Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Madi is 2 Today

Okay so seeing as how blogger is having issues with posting pictures, there will be none to accompany this post until it's working again.  I'm so bummed, I was going to walk you through from newborn to now.
Madison Reagan Rush is today 2 years old. 

It all started with a pregnant lady.  Well you know how it really started but I'll spare you the details...

We thought we had lost her in the very beginning, I was just about 3 months pregnant when I thought I miscarried, we went to the emergency room and I remember asking the nurse, what are the chances that I could still be pregnant and it was maybe you know, just something else that happened.  "Not likely, I'm so sorry."  Is it weird that even after that crazy amount of blood that I lost I still felt like there could be a little baby in there?

Well, she was still there, and I had never been so happy.  But the little booger fought with me until she came out of the womb.  Not a fun pregnancy but so, so worth my baby.

She was a little Eskimo angel when she arrived.  Bright red with black hair and dark eyes.  It was love at first sight and I felt like I had known her forever.  When we came home from the hospital someone asked me if she was a good baby and I said, "I sometimes forget that she is even here she is so quiet."

That's when she turned into a screaming monster for 10.5 months, never ever sleeping, and screaming bloody murder like I was continually pinching her or something.  But, she did a lot of cute things too in those 10 and a half months...

As soon as she started walking, she's been everywhere.  She's mischievous, loving, an instigator, cuddly, talkative, eager to learn, stubborn, and wants to be just like her big sis.

She made us a family of four, I never thought I'd be so blessed to have such a wonderful family with two beautiful girls.

I know for a fact that these are definitely going to be her terrible two's but that's okay. 

She talks a ton but doesn't really hold a great conversation.  Recently for some reason I'll ask her a question about what she wants to eat and she responds with, "pink."  Really Madi?  It used to be cereal or pancakes, or sambich.  Now it's pink.  Okay.

She loves birthday parties and thinks that if she sees a balloon, there is a party close behind.

She loves Minnie Mouse.

And babies.

And puppies.

She likes to crawl around on the ground and meow like she is a kitty.

She's turning into a little girl and is growing out of the baby.

She's a Mama's girl.

Happy birthday to my sweet baby Madi.  I love you more than words can say.  My favorite part of the day with you is when I get you out of your crib in the morning.  You are always happy to see me and always give me the biggest hug and say, "lub you Mommy."  I'm so proud to be your Mom and am so enjoying watching you grow up into a little girl, even though secretly I want to bottle you up and keep you this age forever.  I love you Madi, happy birthday.



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