Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Lesson

Ever have that one chore or that one thing that needs to get done?  You know like you have a deadline?  And of course you have kids or have had kids so you know how they like to make tasks a bit more difficult to accomplish. 

I know that every Friday, I have deadlines.  I also know that I have children.  I've been fortunate enough to find a great day care provider for Madi and the past two weeks, I was kidless from 8:45-12:00 on Fridays.  In this time, I'm able to get a lot accomplished. 

This week, Ms. Megan was unable to watch Madi.

I had to do it.

Can you believe it?

I had to watch my own child.

I think I was spoiled those last two weeks and forgot what it was like to cake it with kids.  I forgot how I entertained and did fondant work at the same time.  I lost my touch.

Now, to the lesson.

We went to Target around 10:00 am to find some baby shoes.  Yes, I bought Madi an icee and popcorn.  What?  You say it's too early for a snack like that?  I disagree.

We stopped at Michaels and then home.


I decided I'd set Madi up with her popcorn and a movie.  That should give me at least 20 minutes before I have to come up with another stimulating activity.

Did I tell you that I set her up on the couch?

Sure did.  Did I tell you I gave her the entire bag of popcorn?

Do you know what happens next?

Yep, you were right.

She spilled it....everywhere.

And would have napped in it if I let her.

A better idea?  That would not have taken me 15 minutes to clean up (and take pictures).

So the lesson in this?  The moral of the story?

Tell Ms. Megan that she's not allowed to take Fridays off.





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