Friday, September 3, 2010

Madi's 21 Month Post One Month Late

cheese face, with her shoes on bright and early.

I can't believe that my baby is almost 2 years old.  Where does the time go?  Why can't they be babies for longer?  I'm going to start wanting a new born soon if this kid grows up any faster!  She better slow down a bit.

Madison is developing into her own little person.  She definitely knows what she wants all the time.  Usually she wants what Riley just put down or something that Riley wants, or Riley, or anything that would annoy Riley.  She definitely already knows how to push her sister's buttons, and she pushes them all the time!  They also can play really well together.  Their favorite game is to play who is the baby in Riley's room.  One of them will get in Riley's bed and be the baby and the other will be the Mommy.  They give each other night night kisses and hugs and read stories to each other.  Pretty dang cute!

Madi still puts almost everything in her mouth, when does this nightmare end?  Riley never put anything in her mouth until she was 2, when she decided to swallow a penny, or a post here.  I have a feeling Madi will be going off to college and I'll have to put my hand under her mouth and say, "Spit it out for crying out loud."

The first thing Madi does in the morning when she wakes up is tell me, "Shoes on."  She loves her shoes, so we put her shoes on and head down stairs for breakfast.  When we get dressed for the day, it does not matter what I put on Madi, when I'm done dressing her she shimmies and says, "Pwincess."  Which always gets Riley super mad because Riley thinks you are only a princess if you are wearing a princess dress.  My girls are obsessed with the Disney Princesses which reminds me of when I was pregnant with Riley and said my daughter will NOT be a princess.  Good times.

She went potty on the toilet for the first time on July 27th.  Not much action since.  She wants to go, but doesn't quite get it.  I'm definitely not pushing this issue.  She loves to wear undies though so it's tough.  If she wasn't pooping in her crib I would have never of introduced the potty.

Madi is now stringing 3 word sentences together and is asking me questions, when she was 21 months it was two word sentences.  One day I realized that I had two people to argue with and it was a little weird, and annoying.  Madi can also count to 6 and tries to sing the ABC's, but the ABC's are mostly just a bunch of mumbled words together.

She can go up and down the stairs all by herself and has been for a while.  Of course she doesn't pay attention to what she's doing and it freaks me out.

Madi is a great eater and I tell you, it's so nice compared to Riley.  At least I have one that will eat anything!  The only problem I'm having right now is the high chair.  She kinda never wants to sit in it anymore.  So I put them both up at the bar and that is where they've been eating.  My fabric dining chairs don't like my children.

Madison can now jump, it's so cute, she drops her bum all the way down to the ground and then shoots up (slowly) and gets about a cm off the floor. 

I guess it's time to start planning Madi's little birthday party.  Not much, just a family get together with dinner and cake.  I love to see my kids getting older but like many Mom's just want to keep them little forever.  Pretty soon Madi will be in her room with the door closed with a DO NOT ENTER sign.  Not really, I'll never allow that, which means that she'll start to dislike me and tell me that I just don't understand what she is going through.  Things to look forward to!

sorry for the blurry pic, still using my busted up lens.


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