Monday, September 27, 2010

The Haps

Let me start this here post off by saying, "It's hot, and I don't like it."  Yuck and gross all at the same time.  I took Riley to Walmart last night to get a few things and she gets out of the car and says, "Wow Mommy, it's a really hot day today.  Good thing I brought my sunglasses."  I hear ya Riley, I hear ya.  I was thinking it's about that time to start decorating for Halloween and fall but the weather is a total bummer.

Speaking of Halloween, I want to talk costumes.  Riley has been wanting to be a dinosaur for months now.  Months and months, she wants to be a, "Big, huge, scary dinosaur, RARRRRRR!!!"  I showed her a costume of a dinosaur online...

...and she quickly decided (in honestly 2 seconds) that the pretty pink princess was more her thing.  Really?  She's a princess everyday.  She wakes up, goes to her dress up closet and picks a dress to wear.  Then I get woken up, she always comes to my side, with a few pokes and,"look Mommy, I'm a pretty pretty Princess."  I had my heart set on a dinosaur costume for Riles.  Maybe next year.  We'll see what Madi picks too, Riley wants her to be a puppy...

we'll see about that.

Next up...Oregon.  We purchased our plane tickets for the weekend of October 7-10 to go and see the new baby!!  Tim's brother Jared and his wife Melanie welcomed their second daughter a few months ago and I can't wait to meet her.  She is so adorable and I'm hoping that I don't get baby fever.  You know, Madi is the same age Riley was when Madi was 1 month old.  Craziness.  I miss my babies.  But that's an entirely different post.

Tim was home all weekend it was really nice.  Except for the fact that Riley brought home yet another bug from preschool and we are all sick with a cold.  I hate being sick.  Flu shots should be in our near future.  Can't wait.  We did happen to go to the beach on Saturday though, for a bit.  It was so hot this weekend and I really wanted the girls to be outside but not in this 100 degree heat so we packed up the girls and headed down to Newport. 

Riley thinks she is a fan of the beach until we get there.  The sand is gross and the water is scary.  This trip however we made big strides.  We ventured off the towel and into the sand, and down to the water, and then into the water.  I was shocked.  We probably would have stayed longer if a big wave didn't come and knock Riley straight onto her face.

I brought my camera, which I'm always afraid to do because of the sand.  I hate having to hold my camera the whole time.  Tim hates it too.  He really likes it when I don't bring my camera and I do too.  You can just enjoy the moment and make memories.  Here are a few pictures of our day.

Riley hates the sand and Madi, well...

This is what Riley did for the first 20 minutes before she ventured off the towel.  Sand "castles".

I overheard someone saying that they could see the fish in the waves, I caught some.  So cool, unless you are in that water swimming with them where they can suck on your toes.  My Mom knows where I am coming from.

The hubs.  So awesome.  So mine.  So happy.

Looking forward Mom's Dancing with the Stars party.  Loving this season by the way, and yes, I'm obsessed with The Situation.  And Jennifer Grey, made me cry.  I still can't watch that movie, my favorite movie of all time Dirty Dancing since the passing of Patrick.  I loved him and I always heard what a really good person he was.  Made me love him more.

One more thing I'm looking forward friend Becky from high school will soon be giving me and Mom some photography lessons on Tuesdays.  Payment you ask?  Yes, cake and champagne, her and Sam came for a tasting last week and we have an agreement.  I'm so excited.  I really can't wait.  She went to school for photography, and is fabulous!  I'm sure she will get a little bonus at the end of our lessons!  Are you reading this Becky?  I'm holding you to your offer, you don't want to let me down now, hahaha!!!

Well, I hope you all have a fabulous week!  I'm hoping that I only have 2 two tier cakes to complete by Friday, instead of one topsy turvy and a 3 tier.  I've learned to put a very nice price tag on things that take forever to finish.  I just always am surprised when people still want it.  I'm totally looking forward to my break in December.  NO orders.  I've told everyone that I'm booked and I can't wait to be normal for a bit.  I think I deserve the break and I think my hubby deserves to have a normal wife for a while.

Happy Monday all!  I'm off to watch Dancing!!!


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