to face conversation.  In a face to face conversation, we allow the other person to interject throughout our points.  When we write something down on a forum that everyone can read, it's our own opinion from start to finish without any interjections.  In some cases, both parties might take our views out of context and form an opinion about that person that might not always be true. 

Having an opinion about an issue does not always mean that you are judging the other person for choosing to view something differently.  I think we all debate with our emotions at some point and the reason we are arguing in the first place is because of these strong feelings that we have.  Just because I might feel one way about an issue because of my religious views, or life experiences does not make me a bad person.  I still have compassion in certain situations even if I don't agree with it.  I don't think we should ever strike someone's heart.  We are all debating because of what we feel in our hearts.  Bottom line, we all care, and we all want the best for mankind.  You feel one way, I feel the other, through our disagreements, I can see why you feel that way, and why I feel the way I do.  But it will never change the way I feel about you.

I myself am going to choose to brush aside our differences but keep them in mind and know that we might not always agree but continue on caring deeply about my friends and family, which is the most important thing in life if we want to keep God close to our hearts.



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