Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1, 2, and 3

#1. Riley had her first day of a new year of preschool last Wednesday.  She's been going through the summer but it was her official first day of school.  She's now going 3 days a week and so far so good!  She loves it and I have to share a small bit of news that I got from Riley's teachers last Friday.  I came to pick up Riley and her teacher, Ms. Jennifer told me that Riley was a really big help that day.  She told me that there was a little girl who had never been to preschool before and she was having a very tearfilled day.  Nothing made this little girl happy.  Well they decided to go out to the playground and this girl just wouldn't stop crying.  So my Riley went up to this little girl and took her by the hand and said, "It's okay, I know, I know.  Want to come play with me?"  Sure enough Riley and this little girl (not going to say her name) played the entire time on the playground together and not one tear escaped that little girl's eyes!  Can I just tell you, proud Mama moment?  This world that we live in is a very ugly place sometimes.  I fear for my girls' future.  I just hope I can bring them up to be good people, with a firm belief in the Lord and all that He does so that if they are faced with evil, they can have strength through Him to overcome it.  To know that my daughter is very comforting and friendly at such a young age just melts my heart.  Her Daddy has a heart of gold and she is not far behind. 

Can I tell you, she was 5 minutes late because I couldn't not get a first day of school picture.  They are some of my favorites of me and my sibs growing up.  We thought we were so cool!  Anyway, I wasn't the only late one, phew!

and one with lil' sis, who wants to be in preschool soooo bad!

Speaking of lil' sis, she had her first day of daycare on Friday.  She did excellent.  My friend lives right down the street from me.  Walking distance, like 400 feet and she runs a daycare out of her home.  So convenient for me and I can totally trust her.  She's so awesome with these kids that Madi didn't want to leave when I came to pick her up.  Riley wanted to stay too.  I think Madi will be seeing Ms. Megan every Friday that I have orders due.  It made it so nice for me to work alone.  It's the best thing that ever happened, you know besides the Mr. and the kids.

#2.  Our electricity was out all day Sunday.  It was unfortunate but we got a lot of things done.  First things first though, we had ghost chases...

It was nice to have this guy home because instead of me having to do the crazy stuff, he does.  Don't know what I mean?

I mean this...

After that, we talked to Nana and tried on all the different shoes in the closet.

Since the electricity was out, we decided to put the kids to bed and clean out the garage.  Fun times I know.  But it feels good.  It's needed it since we moved in and we have just been too busy to take care of it.  I threw out so much stuff and have two of the biggest boxes you've ever seen ready for Goodwill.  If anyone is in need of a baby swing or a pretty good scanner/printer/copier, it's yours.  They are just taking up space and will be off to Goodwill tomorrow.

#3.  I can't get enough of this....

No not the steak, the other thing...

It's like a glorified grilled cheese.  I know you've all tossed this together before.  If you do not have fresh garden tomatoes straight from your backyard, I know of the next best thing.  These yellow tomatoes from Sam's.  Not a big fan of Sam's, to me it's a glorified Walmart and nothing compares to Costco but it's close and I can get a few necessities if I need them.  These yellow tomatoes are a necessity.

Anyway, all you do is toast your sour dough (I use sour dough, I'm sure it would be great on anything)

Throw your slices of cheddar on top (I use Tillamook cheddar and I'm sure a different cheese such as pepperjack would be really good too)

Place them in to broil, for like, a minute.

Then put your tomatoes on top, put as much ground pepper on them as you want, some kosher, and some lemon pepper, and it's done.  And so good.  It's like a meal.  Oh yeah, and if you happen to throw a steak on that plate, it makes the hubby pretty dang happy too!!



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