Thursday, September 2, 2010

Catching Up!

Since it's been so long since I've updated this blog, I figured my best post scenario is to break it down into individuals and tell you what's been up.  It's a long post but from here on out, my posts should be pretty short and quick.

We'll start with me, because I'm pretty cool.

I have been working like crazy and this is my first week without orders in a long time.  I've become over tired, overworked, and upset about it.  The past few days I've had time to step aside and take a look at my life and I decided that I'm not happy with the way I've been going and going.  It's not fair to me, my hubby, or my kids.  I've been missing out on the little things in life that make life so wonderful.  I've gotten to the point where I envy someone that has tried out a new recipe for dinner, or who has even made dinner recently.  I'm telling you, cakes became a 50 hour a week job and when I wasn't doing cakes, I didn't want to do anything but relax for the measly little Sunday that I got each week.  So, I've decided to not take so many orders and to charge more because I need to.  My level of decorating has gotten pretty high and I know how to do a lot of different techniques now and don't really need any more quinea pigs.  I'm done giving myself away for less than what I should be getting.  Once again, not fair to anyone.  Aside from the craziness of the cake world, I've been enjoying myself when I can and trying desperately to keep up with my housework and kids, and hubby.

Tim.  Tim has also been working like mad.  I think we are dreaming up ways of becoming independently wealthy, and I"ll tell you, one of these days we will make it happen.  He's very excited that football season is here but not so happy that Time Warner will be no longer showing one of the ESPN's along with a few other channels starting Sept. 5th or something.  I'm looking into switching services.  Not much to report on Tim, I'm sure he'd give you an earful if he was writing this himself.

Riley.  It happened.  Riley is a little girl now.  She is an emotional roller coaster still but that is okay.  She becomes sweeter and sweeter with Madison everyday.  They love to give hugs and kisses, but love to fight like cats and dogs.  It's what sisters do.  I would know.  Her first day of preschool is next Wednesday.  She's been going all summer because I wanted her to start working towards her college credits (that is a joke if you couldn't tell), but Wednesday marks the first day of the new preschool year.  She'll be going for three half days and I think she's mostly excited that pizza Friday is back.  They didn't offer warm meals during the summer and I had to make her lunch everyday.  I think she got a little sick of cheese and turkey sandwiches.  She's learning a ton and she really has been embracing her "artistic" side.  She colors constantly and loves to draw.  Her new favorite words are adorable and wonderful.  Especially when she sees one of my cakes she says, "Ohhhhhhh Mommy, that is adobable!!"  Pretty cute.  She's also into dancing and singing and told me one day when the Disney channel popped on and there was this cute teenage girl in a music video that she wanted to do that.  I asked her, "You mean sing with a microphone?", She said, "Uh Huh, but like that, on TV, and I can dance too."  Nice, I don't think so.  She is also becoming a bit of a better eater, tries new things on occasion but her mind has to be set.  She's doing great and I still love her to pieces.

Madi.  She's not going to get to much here because I'll be doing her 21 month post soon.  I have it all written down.  She talks up a storm and is a little mischievous, instigating brat that is the sweetest thing you'll ever meet.  Did that make sense?  She's always disappointed when I drop Riley off at preschool and she doesn't get to stay.  We go to leave and she says, "but peeskoo, stay."  Along with screaming and kicking.  She doesn't give up easy.  She's adobable, as Riley would say, and melts my heart on a daily basis.

So have you missed seeing pictures of these too adobable girls (btw, I realize I'm spelling adorable wrong, this is how Riley pronounces it)???

Attractive pictures I know.  Well, I'm hoping that you'll be seeing many more pictures of them.  Blogging again will force me to pick up my camera and take pictures of the everyday.  I haven't even been taking pics on holidays, you know like the fourth, shame, shame.

Want to know a bit about what we've been doing to the house?

Kitchen, we installed granite.

 I love it and it makes a huge difference.  I think my favorite thing to do is clean it.  No grout = heaven.  I'm hoping this weekend we will finally get around to installing the hardware that I've had for 2 months and installing bead board on our island that I'm going to paint the same red as the two walls in the kitchen, and then distress.  I think it's going to look great. 

We were thinking about installing flooring downstairs but instead have decided to use the money we have saved for the yards.  Especially the backyard.  It's an eyesore and I HATE looking at it.  We need to do something with the hill and we also need to install a patio cover.  In the front yard, I snapped one day and tore out all of the palm trees that are in our walkway going up to the house.  I hated those.  Next up, hire someone to rip out the other huge ugly palm that blocks my cute little bistro table and plant something pretty!!  I'm looking forward to being able to sit in my backyard with a nice iced tea, or, I'm not going to lie, a nice cold one during the evenings.

We've done a few other projects and I'm hoping to get some things completed this weekend.  Like Riley's room I still haven't finished the decorative painting, but it still looks so pretty.

I think you are just about caught up with what has been going on at the Rush's.  Let's hope I can keep this bad boy up huh?



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